The holidays are fast approaching, which means it’s time to break out the boxes of decorations from the attic. As I sift through the tangled mess of lights and tinsel, I realize something – my ornament collection is looking a bit lackluster. The same decades-old ornaments in faded colors and chipped paint just aren’t going to cut it this year. I need an ornament refresh!

With the rise of online shopping, there are so many places to buy new baubles and trinkets to adorn the tree. But I know exactly where I want to go for a huge selection of festive and fun ornaments at affordable prices – Oriental Trading Company. I’ve shopped with them before for decorations and party favors, and their inventory of over 40,000 products is like a treasure trove for the holidays. Time to deck my halls right!

Ornament Shopping – Take One

I excitedly log on to the Oriental Trading Company website, which is neatly organized into categories to make searching easy. Under Christmas & Seasonal, I select Ornaments & Christmas Décor and start scrolling through the pages and pages of options. Talk about selection – OTC has everything from traditional glass ball ornaments to unique, detailed figurines and decorations. Whether your style is classic, whimsical, rustic, or modern, there are so many styles to match any Christmas theme I can imagine.

Scanning through the categories, some options immediately catch my eye:

My head is spinning with possibilities! Now I just need to narrow down my options and place an order.

Let the Decorating Begin!

A few weeks later, I’m delighted when a large box from Oriental Trading Company arrives at my door. Christmas came early! I eagerly rip it open, and oh my – the ornaments look even more gorgeous in person than they did online.

I purchased a holy family nativity ornament, a cross ornament made from olive wood, and a set of 6 fabric sock ornaments with my family’s names. For the tree itself, I went with red glass ball ornaments, bronze pinecones, glittery snowflakes, and poinsettia flower picks in creams and reds to give a cozy, Christmas-y feel.

To decorate all around the house, I got a four-foot tall standing Santa, an advent calendar full of mini ornaments, a light-up reindeer yard stake, ** frosted garlands and wreaths**, and much more! With free shipping, I was able to get all this without going over my budget.

I’m thrilled with how easy Oriental Trading Company made it to completely overhaul my Christmas decor. Now it’s time for the best part – finding the perfect spot for each treasured new ornament on my much more merry and bright Christmas tree!

After Christmas Clearance – Round Two!

Christmas morning has come and gone, and now it’s already time to pack everything up again. While dismantling the decorations, I spot a few empty branches still waiting to be filled on the tree for next year. Plus, some of my older ornaments are looking even more worn out after their annual display.

Luckily, I notice an email from Oriental Trading Company advertising their huge after-Christmas sales! Turns out I can save up to 70% on ornaments during their clearance event. It’s the perfect opportunity to stock up on decorations for next season at a fraction of the regular prices.

Browsing the sales section, I find so many steeply discounted ornaments to refresh my collection. Glittery snowmen and reindeer ornaments to replace my faded fabric ones, shiny new garlands and tinsel, and more glass ball ornaments in winter whites and silvers to match my color scheme.

I can also shop for decorations for other holidays while the prices are so low! Sparkly shamrocks and leprechauns make me excited for St. Patrick’s Day, while patriotic stars and stripes ornaments get me ready for 4th of July festivities next summer. I’ll have the perfect decor ready for every occasion in 2023!

Spreading Holiday Cheer with DIY Ornament Gifts

After two rounds of ornament shopping for myself, I’m tempted to buy even more – but my tree has hit its limit! Then it hits me – why not use Oriental Trading Company’s amazing selection to make thoughtful DIY gifts for friends and family? With low prices in bulk and free shipping, it’s affordable and easy.

For my niece’s classroom, I’ll make mini felt gingerbread ornament kits – the kind with slotted sides to customize with candy buttons and rhinestones. The kids will have so much fun decorating them however they wish! For neighbors, I’ll fill glass jars with Oriental Trading’s red and green M&M’s and attach ribbons and ceramic painted ornaments. I can’t resist picking up a few personalized ornaments with loved ones’ names as well.

As I carefully wrap each sparkling, handmade gift, my holiday spirit soars thinking about spreading joy and seeing my loved ones’ smiling faces as they unwrap these festive ornaments! I may have gotten carried away with the Christmas shopping this year, but now I can look forward to sharing it with the people I care about most.

Oriental Trading Company – My One Stop Ornament Shop!

As I sit gazing happily at my beautifully decorated tree with its eclectic mix of classic, modern, and handmade ornaments, I know I made the right choice in Oriental Trading Company as my go-to place for holiday baubles and trimmings.

With such an expansive range of styles and prices, I could find options to suit any Christmas theme and budget. The discounts for bulk buying let me completely transform my entire ornament collection for not a lot of money. And how fun was it picking out the perfect personalized and DIY ornaments to gift to family and friends!

Oriental Trading Company made it so easy to shop online through their user-friendly website brimming with holiday magic. Finding exactly what I needed and getting it all shipped right to my door let me spend my time on what really matters – creating special memories with loved ones.

So if you’re looking to deck your own halls this season with festive décor, visit Oriental Trading Company’s Christmas oasis today! With the holidays coming up fast, I can’t wait to start planning next year’s ornament orders so I can give my tree the makeover it deserves. Thanks to OTC, I’ll have the merriest place on Earth for seasons to come!

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