Discover What It’s Like Working for This Beloved Retailer

Have you ever browsed the playful products and imaginative toys offered by Oriental Trading Company? As one of America’s largest direct retailers of value-priced party supplies, arts and crafts, toys and novelties, and school supplies, this company brings joy and creativity to millions.

But beyond the colorful paper lanterns and glow-in-the-dark novelties lies an innovative company with a rich 95-year history and a stellar reputation as an employer. Keep reading to learn all about the diverse career opportunities available at Oriental Trading Company!

A Snapshot of Open Positions

Ready to join the Oriental Trading team? At any given time, this major retailer has openings across various departments and career levels.

Popular current openings include:

And so much more! Oriental Trading is constantly recruiting talented individuals to join their team across locations in Omaha, NE, Mexico City and Shenzhen, China.

Applying is Easy

Ready to pursue your next opportunity with Oriental Trading Company? Submitting an application is simple. Just visit the careers page on to see current openings.

After finding a position that matches your skills and interests, click “Apply Now” to begin the process. You’ll need to provide information like your contact details, employment history, and resume. Some roles may also require assessment questionnaires or skills tests as part of the application.

The best part? Oriental Trading focuses on qualifications and experience over educational background. Many roles are open to applicants as long as you have the right capabilities.

Diverse Career Areas to Explore

One of the most exciting things about Oriental Trading is the wide variety of career areas and departments. Employees have the chance to follow their passions in many fields. Here are some of the top teams at Oriental Trading Company:

Product Management & Merchandising

The talented product teams are behind Oriental Trading’s distinctive, value-priced selection of toys, arts and crafts, school supplies and more. Product managers and merchants handle everything from identifying trends to developing new items to managing inventory. Creativity is a must in this field!


Oriental Trading’s marketing team promotes new products and seasonal offerings through email campaigns, social media, and other innovative strategies. They also provide insights to improve customer experience. Analytical and creative skills drive success here.

Technology & Engineering

From ecommerce platforms to internal databases, Oriental Trading’s technology team keeps operations running seamlessly. Tech roles range from software engineering to IT support to cybersecurity. Logical thinkers and problem-solvers thrive here.

Supply Chain & Manufacturing

Keeping Oriental Trading fully stocked takes supply chain wizards who can optimize distribution networks. Logisticians, warehouse staff, production planners, and quality assurance pros ensure efficient behind-the-scenes magic.

Customer Service & Sales

The cheerful customer service team provides exceptional experiences for shoppers across channels. Sales team members, account managers and business development reps grow Oriental Trading’s wholesale business. People persons shine here!

Finance, HR & Legal

Support teams handle essentials like accounting, payroll, auditing, legal matters and employee relations. Detail-oriented analysts, accountants and administrators power these vital back-office realms.

Creative Services

Oriental Trading’s writers, graphic artists and photographers produce vivid product descriptions, eye-catching marketing materials and compelling content. If you have a creative flair, this team needs you.

As you can see, Oriental Trading Company offers diverse career paths to match almost any interest or professional background.

Top-Tier Benefits & Perks

In addition to rewarding work, Oriental Trading offers exceptional benefits and perks to help employees thrive. Full-time team members enjoy:

The rich benefits package demonstrates how much Oriental Trading values its employees. Perks like summer Fridays and discounted novelty baskets make work more enjoyable!

Internship Opportunities for Students

For college students, Oriental Trading Company also offers rewarding internship experiences at their Omaha headquarters each summer.

Internships provide hands-on learning, networking and resume-building opportunities. Past interns have supported teams like marketing, ecommerce, creative and more. Responsibilities can include:

To be considered, students must be actively pursuing a bachelor’s degree and have relevant coursework. Strong communication skills are also important in this fast-paced business environment.

Oriental Trading internships offer competitive pay and a chance to gain real-world experience with a leading Fortune 1000 company. It’s a great way for students to get their foot in the door for future full-time opportunities.

Oriental Trading’s Supportive Company Culture

With over 2,000 employees worldwide, Oriental Trading has built an engaging corporate culture anchored in its 95-year history. Employees describe an energetic, collaborative environment that feels more like family than work.

The company focuses on promoting respect, work-life balance, diversity and inclusion. You’ll find women leaders at every level, from the C-suite to entry-level roles. Approximately half of U.S. team members identify as non-white or Hispanic/Latino.

Oriental Trading encourages employees to get involved and make a difference through employee resource groups focused on women, young professionals, Asian/Pacific Islander, Black, Latinx, and LGBTQ+ communities. The company also supports charities like Smile Network, Autism Speaks and the Humane Society.

Plus, Oriental Trading creates opportunities for growth, leadership and creativity through initiatives like the Emerging Leaders program. Employees feel empowered to share ideas and help shape the company’s future. It’s the kind of supportive, inspiring culture where employees, stay, thrive and advance in their careers.

Remote & Hybrid Possibilities

The rise of remote work has opened new possibilities for flexibility at Oriental Trading Company. While many roles like warehouse operations and customer service remain on-site, some teams now offer hybrid or fully remote options.

Employees praise Oriental Trading’s handling of work-from-home transitions throughout the pandemic. Teams seamlessly adapted using technologies like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

According to employees, the company maintains its characteristic culture of engagement and collaboration even through remote work. Leadership frequently connects with workers through video chats, small group meetups and more.

Some of the most common remote opportunities include roles in:

Remote employees can work from anywhere within the U.S. as long as they have a strong internet connection.

The chance to ditch the commute while still contributing to a beloved brand makes remote work very appealing for the right candidates. And Oriental Trading seems dedicated to expanding flexibility wherever possible to attract top talent.

Career Growth & Development

Unlike some major corporations, Oriental Trading actively supports employee growth to build leaders from within the company.

Through initiatives like their Emerging Leaders program and educational reimbursement benefits, Oriental Trading empowers employees to keep learning. Employees have access to:

Between formal development programs and informal mentoring, employees have many avenues for career advancement at Oriental Trading. It’s the ideal place to evolve your skills and leadership potential over the long-term.

The Hiring Process Demystified

Wondering what to expect during the Oriental Trading hiring process? Understanding the steps can help you prepare:

The number of steps varies by role, but this overview gives you an idea of what to expect. Being prepared along the way can help your application shine.

Entry-Level Opportunities Abound

Recent grads and those just starting their careers will find plenty of entry-level opportunities within Oriental Trading Company’s corporate offices and distribution centers.

Popular starter roles include:

The variety of entry-level roles provides new professionals ample opportunity to gain experience in their desired field with a supportive company. You’ll build expertise for future leadership positions at Oriental Trading.

Office & Distribution Center Locations

Oriental Trading Company’s corporate headquarters and original offices are located in Omaha, Nebraska. The local distribution center is also in Omaha.

Key office and distribution center locations include:

If you live near one of the major offices, on-site roles offer convenience without commuting. But remote opportunities provide flexibility for talent nationwide.

Competitive Salaries Across Roles

One advantage of working for a large retailer like Oriental Trading is competitive salaries that reward your skills. Pay rates vary based on position, but here are some salary ranges reported by employees:

Higher salaries are available for senior-level management roles, directors, product leadership and tech leads. For recent college grads, Oriental Trading entry-level salaries tend to exceed national retail averages.

The strong compensation makes it possible to build a rewarding career long-term at Oriental Trading Company. Regular pay increases and annual bonuses help salaries grow with tenure.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

With a diverse customer base across demographics, Oriental Trading Company recognizes the value of nurturing diversity and inclusion internally as well.

Approximately 50% of employees identify as non-white or Hispanic/Latino minorities. Women make up over half of leadership roles. Oriental Trading supports eight employee resource groups focused on communities like women, young professionals, Black, Latinx, API, LGBTQ+ and veterans.

The company partners with organizations like OutNebraska, Urban League of Nebraska and more to boost DEI. They also host events for communities such as celebrations for Black History Month and Lunar New Year.

Oriental Trading makes continuous efforts to remove barriers and biases from the hiring process. Recruiting, mentoring and development programs aim to foster equitable advancement and retention.

By weaving DEI into everyday operations, Oriental Trading creates a respectful, welcoming environment where all employees can perform at their best.

Global Hiring Provides Opportunities for All

What if you don’t currently reside in the United States? No worries! Oriental TradingCompany gladly considers candidates worldwide for remote positions.

Their product sourcing offices in China and Mexico also frequently hire local team members to support operations. Openings range from manufacturing quality control and linguistics to finance, inventory planning and HR.

In technology, Oriental Trading recruits software developers, quality assurance testers, cybersecurity engineers and other tech professionals from around the globe. Technical abilities are far more important than location.

The company even provides support in securing necessary work permits and visas to enable relocation for the right candidates.

While US citizenship or permanent residency is required for government-regulated warehouse and distribution roles, Oriental Trading strives to make all other positions accessible worldwide.

Gaining Insights from Employee Reviews

Curious what it’s really like working behind the scenes? Online employee reviews provide transparent glimpses into pros and cons from current and former Oriental Trading team members.

On platforms like Glassdoor and Indeed, Oriental Trading earns strong ratings of 4 out of 5 stars. The most commonly highlighted pros include:

Constructive feedback from some employees includes:

Overall, feedback is overwhelmingly positive. Employees agree Oriental Trading Company offers excellent work culture along with competitive pay and benefits. There’s a sense of pride working for a company with such a long, vibrant history.

Giving Back Through Social Responsibility

In addition to creating joy through products, Oriental Trading Company seeks to spread more happiness through corporate social responsibility programs.

The company partners with and provides financial support to dozens of charitable organizations focused on:

Employees also have paid time off to volunteer with charities of their choice. Oriental Trading facilitates drives for school supplies, toys for tots, food banks and more.

Uniting through outreach programs improves lives while also strengthening connections between Oriental Trading staff.

Perks, Programs & Positivity

Beyond the usual health insurance and 401(k) benefits, Oriental Trading Company offers some fun perks and initiatives to drive engagement.

While work comes first, Oriental Trading strives to create an enjoyable, uplifting environment day-to-day through special touches like these.

Attending Recruiting Events

In addition to online job listings, Oriental Trading Company stays active in local communities through recruiting events.

You may find recruiters from Oriental Trading at:

Attending these events allows you to make face-to-face connections with Oriental Trading recruiters and hiring managers right in your community. You can learn about openings while also making a memorable impression.

Leadership Anchored in Experience

What’s the leadership like at Oriental Trading Company? Executives and directors bring a diverse mix of experiences from top retailers and consumer brands.

For example, CEO Steve Mendlik previously held senior ecommerce and marketing roles at prestigious companies like Godiva, Disney, and Walgreens. Other executives hail from Target, Kohl’s, Sears and luxury fashion brands.

But Oriental Trading also values promoting long-tenured employees into key roles. The company’s President and Chief Commercial Officer, Terry Welsh, worked his way up from marketing analyst intern in the 1990s.

The blend of external perspectives and internal promotions allows fresh ideas while retaining institutional knowledge. Employees say leaders stay actively engaged with workers at all levels.

With steady, experienced leadership guiding strategy, Oriental Trading is poised for many more decades of magic and memories ahead. The future looks bright – and full of fun.

Discover Your Place on the Oriental Trading Team

Are you ready to channel your skills into rewarding work that brings joy to others? Now is an exciting time to explore the diverse opportunities within Oriental Trading Company.

From supply chain to technology, product creation to marketing, this iconic brand needs talented people to envision the future. There’s a place for you on their colorful team.

Browse open roles, chat with recruiters at upcoming events, and take the first step toward a career that’s engaging, stable and fulfilling. Join Oriental Trading to begin your next adventure!

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