A One-Stop Shop for Endless Playtime Possibilities

As a parent of two young kids, I’m always on the lookout for fun new toys to spark their imagination and creativity. Recently, I discovered the ultimate toy paradise – Oriental Trading Company. I was absolutely blown away by their incredible selection of unique, affordable toys for all ages. From party favors to educational toys, dress-up costumes to outdoor activities, this company truly has it all!

The moment I arrived at their website, I felt like a kid again, overwhelmed with excitement at the endless aisles of goodies just waiting to be played with. Oriental Trading Company has been around for over 80 years, providing top-quality toys, novelties, crafts, and more at budget-friendly prices. Here’s my review of this magical toy store and everything they have to offer for kids of all ages.

An All-Inclusive Toy Store

Oriental Trading Company is like the Walmart of toys, with literally any type of toy imaginable – all in one place! They have action figures, dolls, plush animals, arts and crafts, pretend play sets, puzzles and games, outdoor activities…you name it. I was amazed at the vast variety of toys spanning all categories.

For my son who loves superheroes, they have every action figure and LEGO set he could dream of. For my daughter who adores baby dolls, they have an entire section dedicated to realistic dolls, accessories, dollhouses and playsets. Beyond typical toys, they also offer unique products like squishy anti-stress toysgiant teddy bears, magic sets, slime and putty kits, and more. Their incredible toy selection has something for kids of all interests and ages.

** Educational and Developmental Toys**

One of my favorite things about Oriental Trading Company is their focus on educational toys that promote learning through play. They have an entire section dedicated to STEM toys like robot kits, building sets, and science experiment toys that make learning fun. I got my son a circuitry kit where he can build his own electronics creations. For my daughter, I found art supplies and DIY crafts that encourage creativity.

They also have a wide variety of developmental toys like puzzles, shape sorters, block sets, and pattern games. These types of toys are perfect for honing fine motor skills, problem-solving, shape recognition, and cognitive development. Oriental Trading Company makes it easy for parents to find these learning-focused toys all in one marketplace. I appreciate that they offer more than just mindless entertainment.

Toys for All Budgets

As a parent, I’m always looking for toys that don’t break the bank. Oriental Trading Company offers an incredible range of affordable toys, with most products under $20. For stocking stuffers and goody bag fillers, you can find small toys for as little as $1. Bulk packages with tons of toys are available for just pennies per piece.

For larger, more intricate toys, they have options between $10-$50. Big-ticket items like large playsets and ride-on toys cost up to $200. With this huge range, you can easily find high-quality toys tailored to your budget. I loved assembling personalized gift bags full of goodies for my kids’ birthday parties without going overboard on cost. Oriental Trading Company has budget-friendly pricing for all occasions.

Bulk Toys and Party Favors Galore

If you’re looking to buy toys in bulk for a birthday party, school event, camp program, or any large group, Oriental Trading Company is the place to shop. They have bulk quantity options on almost every toy ranging from packages of 12 to over 1,000 pieces. It’s so easy to customize and create the perfect party favor bags or prizes for an affordable price per piece.

Beyond small toys, they offer bulk pricing on larger items like sports balls, inflatables, arts and crafts projects, and games. I was able to order a class set of 30 stem building kits for my son’s class at an unbeatable bulk rate. Oriental Trading Company is a must-shop store for any parent planning for a large group or child’s party on a budget.

Toys for Specific Ages

Trying to find age-appropriate toys for your kids can be tricky and time-consuming. Oriental Trading Company makes it easy by organizing their toys by age range. Simply shop the category for your child’s age and you’ll be met with tons of developmental, educational toys tailored specifically to their interests and abilities.

Some of the age ranges include toys for infants and toddlers, preschool kids, 5-7 years, tweens, teens, and youth. When I shop their age categories for my kids, I can feel confident I’m choosing toys they will enjoy based on their current skills and maturity level. It takes the guesswork out of picking the just-right toys for every stage.

Themed Toys and Party Central

If you’re planning a themed birthday party, Oriental Trading Company is party central with their massive selection of themed toys and decorations. They have wholesale toys centered around popular themes like superheroes, unicorns, space, dinosaurs, neon lights and more. For my daughter’s unicorn party, I could instantly find plates, banners, gifts, prizes, and bulk candy with a unicorn theme.

Beyond party supplies, they also have creative educational toys with unique themes like ocean science kits, gardening sets, and eco-friendly craft projects. These toys make learning about specific topics more hands-on and engaging. Oriental Trading Company is the best online destination for party planning or finding unique toys focused around special topics or interests.

Newest Toy Trends

As an avid toy shopper, I’m always curious about the latest toy trends and must-have items. Oriental Trading Company makes sure to stock all the most popular new toys from leading brands like Lego, L.O.L Surprise dolls, marble runs, light-up toys and other hot commodities. I can rely on them to carry all the new toy releases my kids ask for each holiday season.

Beyond the hottest brands, Oriental Trading Company also offers exclusive toys you can only find at their store. I’ve discovered some of my kids’ favorite unique toys like squishy mesh balls, mega slime kits, and lite up swords that you won’t find anywhere else. For the newest and most exclusive toy trends, Oriental Trading Company is the place to shop.

Real Customer Reviews

With so many toy choices, it can be hard to discern which ones are worth the money. That’s why I appreciate that Oriental Trading Company has real customer reviews on all their products. Each toy listing has detailed ratings and feedback from verified customers. This helps me get a sense of the toy quality, value, and play experience before purchasing.

I can easily spot which hot ticket toys live up to the hype based on consistently glowing reviews. Negative reviews also call out toys that might break easily or disappoint. Beyond quality, the reviews offer creative toy usage ideas and craft projects from real customers. Checking out the customer reviews helps ensure I choose the absolute best toys.

Toys Made from Safe Materials

When buying toys, my top priority is always making sure they are constructed from safe, non-toxic materials. I greatly appreciate that all products from Oriental Trading Company must pass extremely rigorous safety testing. This gives me peace of mind that their toys are held to the highest safety standards.

They avoid harmful chemicals like BPA, lead, phthalates, and sharp edges or swallow hazards. They also include age grading and warning labels if a toy has any small parts. Oriental Trading Company takes toy safety seriously so I never have to worry about the quality and materials. I feel comfortable that all their toys promote healthy play.

Promotions, Discounts and Free Shipping

As if Oriental Trading Company wasn’t budget-friendly enough, they offer tons of promotions to save even more on toys. It’s easy to find coupons and online promo codes for dollars off your entire order. They frequently have flash sales on select items and clearance sections with major markdowns.

Subscribing to their email list provides special subscriber-only discounts. For large orders over $49, you can get free economy shipping. For smaller toys, they offer flat-rate $4.99 shipping. Staying on the lookout for current promotions helps maximize the deals on already affordable toys. Their cost savings and free shipping options make shopping a breeze.

Toys for Holiday and Occasions

Throughout the year, my kids have wish lists for toys centered around holidays, seasons, and other occasions. Oriental Trading Company carries massive inventories focused specifically around these events. Their holiday selection is especially robust.

For Christmas, they have every toy imaginable from stocking stuffers to must-have gifts. Their Halloween range is full of both spooky and cute options for trick-or-treating and parties. Other covered occasions include Easter, Valentine’s Day, Hanukkah, patriotic times and more. I can rely on them to have toys tailored to each special event on my calendar. It makes shopping for themed gifts quick, easy and affordable.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Every parent knows that choosing the right toy is not a guarantee your child will love playing with it. That’s why I’m a huge fan of Oriental Trading Company’s customer satisfaction guarantee. If I ever purchase a toy that receives a lukewarm response from my kids, I have 90 days to return or exchange it for something new.

They also allow exchanges if a toy arrives damaged or the wrong item was delivered. Having this return policy gives me the freedom to confidently try new toys without being stuck with ones that disappoint. Between the reviews and return policy, I know I’m never wasting money on unsatisfying toys.

Outdoor Play and Activity Toys

While Oriental Trading Company has every indoor toy imaginable, they also excel at outdoor toys to get kids active. During Minnesota’s beautiful summer months, my kids spend hours playing outside each day. I love browsing their options for outdoor toys we don’t already own to spice up our playtime.

They have huge selections of water toys like sprinklers, sprayers, water balloons, splash pads, inflatable pools and more. For active sports, there are balls, flying disks, bubble machines, racetracks, play tents, sand toys and ride-on vehicles. With so many ways to play, their outdoor toy selection keeps my kids engaged for hours on end.

Toys Promoting Social Skills

As a parent and elementary school teacher, I’m always seeking out toys that nurture social skills through group play and teamwork. Oriental Trading Company recognizes this need and offers so many options that promote playing together.

Their multiplayer board games teach vital skills like turn taking and good sportsmanship. Group building sets foster cooperation to create something together. Large balls and active sports toys encourage team participation. For classrooms and parties, they have craft kits, games and building sets with enough tools for the entire group. Roleplaying toys allow kids to practice social interactions through dramatic play. Thanks to these types of toys, Oriental Trading Company is my go-to shop for nurturing social skill development.

Classroom and Education Products

In addition to being a parent, I’m also an elementary school teacher so I’m always on the hunt for affordable classroom toys and teaching tools. Oriental Trading Company is like one-stop shopping to stock up my classroom on a budget. They offer wholesale pricing on popular education supplies like art sets, learning manipulatives, games, books, crafts, sensory items and technology.

I also appreciate their selection of toys adapted for special needs students like sound-reduction headphones, fidget devices, and interactive light-up toys to aid focus. Oriental Trading Company helps me outfit my classroom with fun educational toys to enhance student learning all year long. For any teacher, their education supplies are a total game changer.

**Reliable Shipping with Tracking **

As an impatient parent, one of my biggest frustrations is when toy orders take forever to arrive – especially around the holidays. That’s why I was thrilled to see Oriental Trading Company offers so many reliable shipping options to get your toy purchases to your doorstep in record time.

Standard delivery is only 3-7 business days, far faster than most retailers. Expedited and express shipping are available for just a small upcharge to receive your toys even quicker. All orders over $50 get free shipping which is easy to reach when buying toys in bulk. The ultra-fast processing and shipping ensures I get toys in my eager kids’ hands as soon as possible.

Custom Toys, Favors and Invitations

Throw the best kids party on the block with Oriental Trading Company’s options for customizable favors, invitations, and decorations featuring your child’s name or party details. You can customize select toys like mini footballs or cuddly bears with the birthday kid’s name or photo. They also have fill-in-the-blank party invitations to announce the special occasion.

My daughter was thrilled when her party favors included personalized bracelets and mini notebooks with her name. When we ordered her custom unicorn invitations, she felt like the queen of the party. Oriental Trading Company adds those special customized touches to make birthdays and holidays even more memorable. Kids will love seeing their names in print!

Eco-Friendly and Green Toys

With plastic waste and toxins in mind, I love that Oriental Trading Company offers an entire section dedicated to earth-friendly green toys. All these items are made from plant-based and recycled materials that are better for the environment. They have eco-friendly craft supplies like crayons, puff paint, and twist ties made from recycled paper and plastic.

To spark a love of nature, they have backyard exploration kits, flower growing sets and butterfly habitats. For pretend play, their green toy collection includes plastic-free tea sets, stuffed animals, blocks, and toy food. As a parent, I appreciate their commitment to providing more sustainable toys that align with my values.

Accessible Customer Service

Shopping online for toys comes with the inevitable issues like incorrect shipments, damaged items on arrival, or needing guidance choosing products. I’ve been consistently impressed with Oriental Trading Company’s responsive and caring customer service team.

Their online chat feature offers real-time support while browsing the website. For defective or incorrect shipments, they swiftly handle replacements and returns. Their customer service team understands how important quick resolution is for parents trying to get toys ready for a child’s special occasion. I know I can rely on their stellar team for any toy-related needs or questions.

Toys for Kids with Special Needs

As a teacher, I often look for unique toys suited for students with sensory processing issues, developmental delays, or other special needs. Oriental Trading Company carries a diverse range of toys meant to aid these children including fidget poppers, noise-cancelling headphones, tactile balls, and more. They have an entire Special Needs section filled with tools to improve focus, motor skills, emotional regulation and learning.

Their products help kids with autism, ADHD, anxiety, dyslexia and other challenges thrive. As an educator, it brings me joy seeing how these specialty toys from Oriental Trading Company empower each student and make class inclusion more successful. They are an ally for providing toys adapted for all abilities and learning styles.

Final Verdict: The Ultimate Toy Shopping Destination

After discovering the magical toy haven that is Oriental Trading Company, I won’t be shopping for toys anywhere else! Their unparalleled selection, affordable pricing, specialty options and dedication to quality surpass all other retailers. I can conveniently find literally any type of toy while saving money and ensuring safety.

Oriental Trading Company has become my go-to toy store as both a teacher and parent. I’m excited for the hours of fun and learning their toys will provide my students and children for years to come. For any parent or educator’s toy needs, this company should be the first and only stop. I’m certain you’ll adore Oriental Trading Company as much as I do!

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