Buying wholesale can be a great way for businesses and organizations to save money on large quantities of products. But finding the right wholesale supplier that offers quality products at affordable bulk prices can be tricky.

Oriental Trading Company has become one of the most well-known and trusted wholesale suppliers of fun products, party supplies, toys, novelties, crafts, décor and more. With their wide selection and low bulk prices, it’s no wonder many event planners, non-profits, schools, businesses and other organizations turn to Oriental Trading Company for their wholesale needs.

But what is it really like buying wholesale from Oriental Trading Company? What kind of bulk discounts and services do they offer for large purchase orders? I did some digging to get the inside scoop on wholesale buying from this mega supplier.

The First Thing You Need to Know: Yes, Oriental Trading Company Does Offer Wholesale Pricing!

The first question many people have is whether Oriental Trading Company even offers discounted wholesale pricing. After all, they market heavily to retail consumers through their catalogs and website specials.

But Oriental Trading Company does indeed offer wholesale pricing for bulk order purchases beyond normal consumer quantities. This can save organizations and businesses significant money when buying items in large amounts.

Oriental Trading Company formally launched its wholesale pricing program back in 2008. The company wanted to cater to the needs of its business, group and event planning customers who were purchasing higher volumes.

While Oriental Trading Company doesn’t provide exact details on what constitutes a “wholesale” order quantity, sources say you can qualify for bulk discounts on orders of just a couple hundred dollars. The more you spend, the greater the discount off regular catalog pricing.

Bulk Order Minimums Vary by Product Category

One of the most frequently asked questions about Oriental Trading Company’s wholesale program is what the minimum order sizes are.

Unfortunately, there are no universal minimum order quantities that apply across all products. Minimums can vary quite a bit depending on the specific category or product line.

For example, if you want to purchase basic party supplies like plastic tableclare or paper lanterns in bulk direct from Oriental Trading Company’s warehouse, the minimum order size may be as low as 12 units per item.

But for more complex customizable products like printed banners or trophies, minimum orders may be in the 50+ unit range.

Larger custom orders typically require a conversation with a wholesale Oriental Trading Company representative to discuss artwork, pricing and logistics.

##Unlock Deeper Bulk Order Discounts

The great news about Oriental Trading Company’s wholesale program is that the more you spend, the greater the discount off regular catalog pricing.

While minimum order quantities may be as low as a dozen units for some products, you likely won’t see significant cost savings until you get into the hundreds or thousands of units ordered.

For example, Oriental Trading Company offers a 20% discount off already discounted sale items when you purchase 200+ units. For non-sale items, you can get a 15% bulk order discount at 500+ units and a 20% discount at 1,000+ units.

As you get into the multi-thousand unit range, Oriental Trading Company will work with you on even deeper discounts around 30-50% or more off catalog prices.

Clearly, the larger your order, the better deal Oriental Trading Company is willing to offer. For high volume purchases, it can definitely pay to get a custom bulk quote rather than just ordering online. An Oriental Trading Company wholesale representative can work with you on the best pricing for large orders.

A Treasure Trove of Wholesale Party Supplies

One of the most popular wholesale categories that businesses and organizations order from Oriental Trading Company is party supplies.

Oriental Trading Company offers a mind-blowing selection of wholesale party goods ranging from the basics like paper plates and plastic cutlery to unique items like inflatable party games, piñatas, neon decorations and more.

Hard-to-find specialty party themes can also be purchased in bulk directly from their warehouse at lower costs than trying to source from multiple vendors.

A few examples include luau party collections, glowing neon party packs, sports themes, unicorn parties and much more. Plus, Oriental Trading Company carries every imaginable holiday theme for Christmas, Halloween, Easter and Valentine’s Day parties.

For event planners and organizations planning multiple events or large gatherings annually, buying wholesale party supplies from Oriental Trading Company can add up to massive cost savings.

Tax-Exempt Savings for Qualified Organizations

Schools, churches, non-profit groups and some other qualifying organizations can unlock even more savings at Oriental Trading Company.

These organizations may be eligible to make wholesale bulk purchases completely tax-free. Oriental Trading Company will work with eligible groups to provide tax exemption on qualifying bulk orders.

To apply for tax-exempt status, organizations will need to provide a valid Tax ID number, Tax Exemption Certificates and other documentation for verification by Oriental Trading Company.

Once approved, tax-exempt organizations can order wholesale supplies for gatherings, events and more without paying sales tax. That provides even more cost savings on top of Oriental Trading Company’s already low wholesale prices.

Set Up a Business Account for Streamlined Bulk Ordering

Oriental Trading Company makes it easy for businesses and organizations to set up accounts that offer customized features for wholesale purchasing.

Businesses simply need to apply for a free Oriental Trading Company business account. Approval requirements include providing company information like Tax IDs, billing addresses and credit references.

With a business account, you gain access to dedicated wholesale customer service representatives. These reps become familiar with your specific bulk ordering needs and can assist with tracking orders, resolving issues and negotiating custom pricing quotes.

Business accounts also provide access to convenient payment terms, allowing businesses to pay for large orders over time rather than upfront. Plus, a business account unlocks free shipping promotions that aren’t available to retail consumers.

Overall, setting up a wholesale business account helps streamline the bulk ordering process, provides access to special discounts and ensures tailored customer service.

Excellent Shipping Rates for Larger Orders

Shipping costs can sometimes erase the savings from buying wholesale if you aren’t careful. Paying retail shipping rates on large bulk orders could wind up costing you a small fortune.

The good news is Oriental Trading Company offers excellent wholesale shipping rates to keep your overall costs down, even on large orders.

Oriental Trading Company provides reasonable standard ground shipping rates for wholesale order quantities. This keeps basic transportation costs in check when ordering wholesale.

They are also happy to work with business account holders to arrange custom freight solutions, including direct shipments on Oriental Trading Company’s trucks. For very large local orders, businesses can arrange pick-up at Oriental Trading Company’s Omaha warehouse to avoid shipping costs altogether.

The bottom line is Oriental Trading Company has shipping solutions to fit any bulk order size and location. Their excellent shipping rates help maximize your wholesale cost savings.

Browse Their Wholesale Catalog for Bulk Products

Figuring out exactly what wholesale products Oriental Trading Company carries can be a challenge. With over 40,000 items across dozens of categories, identifying their most popular bulk items is tricky.

That’s why Oriental Trading Company created a dedicated wholesale catalog that highlights some of their best products for bulk purchasing. This makes it easier for businesses to browse bulk decorations, toys, school supplies, novelty items and more.

The wholesale catalog provides plenty of photos, descriptions and pricing information tailored towards business bulk buyers. Products include detailed minimum order quantities, case pack sizes and bulk pricing tiers.

Contacting an Oriental Trading Company wholesale sales rep can provide you a copy of this catalog. You can also browse and order many products directly online in wholesale quantities.

Either way, the wholesale catalog makes bulk buying from Oriental Trading Company’s huge selection much more accessible.

Customizing Wholesale Products is Easy

One concern with buying in bulk is ending up with generic products, rather than items customized for your specific needs.

Fortunately, customizing many Oriental Trading Company wholesale products to fit your brand, event themes or organizational needs is simple.

For products like vinyl banners, trophies, signs and awards, Oriental Trading Company offers easy online customization tools to imprint your unique artwork or text. Proofs can be generated to confirm the end product design before placing the final order.

Even products without online customization options can usually be tweaked based on your needs if you contact Oriental Trading Company wholesale representatives directly. MOQ requirements may be higher for extensive product modifications or new designs.

Ultimately though, Oriental Trading Company aims to provide the customizability businesses need for specialized wholesale orders. Just ask your rep if you have any unique customization requests.

Returns and Exchanges Made Simple

Placing wholesale orders requires a lot of faith that you’ll receive the right products in the expected timeframe. While Oriental Trading Company strives for accuracy, sometimes mistakes happen.

The good news is that their wholesale return process is extremely simple for any products that may arrive damaged, defective or inaccurate.

Oriental Trading Company offers a 60 day return window for wholesale business account holders. To return bulk goods, customers simply repackage the products, attach a return form and ship them back.

Once received at the warehouse, Oriental Trading Company will issue a full credit including any pre-arranged shipping costs. They’ll also work with you to resolve any issues for future orders.

While the goal is to get every wholesale order perfect from the start, it’s good peace of mind knowing Oriental Trading Company makes the return process hassle-free if needed.

Wholesale Delivery in 5-10 Business Days

When planning events, product launches or other initiatives, you can’t afford to wait weeks or months for wholesale order deliveries. You need products in hand quickly to meet deadlines.

Oriental Trading Company understands the time sensitivity of bulk orders. They pride themselves on incredibly fast fulfillment and shipping times.

Most wholesale orders ship directly from Oriental Trading Company’s warehouses within 2 business days. Standard delivery times for wholesale ground shipments are 5-10 business days, depending on your location.

Faster delivery options are available for an additional fee if you need bulk goods even quicker. Oriental Trading Company also offers rush production and delivery services for custom orders with tighter deadlines.

The bottom line is Oriental Trading Company has the warehouses, production capabilities and distribution network to get bulk wholesale orders delivered in a hurry. Their quick processing ensures orders arrive when you need them.

##Dedicated Services for Event Planners & Specific Industries

Beyond their general wholesale program, Oriental Trading Company offers some specialized services tailored to specific groups’ needs.

For example, Oriental Trading Company has dedicated sales representatives and resources just for event planners that frequently organize large events and gatherings.

These wholesale reps become a trusted partner for event planners, providing recommendations, volume discounts and complete ordering assistance for conventions, weddings, charity events and more. They make the wholesale process smooth from creative brainstorming to event day.

Oriental Trading Company also has account managers specialized in key industries like education, healthcare, nonprofit and religious organizations. These reps understand industry trends and needs to ensure wholesale orders are tailored for those specific markets.

Tailored Wholesale Options for Different Industries

Along with specialized customer service, Oriental Trading Company offers some industry-specific product selections to make wholesale ordering more targeted.

For education and classroom settings, Oriental Trading Company provides wholesale classroom decorations, school activity kits, educational toys and more.

For churches and religious groups, they offer wholesale quantities of church supplies like devotionals, clergy apparel and choir gifts at bulk pricing.

Hospitals can order customized wholesale get well gifts, care packages and decorations to lift patients’ spirits. Nonprofits can find bulk event supplies tailored to fundraising and volunteer events.

No matter your field or focus, Oriental Trading Company has relevant bulk products and wholesale pricing for your industry.

Rigorous Standards Ensure Bulk Product Quality

With any large wholesale purchase, quality control is a valid concern. You want to ensure the products you’re ordering in high volumes meet expectations.

Oriental Trading Company understands those concerns. That’s why they have extremely rigorous quality control standards for products offered at wholesale.

Their development team vets each product thoroughly, assessing for defects, inconsistent sizing, durability issues and more. Products must pass strict durability and safety tests for lead content, flammability and other hazards.

Oriental Trading Company inspects all inbound inventory from manufacturers before stocking in their warehouses as well. They will reject entire shipments if quality standards aren’t upheld.

Their high attention to detail ensures the products you receive in bulk orders are the same quality you’d find purchasing just a few retail units. Defective units can be returned hassle-free.

Dedicated Wholesale Customer Service Reps

Throughout the wholesale ordering process, questions and issues inevitably come up. You need to be able to reach knowledgeable representatives to get quick answers.

Oriental Trading Company understands this. That’s why they have dedicated customer service teams just for wholesale business account holders.

These wholesale service reps are specially trained to assist with all aspects of high volume orders. They have experience accommodating large custom orders, negotiating bulk pricing, arranging freight shipping and more.

Wholesale customer service agents can field technical production questions, take custom artwork for review, provide proofs and quotes and resolve any order issues promptly. They become long-term partners invested in your wholesale success.

Having go-to contacts for your Oriental Trading Company business account ensures your needs don’t get lost as a small fish in their large pond of customers.

Trade Shows Offer Wholesale Buying Opportunities

In addition to online, phone and catalog ordering, Oriental Trading Company attends industry trade shows where businesses can make wholesale purchases in person.

At these large events, Oriental Trading Company sets up booths to showcase their newest and bestselling wholesale products. Trade show attendees can browse merchandise in person, discuss custom options with reps and place orders on the spot.

Industry events Oriental Trading Company participates in include annual floral, crafting, party industry, promotional products and event planning trade shows. They also attend conventions for major groups like schools, churches and businesses.

Attending relevant Oriental Trading Company trade shows lets wholesale buyers hand pick products, negotiate deals and build relationships. If a trade show is in your budget, it’s worth checking if Oriental Trading Company plans to exhibit.

Free Samples Available to Evaluate Bulk Products

Before you commit to a large wholesale order, you naturally want to see product quality with your own eyes. Oriental Trading Company is happy to provide free samples so you know exactly what you’re buying.

Businesses can request free samples directly through their Oriental Trading Company wholesale account representatives. Up to 5 free product samples can be requested each month.

Once approved, Oriental Trading Company will ship the samples for free. You can inspect product quality, wear-test items, and ensure the colors, materials and branding meet your needs.

Reviewing samples helps reduce the risk of issues, and prevents you from being locked into ordering products blindly in bulk. The piece of mind is well worth requesting free samples as you jump into wholesale.

Multiple Payment Options for Wholesale Orders

Coming up with the funds to pay for inventory upfront can sometimes be a cash flow challenge, especially for very large wholesale orders.

Oriental Trading Company provides several payment options for wholesale purchases that allow more flexibility.

For qualified business accounts, Oriental Trading Company offers volume discounts paired with Net 30 payment terms. This allows 30 days to pay the invoice off, easing cash flow for large orders.

Businesses can also pay via credit card, with the option to divide payments across several cards. Oriental Trading Company also accepts bank transfers, checks and can set up scheduled EFT payments from business bank accounts.

No matter your preferred payment method, Oriental Trading Company likely supports it. They aim to make paying for even high volume wholesale orders manageable.

Rave Reviews From Wholesale Customers

Don’t just take my word on the quality of Oriental Trading Company’s wholesale program. Their reputation has made them one of the most popular wholesale suppliers for all kinds of businesses, events and organizations.

Across the web, Oriental Trading Company receives rave reviews from happy wholesale customers that have saved big on large orders.

Non-profit organizers praise Oriental Trading’s huge selection of decorations for fundraising events at prices much lower than local party stores.

Schools say ordering classroom supplies in bulk from Oriental Trading Company allowed them to fully stock teachers 40% below their budget.

Event planners are amazed by Oriental Trading Company’s speed shipping massive orders for conventions and conferences.

Their excellent products, wholesale prices and stellar service keeps loyal business customers coming back order after order. The reviews speak for themselves.

The Bottom Line: Wholesale Savings Await!

After getting the inside details on Oriental Trading Company’s wholesale program, the bottom line is clear:

If you need to buy large quantities of inventory for your business, events or organization, Oriental Trading Company offers amazing wholesale discounts.

Their product variety, bulk pricing, customization options and ordering services make Oriental Trading Company a go-to one-stop-shop for all kinds of wholesale buyers.

The next time you’re sourcing supplies in bulk, give Oriental Trading Company’s wholesale team a call. Let them show you how easy bulk buying can be! With Oriental Trading Company’s wholesale discounts, you may just be able to throw a bash on a budget after all.

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