117pcs 4.3Inch Colorful Flower Shaped Cutouts – Retro Wall Decor

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Bring a burst of retro flair to your walls and crafts with this set of 117 colorful flower shaped cutouts. With 9 vivid colors and 13 designs per color, these daisy and flower cutouts are perfect for DIY projects, parties, classroom decor and more!

Each cutout measures 4.33 inches, making them a good moderate size for versatile use. Apply them as wall art or attach them to gifts and cards for a fun pop of retro style. The durable paper is high quality and won’t easily deform, fade or tear. Use these floral medallions again and again for years of enjoyment.

Decorate for a 60s or 70s themed party with these funky flower cutouts. Use them as photo booth props or attach them to tables, walls, banners and more for a far out vibe. Guests will delight in the playful patterns and colors. Coordinate with other retro party supplies for a groovy and vibrant celebration.

In a classroom, these floral medallions make bright and cheerful decorations for bulletin boards. Use them as eye-catching border designs or scatter them across boards and displays. Teachers can also use them as motivational stickers or rewards for students. Children will love the fun shapes and colors.

For DIY crafts, these versatile cutouts allow you to create custom floral art, wreaths, banners, mobiles and more. Punch a hole in each and string them together for a cute flower garland. Or take them apart and mix and match colors and patterns in floral collages. Arrange them in shadow boxes and frames for 3D art. The possibilities are endless!

With 9 vivid colors, you can find a shade to match any room’s decor. Use pinks and purples for a girl’s room. Opt for reds, oranges and yellows in a playroom or office to promote creativity. Cool greens and blues are soothing in a bedroom. Mix and match colors for a fun, eclectic look.

The floral shapes and motifs evoke feelings of joy and imagination. They’ll uplift any space with their playful, friendly vibe. Fill a child’s room with flowers or use them as guiding paths through hallways. Cut them into custom sizes and shapes for one-of-a-kind designs.

Breathe new life into boring walls with these energetic floral accents. They’re ideal for apartments, dorms, offices and other spaces where you can’t paint. The strong adhesive backing makes them easy to arrange and re-arrange until you find a layout you love.

With such a large quantity, you’ll have plenty of flower power to decorate multiple spaces. Replace them when they get dusty or damaged since they’re so affordable. Share extras with friends, family, coworkers, students and more to spread the flower fun!

The retro style of these floral cutouts will never go out of fashion. They bring back the best of the 60s and 70s aesthetic with their groovy vibrancy. Let them inspire you to explore your creativity with new DIY projects and decor ideas.

Decorate on a flower power budget with this big set of 117 colorful and playful flower shaped cutouts. Their strong adhesion, durability and vivid colors ensure these retro floral medallions will stick around!


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