4-Pack Stretch Spandex Table Covers Tailored for 32″ Round x 43″ Tall Bar Height Folding Tables

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Instantly elevate your bar height folding tables with this convenient 4-pack of tailored spandex stretch covers. Specially sized to snugly fit 32” diameter round bar tables that stand 43” tall. Drape these form-fitting covers over plain folding tables to create a chic high-top cocktail area for entertaining or casual dining.

Each set includes 4 table covers in a classic navy blue hue. The stretchy spandex fabric creates a smooth, wrinkle-free surface that neatly conforms to the round tabletop and waterfall drapes attractively down the sides. Spandex fabric is also stain and liquid resistant to keep your tables protected yet looking crisp.

Parties, catering events, restaurants, banquet halls, churches, schools, clubs, and bars will appreciate how quickly these covers transform ordinary folding tables. Use them to add style for special events and occasions or for everyday tabletop protection.

Tailored Specifically for 32″ Round x 43″ Tall Bar Height Folding Tables

These covers are precision sized to fit 32” diameter round bar height tables that stand 43” tall. They are designed to fit Flash Furniture 32″ Granite White Plastic Folding Tables, but may fit comparable sized tables from other brands too.

Measure your folding tables before ordering to ensure proper fit. The spandex fabric stretches generously to create a form-fitting cover that won’t slip or slide around. The bottom hem is specially designed to keep the cover snugly in place.

Proper fit is important to keep the smooth stretched look. Covers that are too big will appear loose and sloppy.

Sleek Spandex Material Drapes Beautifully

The stretchy spandex fabric provides a neat tailored appearance that nicely conforms to the contour of round folding tables. It won’t bunch up or sag but maintains a smooth surface.

The fabric drapes gracefully down the sides of the tables for a polished finished look. Spandex naturally recovers from stretching and resists wrinkles so the covers retain their fresh appearance.

This is a marked improvement over loose baggy covers that can detract from table décor. The form-fitting spandex creates an upscale look and feel.

Stain and Liquid Resistant Protection

Parties and crowds naturally lead to spilled drinks and messy food accidents. Protect your table investment with these durable spandex covers.

The fabric repels moisture, preventing liquids from seeping through to your actual tables underneath. Many stains can simply be wiped off the surface leaving no trace behind.

No need to worry about hot coffee, red wine, greasy food stains or other messy mishaps damaging your table tops or bases. Simply remove the covers and launder if needed between uses.

Navy Blue Color Complements Any Event Decor

The classic dark navy blue shade of these covers complements any color scheme or theme. Use them as-is or dress them up further with table runners, centerpieces and accessories in coordinating colors.

Navy works well for nautical, patriotic, school, country club and corporate themed events. For holidays, navy spans fall, winter and Christmas with ease. Navy also pairs beautifully with wedding colors like blush pink, mint, coral and yellow.

The versatile color is sure to coordinate with whatever event supplies you already have on hand. Tie in other party décor for a put-together upscale look.

Reinforced Foot Pockets Keep Covers in Place

These covers feature reinforced hemmed pockets at the bottom to securely fit over each table foot or leg. The elasticized edging ensures the cover stays smoothly stretched and does not slip up.

Many stretch covers lack sufficient foot pocket support, leading to the cover gradually creeping up and becoming loose and wrinkled. Our reinforced design maintains the cover in the proper position use after use.

This attention to detail makes a big visual difference in the polished finished appearance. Your tables will maintain their stylish elegant look throughout your event, unaffected by guests repeatedly bumping and brushing the tables.

Easy On and Off for Convenience

These stretch covers are extremely easy to take on and off the folding tables as needed. The flexible spandex allows the cover to glide smoothly over the tabletop without getting stuck or misaligned.

Unlike stiff tailored covers, these provide the perfect balance of tailored fit and flexibility. Moving tables in and out for storage is easy since the covers gently give but don’t shift out of place.

Care Instructions:

  • Wash in cold water, delicate cycle, line dry only.
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not iron

We Stand Behind Our Products 100%

If you have any issues whatsoever with the sizing, quality, or performance of these table covers, please contact us immediately for a full refund or exchange. We aim to provide a 5-star purchasing experience.

Take your bar height folding tables from boring to beautiful with this convenient 4-pack of tailored navy blue spandex covers. Effortlessly create a club, café or upscale entertaining area anywhere!


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