Add a Blast of Color and Fun to Your Celebration with Rainbow Confetti Wands – 20 Pieces

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Make your next celebration pop with a rainbow of flying confetti! These 20 colorful confetti wands are the perfect way to amp up the festive feeling at birthdays, weddings, baby showers, graduations, anniversary parties, gender reveals, New Year’s Eve, and any other special occasion.

When you’re looking to take your party to the next level, nothing beats the pure joy and excitement of tossing handfuls of brightly colored confetti into the air. With just a flick of the wrist, these magical confetti wands will send a shower of rainbow fluttering through the sky. Your guests’ reactions will be priceless!

Gone are the days of messy loose confetti that ends up scattered all over the floor. These confetti wands make it easy to create a magical confetti moment anywhere. Each plastic wand contains a generous amount of tissue paper confetti strips in assorted neon colors like pink, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

Simply uncap the wand, give it a vigorous shake, and watch the vivid confetti rain down. The lightweight paper strips will gracefully flutter in the air before floating gently to the ground. The confetti is thin enough that it won’t make a mess, but durable enough to get the full confetti effect.

Bring some extra pizzazz to any special milestone with these celebration essentials:

Birthdays – Surprise the guest of honor by showering them with a colorful confetti storm when they walk into the party venue or as they blow out the birthday cake candles.

Weddings – Add some whimsy and wonder to your recessional walk down the aisle after tying the knot by exiting the ceremony space with a vibrant confetti toss.

Baby Showers – Announce if it’s a boy or a girl with a blue or pink confetti cascade. Rain down the confetti as the parents-to-be pop the gender reveal balloon.

Graduations – Celebrate your graduate’s accomplishments with a fun confetti toss as they walk across the stage or at their grad party.

Anniversaries – Mark another year of marriage with a joyful confetti explosion. A sweet and playful way to celebrate any relationship milestone.

New Year’s Eve – As the clock strikes midnight, send off the old year and welcome the new with showers of shiny confetti.

The options are endless! These pretty confetti wands make terrific party favors too. Hand them out to your guests so they can create their own magical confetti moments. Kids especially will have a blast running around tossing confetti into the air.

Each confetti wand is 7.87 inches long and 0.78 inches in diameter – the perfect size for all ages to hold and shake with ease. The plastic wands and paper confetti are non-toxic and safe for kids. Plus, the mess is minimal compared to loose confetti.

Take your celebrations up a notch with beautiful confetti wands in a rainbow of colors!


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