Anwyll Burlap Happy Birthday Banner – A Festive and Rustic Farmhouse Decor Way to Celebrate

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Make every birthday feel special with Anwyll’s burlap happy birthday banner. This handcrafted decor adds a touch of rustic farmhouse charm perfect for any birthday celebration.

Burlap Material for Natural, Rustic Look

The happy birthday bunting flags are made from premium burlap fabric in its natural tan shade. Burlap has an earthy, rustic vibe reminiscent of vintage country weddings and farmhouse style.

Burlap is durable yet lightweight, not prone to wrinkles or tears. The open weave gives it a distressed texture that only gets better with age. Whether you live on a farm or in an urban apartment, this natural material works with any style.

13 Letter Flags Spell Out “Happy Birthday”

Thirteen individual flag banners spell out “Happy Birthday” in a mix of fonts and colors for plenty of visual interest. The sturdy flags measure 5 by 7 inches each, big enough to make a statement.

Vibrant shades like red, blue, teal, yellow, and more ensure the message pops against the burlap background. The colorful letters catch the eye across the room.

4 Striped Flags as Beginning and End Caps

Along with the 13 letter flags sits 4 flags with white stripes for beginning and end accents. They help contain the garland so it hangs straight and stays in place.

The striped flags provide a clean finish that complements any decor. Their nautical vibe suits beachy summer parties perfectly.

Pre-Assembled for Instant Hanging

This readymade banner comes pre-strung on natural twine, eliminating the hassle and frustration of DIY assembly. Two lengths of twine attached end-to-end connect all 17 flags.

To hang, simply stretch out the garland and tie up each end. You can adjust spacing between the flags as needed to fit your space. Installation takes just seconds!

Reusable Party and Home Decor

The durable burlap and tight stitching allow this banner to be reused again and again rather than tossed after a single use. Hang it every year to celebrate birthdays in style season after season.

Between parties, keep it up as a cheerful home accent. The rustic decor works in country kitchens, shabby chic living rooms, dorms and more.

Rustic Charm for Any Birthday

This happy birthday garland fits right in at birthday parties for all ages. For kids’ parties, hang it low for the birthday boy or girl to march under like a parade ribbon.

For adults, drape across the mantel or from ceiling beams for an inviting farmhouse look. Its nostalgic vibe makes every birthday feel a little extra special.

Easy to Hang Anywhere

Made from lightweight burlap, the banner is simple to hang in any location safely and securely:

  • Across the fireplace mantle
  • Wrapped around stair railings
  • Along the top of a gallery wall
  • Behind the dessert table
  • On the front porch or patio
  • From tree branches in the yard

Wherever you display it, the happy garland makes a charming focal point.

Picture-Perfect Photo Backdrop

Capture festive party photos in front of the burlap banner for memories to last long after the cake’s gone.

It provides the perfect backdrop for candid shots and group selfies alike. Have the guest of honor pose smiling under their name for an adorable photo opp.

Mix and Match with Other Farmhouse Decor

Pair this happy birthday garland with other rustic-chic decor to create a cohesive country party theme. Try burlap table runners, mason jar drinks, and wildflower centerpieces.

For a shabby farm style, combine with distressed wood signs, cream and blush balloons, and floral wreaths. Let the burlap banner be your jumping off point for down-home decor.

An Affordable Birthday Gift

Instead of yet another gift bag, give the birthday boy or girl this charming banner they can enjoy year after year. At any age, everyone loves seeing their name in glittering letters!

It works as a thoughtful birthday present for milestone ages and special people in your life. Send it as a care package to decorate a college dorm room too.

Easy Banner Storage

When the party’s over, take down the banner and roll up neatly for compact storage. Hang up or store flat until the next celebration – the burlap and stitching prevent wrinkling or creasing even when kept packaged up.

No need to store oddly-shaped letters that inevitably get lost. This all-in-one banner keeps everything together in one place.

Anwyll Quality You Can Count On

Anwyll strives to provide quality, affordable party supplies to help you throw memorable celebrations without spending a fortune. Their experienced designers carefully craft each item.

This rustic-chic burlap garland meets rigid quality standards so you can count on it brightening birthdays for years of joy ahead.

Give an Unforgettable Birthday With This Burlap Banner

Make the birthday VIP feel extra special when you decorate with this personalized garland. The natural burlap fabric gives a homespun, down-to-earth feel that invites celebration.

With quality stitching and durable materials built to last beyond one party, this banner becomes a cherished birthday tradition. Give the gift of happy memories for years to come!


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