Beistle Fairy Magic Confetti – Pink, Mint Green, Gold and Silver Metallic Fairies and Stars (0.5 oz)

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Transform any event into a magical fairy wonderland with Beistle Fairy Magic Confetti. This enchanting mix adds a touch of fairy magic to birthdays, baby showers, weddings, princess parties, and any other celebration needing a sprinkle of pixie dust!

Whimsical Assortment of Fairies and Stars

This confetti mix contains a delightful assortment of pretty fairies and wishing stars in feminine colors like pink, mint green, gold, and silver.

There are graceful fairies fluttering their wings in flight, darling fairies sitting atop crescent moons, and sweet floral fairies with flower petal skirts. Interspersed arelucky five-point and six-point stars ready to grant birthday wishes and wedding dreams.

The variety of shapes and poses creates visual interest when scattered across tables, floors, cakes, and more. They look like tiny fairy folk come to life to spread their magic!

Durable Metallic Plastic Construction

These aren’t flimsy paper cutouts, but durable metallic plastic confetti built to last. The plastic material gives them a subtle shine that catches and reflects light like real fairy dust.

The plastic is also waterproof, so the confetti maintains its shape even when sprinkled on frosted cakes or cupcakes. And they won’t shrivel up if they get wet, making cleanup easy.

The sturdy construction also allows you to save and reuse them. After your event, simply collect and store to use again and again. This keeps the fairy magic alive for many celebrations to come.

Generous 0.5 oz. Bag

Each resealable 0.5 oz. bag provides a generous amount of confetti for decorating. There are approximately 270 pieces per bag.

The ample quantity allows you to heavily decorate tables, cakes, floors, and any other party surfaces for a truly enchanting fairy environment.

For weddings, 0.5 oz. is the perfect amount to sprinkle down the aisle or toss over the happy couple in place of rice. The bonus is that the confetti is non-staining and won’t ruin clothing or carpets.

Blend and Match Colors

The pink, mint, gold, and silver colors provide a versatile palette. Blend them together for a multicolored fairy fantasy, or use them separately for coordinated decor.

For example, use just the pink fairies and stars for a perfectly precious princess party. Or scatter the gold and silver for fairy-themed New Year’s Eve glam. Let your creativity and the fairies guide you!

Decorate with Fairy Magic

This fairy confetti helps you easily add an air of magic and whimsy to any event or occasion:

  • Sprinkle on cakes, cupcakes, and other desserts
  • Toss down the aisle for fairy-tale weddings
  • Scatter across tables, floors, and other surfaces
  • Place in clear containers or vases for centerpieces
  • Use as a topper for handmade fairy wands
  • Fill fairy houses, jars, or terrariums
  • Craft DIY confetti poppers

Let this pixie dust infuse your party, wedding, or celebration with the magic of fairies!

Beistle – Making Celebrations More Fun Since 1900

Beistle knows celebrations. For over 100 years, we’ve helped people celebrate life’s moments. Our family-owned company still creates each product by hand right in the USA.

We use only the highest quality materials and exceptional attention to detail. This fairy confetti meets our unwavering standards for magical, durable, reusable decor.

Bring the fairy fantasy to life at your next event with Beistle Fairy Magic Metallic Confetti. Just add fairies and let the magic unfold!


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