Beistle Halloween Cutouts Cardstock Decor Set – 24 Piece Assortment of Double-Sided Die Cut Party Decorations

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Get ready for frightful fun with this 24 piece assortment of Halloween cutouts from Beistle. Each spooky and cute die cut design is printed on heavyweight cardstock, so these decorations are built to last through the whole Halloween season.

USA Made Quality

Proudly made in the USA, these Halloween party decorations come from Beistle, a leader in occasion supplies. You can trust that each cutout is crafted from durable cardstock that holds up well to hanging and re-use. Vibrant inks ensure the wickedly cute designs pop.

Double-Sided Artwork

These cardstock cutouts feature different festive artwork on each side, so you get double the decor with every piece. Hang them around your party space to let guests admire all the playful graphics. When it’s time to store them away, just flip to the blank side for easy stacking.

Assorted Spooky and Sweet Designs

This Halloween decorating kit includes an assortment of 24 unique die cut pieces so you get a variety of themes and imagery. You’ll find classic Halloween symbols like bats, pumpkins, ghosts and spiders. Whimsical designs feature a silly mummy, costumed black cat, wicked witch legs and party-ready skeleton. Several non-scary options like an owl, crow and trees cater to those who prefer cute over creepy. With this mix, you can find cutouts that appeal to party-goers of all ages.

Ideal Size

Ranging from 8.5 to 9.25 inches, these Beistle cutouts are designed to make a statement without overpowering your space. Their mid-range size catches the eye while allowing you flexibility in decor placement. Hang them on walls, doors, mantels, stair railings or anywhere else that needs a touch of Halloween spirit.

Endless Display Options

With 24 double-sided cutouts, you have so many options for decking out your home in Halloween style. Here are some ideas:

  • Line a hallway with bats, black cats and spooky trees.
  • Use spiderwebs, monsters and pumpkins to decorate the fireplace mantel.
  • Adorn the front door with a mix of ghosts, skeletons and creepy silhouettes.
  • Arrange cutouts on the staircase bannister.
  • Suspend a witch, owl and haunted house trio from the ceiling.
  • Stick cute critters and character cutouts on windows.
  • Scatter assorted pieces along the snack table for a festive accent.

Let your creativity run wild for a Halloween party or home decor that’s frightfully fun. These vivid Beistle cutouts are eye-catching on their own, and also perfect for incorporating into DIY party props and decorations.

Hassle-Free Decor

Skip the messy paints and glue required for homemade decorations. These ready-to-hang Halloween cutouts make event decorating easy. Just attach a piece of tape or removable adhesive to hang them up wherever you desire a festive flair. When the holiday has passed, carefully remove them and store on the blank side until next year.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Beistle stands behind the quality of their American made Halloween decor supplies. If you aren’t completely satisfied with this cutout variety pack, they’ll make it right.

Bring some wicked fun to your haunted house or Halloween bash with these double-sided cardstock cutouts. With designs and themes for all ages, this assortment from Beistle will become a staple of your holiday decorating for years to come.


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