Beistle Space Themed 3-D Foil Gold Star Centerpieces for Awards Night – Set of 9 in 3 Sizes

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Celebrate stellar achievements with these eye-catching gold foil star centerpieces! This set includes 9 gold stars in 3 different sizes – 3 large 8 inch stars, 3 medium 5.5 inch stars, and 3 small 3 inch stars – giving you plenty of festive table decor for an awards ceremony, graduation party, or New Year’s celebration.

Made from lightweight yet durable gold foil-covered cardboard, these 3D stars are easy to assemble and make a big visual impact. The brilliant metallic gold finish reflects light beautifully and lends a touch of glamour to your event decor. Whether placed on dining tables, awards podiums, classroom desks, or home buffet tables, these stellar centerpieces are sure to add a pop of shine and panache.

Decorate for a Night of Celebration with Glittering Stars

The gorgeous gold foil finish and 3D shape of these star centerpieces evoke images of glamorous Hollywood award shows. Use them to transform your event space into a place worthy of celebrating achievement and honor.

Scatter the large 8 inch stars down the center of banquet tables for formal awards dinners. The medium 5.5 inch stars make excellent tabletop accents for more casual buffet-style parties. Group the small 3 inch stars on podiums to frame awards and accolades during ceremonies.

Wherever you place them, these stars are sure to add a touch of elegance and style perfect for recognizing excellence and talent. Their brilliant gold color conveys the meaning and significance of stellar achievement.

Decorate Classrooms with Stars for Encouragement & Motivation

In school classrooms, these gold foil stars can provide daily motivation and encouragement for students. Teachers can display stars on bulletin boards or desks to highlight good work and academic success. Place a star on each child’s desk on their birthday or to recognize good behavior.

Use the stars as part of classroom reward systems by allowing students to earn stars for achievements. Having their own star to display will give kids a sense of pride and motivate them to keep up the good work. The stars serve as a shiny visual reminder for students to aim high and shoot for the stars!

Well-Made, Lightweight Stars for Easy Decorating

These 3D gold stars are thoughtfully designed to make decorating easy and effortless. Made from lightweight boardstock paper covered in brilliant gold foil, the stars are sturdy yet weigh next to nothing. Each star assembles quickly thanks to tab and slot construction – no glue or tools required.

The set includes 9 stars total – 3 large 8 inch stars, 3 medium 5.5 inch stars, and 3 small 3 inch stars. With multiple sizes to work with, you can create eye-catching displays on a variety of tables, surfaces, and staging areas. The assortment allows for versatile decor options for both elegant formal affairs and casual classroom functions.

Since the stars pack flat, storage and transport are a breeze. They take up very little room in a closet or drawer when not in use. For classroom teachers with limited storage space, the compact stars are ideal decorations to keep on hand for incentivizing students. Their durable gold foil covered construction also means these stars can be used again and again.

Sparkle Up Your Event with Gold Stars!

Impress guests and motivate students with these festive gold 3D foil stars. Their brilliant metallic sheen reflects light for a dazzling effect that instantly glamorizes any space. For understated elegance, adorn banquet tables with the stars. Or create a constellation of encouragement in a classroom. Wherever you display them, these stars make impressive and meaningful decorations for any celebration of talent, honor, and achievement.


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