BOHOPOP 5 Pack Gold Confetti Party Poppers – Air Powered Cannons for New Years Eve, Birthdays, Weddings, Graduations & Celebrations

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Let the celebration begin with a vibrant burst of shining gold when you pop these premium foil confetti party poppers! Each cannon launches an explosion of glittery metallic confetti up to 25 feet in the air.

These BOHOPOP gold confetti poppers are a must-have party essential to instantly amp up any special occasion. The glitzy gold confetti fluttering through the air will create a festive, photo-worthy atmosphere at New Years Eve, birthdays, weddings, graduations, and more.

Premium Gold Foil Confetti for Maximum Sparkle

The high quality gold foil confetti in these party poppers is specially designed to optimize the celebratory effect. Metallic gold reflects light and catches the eye better than flat, matte confetti.

BOHOPOP only uses foil confetti that maintains its dazzling color and luster even after multiple uses. The glittery gold confetti shot high into the sky creates a magical moment your party guests will remember and want to capture in photos.

The ultra-fine tissue paper won’t make a mess either – it’s lightweight enough to flutter gracefully back down to the ground after flying through the air.

Safe, Long-Range Air Powered Cannons

No noisy gunpowder or flammable materials required! BOHOPOP confetti poppers utilize compressed air to launch the shiny gold confetti up to 25 feet away.

Just twist the plastic base and these cannons will safely shoot the confetti high up so it scatters down over a large area – perfect for both indoor and outdoor events. Kids and adults of all ages can participate in the confetti-popping fun.

The long firing range on these party poppers means your confetti burst can happen right in the middle of the action. Pop them in the center of the dance floor, near the stage, or wherever your party people are gathered.

Easy to Assemble & Use

Take the pre-packed party poppers out of the box and get ready to pop! There is no assembly or loading required – the air-powered mechanisms are pre-loaded and ready fire.

Simply hold the cannon straight up, twist the bottom plastic base, and let the celebration begin! The pull-string igniter makes them easy for kids and adults to set off.

After all 5 cannons are popped, the cardboard tubes are still reusable and recyclable. These are single-use confetti cannons, but the BOHOPOP 5 pack ensures you get multiple big pops to keep the party going.

Essential Party Poppers for Every Celebration

The striking burst of shiny metallic gold confetti instantly levels up any special occasion. These are a party essential you’ll want on hand for:

– New Years Eve – Start the year off with a loud sparkly bang!
– Birthdays – Surprise the guest of honor with a confetti downpour.
– Weddings – Shower the newlyweds in golden glamour.
– Graduations – Celebrate all those years of hard work.
– Anniversaries – Pop the poppers in place of fireworks.
– Proms & Dances – Glam up those picture-perfect moments.
– Sports Championships – Cheer on the winning team in style.

Wherever celebration and fun are happening, BOHOPOP’s gold confetti party poppers belong there too!

Satisfaction Guaranteed By BOHOPOP

BOHOPOP wants to play a part in creating your special moments and memories. If you have any issues with these gold confetti poppers, please contact us directly and we will make it right.

Bring on the milestone moments and celebrations! Add a sparkle of magic and metallic raining down from above with BOHOPOP’s Premium Gold Foil Confetti Party Poppers.


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