Bring Hollywood Glamour Home with Life-Size Cardboard Celebrity Cutouts

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Step right onto the red carpet and pose with the stars! Our life-size cardboard celebrity cutouts make it possible to capture those glamorous Hollywood moments right at home. Simply set up these free-standing displays and snap pictures for memorable keepsakes and social media shares.

Realistic Details for Added Fun

These full-body stand-ups impressively replicate the look of famous celebrities in crisp detail. Our in-house artists carefully examine color photos to accurately recreate facial features, hair, outfits, poses and more. The resulting cardboard likenesses are incredibly lifelike for added realism and fun. High-quality printing ensures vibrant colors that pop against the white background.

Quick and Easy Setup

Assembly takes just seconds thanks to pre-scored bend lines that form the standing displays. The sturdy cardboard offers durable construction that unfolds to full standee height. Built-in foldout flaps provide extra stability so your stars stand securely in place without tipping. Setup is a cinch – just unfold along the creases and slot the flaps into place.

Reuse Your Cutouts Again and Again

These cutouts are designed for repeated use at parties, events, store displays and more. When the fun is over, simply refold your celebrity stand-ups along the original crease lines to store flat until next time. The durable cardboard construction withstands repeated assembly without ripping or tearing. Store your collection of cardboard celebrities to reuse over and over for years of enjoyment.

Make Every Occasion More Memorable

Pose with Hollywood stars to create laugh-out-loud moments at birthday bashes, graduation parties, corporate events, grand openings and any occasion! Use them as photobooth props for custom pictures. Place them around your party or event space as unique décor. The possibilities are endless when you make cardboard celebrities part of the fun.

Designed for Portability and Convenience

These lightweight cutouts easily go anywhere the party goes. Their slim profile takes up little space in vehicles. The cardboard material ensures easy portability compared to bulkier decorations. When the party is over, cutouts fold down for compact storage and transport. Pop them up again in seconds when you reach the next destination!

Create Fun Marketing Campaigns

Cardboard celebrities also provide smart visual marketing for businesses and organizations. Use them as eye-catching displays in store windows or booths at craft fairs and conventions. Position them around your business to draw attention to products or services. Add your own branding by attaching signs or messaging. The possibilities for self-promotion are limited only by your imagination!

Proudly Made in the USA

We take great pride in producing our unique cardboard cutouts entirely in the United States. Our American manufacturing process enables strict quality control and prompt order fulfillment. It also eliminates language barriers for easier and faster communication. When you buy from us, you support American jobs and small businesses.

Affordable Fun from

Our prices make it easy to collect several Hollywood stars for endless mix-and-match fun. We offer fast shipping across the U.S. along with excellent customer service. Explore our unbeatable selection of unique cutouts that make every occasion more memorable. Bring Hollywood magic home today!


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