Bring Home the Famous Wookiee Warrior Chewbacca with this Life-Size Cardboard Cutout

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Add the beloved Star Wars character Chewbacca to your home or event with this incredible life-size cardboard cutout! Standing an impressive 88 inches tall, this highly detailed standee depicts Chewbacca as he appears in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. With this amazing prop, it looks like the famous Wookiee himself is right there in the room with you!

Great for Star Wars fans and collectors, this Chewbacca cutout makes a sensational decorative piece. It’s also ideal for fun photos, parties, movie gatherings and so much more. Display it proudly and let the adventures continue!

Quality Craftsmanship and Design

Expertly made from sturdy cardboard, this free-standing Chewbacca standee is built to last. It features pre-scored fold lines for quick and easy assembly. Just pop out the figure and fold along the creases. Vivid full-color graphics recreate Chewbacca’s distinctive look from head to toe, bringing the Wookiee warrior to life.

At 25 inches wide, Chewbacca is sized right to fit perfectly in most spaces. The lightweight cutout also moves easily to any location. When not on display, it folds back down flat for convenient storage and reuse again and again.

Endless Fun for Star Wars Fans

This cardboard Chewbacca cutout is ideal for creating fun Star Wars experiences!

Creative Photos: Pose with your favorite Wookiee for some hilarious and memorable pictures. The possibilities are endless!

Parties: Let Chewbacca’s imposing presence add some intergalactic flair to your next Star Wars party or movie night.

Home Decor: Display the famous co-pilot proudly in your home to show your love of Star Wars in a unique way.

Events: Chewie’s sure to attract attention at conventions, store openings, festivals and more. It’s a fantastic eye-catching prop!

The Perfect Collectible

For devoted Star Wars collectors, this Chewbacca cardboard cutout is an amazing addition. Fans will love displaying this giant-size standee figure of the hairy hero from Kashyyyk. It looks fantastic alongside other rare memorabilia pieces or on its own.

Cardboard cutouts are prized collector’s items for sci-fi fans. This high-quality Chewbacca prop replica makes a special, unique addition to any Star Wars collection. Let Chewie stand guard over your assortment of lightsabers, helmets, and more!

Buy with Confidence

This exceptional Chewbacca standee is manufactured in the USA by Cardboard People, a family-owned business specializing in cardboard cutouts for over 35 years. Their reputation for premium quality plus Chewbacca’s iconic status mean this is a collector’s piece you can buy with confidence.

Bring home the beloved Wookiee copilot who navigated the galaxy with Han Solo. This life-size Chewbacca cardboard cutout looks so real you’ll want to give him a big furry Wookiee hug! Ideal for fans, parties, photos, events and imaginative play, order this amazing Star Wars standee today!


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