Bring Home the King of Observational Comedy with this Jerry Seinfeld Cardboard Cutout

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Laugh your way through the day with this Jerry Seinfeld cardboard cutout! This full-color standee features Jerry in his classic 90s look that fans know and love from the hit sitcom Seinfeld.

Relive Iconic Seinfeld Moments

This sleek 24” wide x 71” tall Jerry Seinfeld cutout is ideal for recreating your favorite scenes from the “show about nothing.” Snap photos of Jerry in his classic blue button-down standing in your kitchen next to boxes of cereal as you channel the famous “no soup for you” episode. Or place Jerry near your front door so you can recreate the hilarious “Hello Newman” exchanges between Jerry and his pesky neighbor. The possibilities are endless for hilarious home re-enactments with this cutout!

High Quality Cardboard Cutout Built to Last

Made from sturdy cardboard, this Jerry standee is built to last through countless laughs and photo ops. It features pre-scored fold lines that make assembly quick and easy. Just pop open the flattened box and Jerry springs to life! The durable cardboard construction ensures this cutout will stay looking fresh through many years of enjoyment. When not in use, simply refold Jerry flat for space-saving storage.

Perfect Fun Décor for Any Space

This lightweight Jerry Seinfeld cutout fits perfectly into any space. Use it as a fun focal point in your living room, bedroom, office, dorm room or anywhere you want to add some laughs. It makes a great backdrop for parties and is ideal for spicing up video calls. The portability also makes it perfect for taking along to tailgates, events and holidays to surprise and delight Seinfeld fans.

Create Shareable Moments with Friends & Family

Pose with the real-life size Jerry cutout for Insta-worthy photos and TikToks that are sure to get laughs and likes. Capture the hilariousreactions of friends and family when Jerry “suddenly appears”! Or use it as a fun photo booth prop at your next get-together. No matter the occasion, this Seinfeld cutout makes it easy to create shareable moments and lifelong memories with the people you love.

Designed to Delight Seinfeld Superfans

With his hands in his pockets, this classic Jerry stance perfectly encapsulates his observational comedy and lovable neurotic energy that fans can’t get enough of. The colorful cardboard standee vividly captures Jerry’s expressions and mannerisms to provide an extra dose of fun for devoted Seinfeld enthusiasts. It’s also a great decorative item for memorabilia collectors looking to showcase their fandom!

Add Laughter to Your Space with Jerry

Brighten any room and add a punch of laughter with this vibrant Jerry Seinfeld cutout. Place Jerry in your living room or bedroom so you can start your morning with a good laugh. His presence inspires smiles throughout the day. Or put him in your office or workspace as a fun source of humor and stress relief. Jerry also makes work video calls 100X more amusing!

Spice Up Parties & Events Effortlessly

Make guests laugh out loud when Jerry “greets” them at the door for your next party or event! The lightweight cardboard makes it a cinch to move Jerry anywhere you need a boost of entertainment. Use him as a humorous photo booth prop for weddings, birthdays, reunions or any celebration. His larger-than-life size and expressive pose are sure to kick any party up a notch.

High Quality & Affordable Decor

Invest in this high visual impact life-size Jerry without the high price tag! The durable cardboard construction and vivid color design provide a premium look that livens any space without breaking the bank. Jerry’s hearty cardboard and compact size when stored offers truly unbeatable value.

Bring Home Laughs with an American Pop Culture Icon

Jerry Seinfeld is one of America’s most beloved and successful comedians. This playful standee makes it easy for fans across generations to enjoy Jerry’s wit and charm right in their home. Place Jerry in your living room, dorm, office or anywhere you want to sprinkle some humor into your day. Laugh alongside this pop culture legend every day when you add this vibrant Jerry Seinfeld cardboard cutout to your space!


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