Bring the Magic of Hogwarts to Life with Harry, Hermione and Ron Cardboard Cutouts

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Step into the wizarding world and relive the magic of Harry Potter with these incredible life-size cardboard cutouts of Harry, Hermione and Ron. Displaying the iconic Hogwarts trio in their school robes as seen in Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix, these high-quality cutouts are a must-have for any true Potterhead.

Standing at an impressive 39”W x 65”H, Harry, Hermione and Ron will cast a spell on any space. Perfect for bedrooms, dorm rooms, offices, classrooms, parties, theatrical productions, photo ops and more. Their versatility makes them ideal decor for fans of all ages.

Bring Your Favorite Characters to Life

Have you ever dreamed of having Harry, Hermione and Ron by your side? Well, now you can with these imaginative cardboard cutouts. Just unfold the pre-scored tabs and slots, and easily assemble the freestanding figures in seconds.

Harry stands courageous and determined, his wand drawn and robes flowing as if he’s ready to conjure his next spell. Hermione gazes knowingly, books in hand and cleverness in her smile. And Ron gives a friendly grin, always ready for adventure with his best friends.

High Quality Cardboard Built to Last

These cutouts are constructed from thick, premium cardboard specially engineered to endure regular use without ripping, sagging or damage. The durable material and precision die-cut shapes allow the cutouts to remain crisp and shapely display after display.

Designed for longevity, the cutouts can be conveniently stored flat when not in use. This preserves their condition and saves space. When you’re ready to unleash the magic again, just pop them back up! Their durability makes them ideal for photographers, venues, retailers and superfans alike.

Easily Transform Any Space with Customizable Decor

From personalized bedroom decor to eye-catching store displays, the possibilities are endless with these Harry Potter cardboard cutouts. Their lightweight portability allows you to move and position Harry, Hermione and Ron anywhere.

Use them as artsy room accents, props for themed parties, components of a larger display, focal points at events and conventions, enhancements for retail spaces, backdrops for photoshoots and content creation, and so much more. Wherever you place them, they’ll be sure to draw attention and delight.

Build Lasting Memories with Beloved Characters

Create unforgettable moments and photo ops with lifelike cardboard versions of these iconic characters. Pose alongside Harry, Hermione and Ron for shareworthy shots that capture the fun and fantasy.

Use them to elevate Halloween costumes, birthday parties, movie marathons, school events, store promotions, comic conventions, and every magical occasion. They’re the perfect way for fans to immerse themselves in J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World in a creative, interactive way.

Imaginative Fun for All Ages

Young and old alike will enjoy the whimsical addition of these Harry Potter cutouts. From roleplaying to decorating, they inspire creativity and imagination. Children can act out scenes from the books and movies, recreating some of the most memorable moments.

Adults will appreciate the nostalgic fun as well. Decorate for a Harry Potter themed dinner party, spice up game night with wizarding challenges, or capture amusing photos for social media. No matter how you put them to use, the cutouts provide enchanting entertainment.

Made in the USA with Precision Craftsmanship

These high-quality cardboard cutouts are manufactured in the USA using specialized die-cut technology for smooth, consistent shapes. They are printed in vivid color graphics on durable cardboard guaranteed to last.

You can feel good knowing they are constructed ethically right here in the USA by a family-owned and operated small business established in 1984. Their attention to detail and quality is evident in every expertly crafted cutout.

Bring Home the Magic of Harry, Hermione & Ron Today

Relive the adventure of Hogwarts with the ultimate Harry Potter fans. Click Add to Cart now to snag these incredible life-size cutouts for yourself or any Muggle you know. At 39”W x 65”H, the realistic figures of Harry, Hermione and Ron will look like they just stepped out of the film. A must for any true fan!


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