Celebrate Black History Month with 60 Piece Decor Set – Swirls, Banners, Cutouts in Symbolic Red, Green, Black and Gold

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Honor African American history and culture with this 60 piece Black History Month decoration set. The assortment includes hanging swirls, banners, and themed cutouts in traditional colors representing heritage, courage, hope and pride.

12 Double Foil Swirls and 12 Single Foil Swirls

The set includes 12 two-sided red, green and black swirls with hanging tabs to suspend from walls, ceilings, arches or doorways. Complementing are 12 single foil golden yellow swirls imprinted with empowering words like “Equality”, “Freedom”, and “Unity.”

Use the lightweight swirls to decorate classrooms, event spaces, offices, or homes. The vivid symbolic colors immediately identify the decor as part of Black History Month.

24 Themed Cutouts in Meaningful Colors and Messages

Along with the eye-catching swirls are 24 cutouts celebrating Black culture and history. The set includes 12 designs printed on both sides featuring important figures, heritage symbols, and inspirational messages.

Red, green, black and gold colorfully reflect African roots, courage, hope and inner light. Images include pan-African flags, clenched fists, historic figures, racial equality signs, and uplifting phrases like “Black Girl Magic.”

Thick Cardstock Decorations

The Black History Month decorations are printed on heavyweight cardstock that is durable and reusable. The swirls have integrated hanging tabs at the top for easily suspending from walls, ceilings, doors and arches with removable adhesive, string, fishing line or tape.

The cutouts have foldable bases that allow standing them on tables, bookshelves, mantels, countertops and more. Quality cardstock construction means these decorations can be used again and again.

Celebrate African American Heritage and Culture

Use these lively and inspiring decorations to honor Black History Month in:

  • Classrooms
  • Offices
  • Community centers
  • Libraries
  • Museums
  • Homes
  • Party venues

The eye-catching swirls and symbolic cutouts are ideal for educating and raising awareness during this annual celebration from January 1 to February 28.

Decorate with Meaningful Symbols and Colors

Each color holds special meaning:

  • Red – Represents the bloodline and courage of Black history
  • Black – Symbolizes identity and strength
  • Green – Stands for hope, growth and prosperity
  • Gold – Indicates wisdom, inner light and sunshine

Use these culturally significant hues and empowering messages to infuse your Black History Month decor with purpose and impact.

Complete Your BHM Decorations

Pair with other inspiring Black History Month party supplies such as:

  • Banners – Hang positive slogans and sayings
  • Scene setters – Transform walls with images of figures and symbols
  • Tableware – Use plates, cups and napkins in traditional colors
  • Centerpieces – Incorporate meaningful books, photos and quotes

Enrich the atmosphere and create an immersive cultural experience with coordinating decorations in these meaningful red, green, black and gold tones.

Shop With Confidence

We want you to love these Black History Month decorations. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, please contact us for a replacement set or full refund.

Honor the past and inspire hope for the future with these 60 piece Black History swirl and cutout decorations. Order now to celebrate African American heritage and culture this February!


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