Celebrate in Style with Confetti Cannons Biodegradable Confetti Poppers

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Liven up any special occasion with a blast of colorful confetti! These biodegradable 15-inch confetti cannons from Confetti Cannons provide a fun and exciting way to commemorate birthdays, weddings, New Year’s Eve, graduations, baby showers, grand openings, and any celebration.

Rain Down Green Confetti for a Festive Celebration

Each confetti popper contains 3 ounces of vibrant green eco-friendly confetti cut into fun shapes like circles, hearts, stars, and diamonds. One quick twist sends the confetti shooting up to 15-20 feet in the air for a stunning cascading effect that dazzles guests. The bold green confetti adds festive flair perfect for celebrations.

Safe, Clean Indoor & Outdoor Use

Made from biodegradable paper, these confetti poppers are non-toxic and safe for indoor and outdoor use. They are cleaner and more environmentally friendly than metallic foil confetti. No need to worry about cleanup – the paper confetti quickly breaks down.

The poppers emit no smoke, fumes or harmful substances like fireworks, making them ideal for crowded venues. Use them at home, at venues, at your wedding ceremony or reception, in restaurants, at corporate events and more!

Easy, Instant Celebration

Pulling off the perfect party can be stressful, but these confetti poppers make it easy to instantly transform any space into a celebration! Just twist the bottom and watch the confetti fly.

Line up multiple poppers along your entryway, dinner tables, dance floor, ceremony aisle, etc. and simultaneously set them off mid-event for a truly memorable surprise.

Or take turns passing the poppers to guests so everyone can join in activating the magical confetti showers! It’s sure to liven up any occasion.

High Shooting Power

Designed for maximum height, our premium poppers shoot green confetti up to 15-20 feet in the air – higher than most standard confetti cannons on the market. The long and high confetti bursts ensure the biodegradable confetti floats down slowly and evenly over your guests for a magical effect.

Vibrant Green Confetti

The bold kelly green confetti has a shiny, eye-catching metallic finish that brightens up any celebration with a vibrant pop of color. Green represents renewal, fresh starts, generosity, and good fortune – perfect for events like New Year’s, grand openings, anniversaries, and birthdays!

Endless Photo & Video Moments

The cascading green confetti creates a gorgeous backdrop for photos and videos. Capture the looks of surprise and joy as confetti showers down. Photos of couples kissing with green confetti raining over them make for romantic, iconic wedding shots. Dramatic confetti cannons moments are sure to be a hit on social media!

Durable & Portable

Built to last, these confetti poppers feature durable plastic construction with bright glossy green and white finishes. Compact and lightweight, they’re highly portable so you can let the celebrations continue on the go!

Take them to outdoor weddings, parties in the park, barbecues, proms, concerts, sporting events, and more. Toss them in your car so you’re always prepared when fun occasions arise.

Complete Party Collection from Confetti Cannons

Choose from our full line of confetti poppers and cannons in a variety of colors to match any theme or occasion. We also offer confetti blasters, mega blasters, confetti launchers, and confetti sticks and bags. With the right confetti effects, every celebration becomes extraordinary!


  • Height: 15 inches
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces
  • Material: Plastic, Paper
  • Includes: 12 confetti poppers
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • Twist Activation
  • Shoots Up to 15-20 Feet
  • 3 Ounces Biodegradable Green Confetti

Liven Up Your Next Celebration!

Bring on the fun and excitement with Confetti Cannons biodegradable confetti poppers! The vivid green confetti showers create jaw-dropping, Instagram-worthy moments perfect for all ages and occasions. Order a pack now to add a festive, memorable touch to your next birthday, wedding, graduation, or any event!


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