Create a Dazzling Backdrop with BRZIKWT Rainbow Iridescent Foil Fringe Curtains – 2 Pack 3.3×6.6 ft Photoshoot Background

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Transform any space into a glamorous scene with these stunning iridescent foil fringe curtains. The 2 large panels measure 3.3 x 6.6 ft each, providing over 20 sq. ft. of shimmering rainbow backdrop when put together. Hang them up and instantly give your party or photoshoot an eye-catching focal point.

With their flowing metallic tinsel strips in an ombre rainbow of colors, these photo backdrop curtains inject any event with a mesmerizing sense of movement and light. Their lightweight foil material cascades beautifully and makes an unforgettable impression as a stage, wedding, or photoshoot background.


  • Set of 2 iridescent curtains, each measuring 3.3 x 6.6 ft
  • Rainbow ombre colored metallic tinsel strips
  • Lightweight foil material creates a flowing, shimmering look
  • Double-sided adhesive tape on back for easy hanging
  • Ideal photoshoot or party backdrop

These flashy rainbow foil curtains instantly create a photo-worthy backdrop. The dazzling iridescent strips refract light for a holographic brilliance that looks stunning in photos. Use them as a focal point for engagement, bridal, quinceanera, or glamour shoots.

For parties, the curtains make a fabulously fun focal point. Hang them up at weddings, birthdays, New Year’s Eve, Christmas, proms and more to immerse guests in shimmering rainbow glamour. They’re sure to elicit oohs and aahhs!

With their light-as-air foil fringe, these photo backdrop curtains are also easy to hang using the attached double-sided tape. No complicated setup – just stick them to a wall or doorway. When the event is over, carefully peel them off and save them for the next glamorous occasion that calls for a scene-stealing foil curtain!


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