DECORLIFE 50th Birthday Party Decorations for Men – Vintage 50th Centerpieces and Balloons for Tables

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Celebrate your loved one’s 50th birthday in style with this amazing vintage party decoration set from DECORLIFE! This set includes everything you need to transform any venue into a stylish 50th birthday bash.

The set includes 50th birthday-themed centerpieces, cake toppers, balloons, banners, and more. The black, gold, and white colors give the decorations a classic yet elegant look perfect for such a momentous occasion.

Vintage-Inspired Centerpieces

The set includes three gorgeous honeycomb centerpieces featuring the number 50 in glittery gold. Each measures 7.8 x 7.7 inches – the perfect size to adorn tables at the party.

The sturdy cardstock construction gives the centerpieces durability to last the whole party while the vintage patterns add nostalgic charm. Easily assemble them by attaching the honeycomb balls to the cardstock bases with the adhesive stickers.

Use them to instantly elevate your tablescapes. They are sure to dazzle your guests while setting the tone for an unforgettable 50th bash!

50th Milestone Cake Toppers

What better way to celebrate the birthday than with milestone cake toppers? This set includes two 50th birthday cake toppers – one with a champagne bottle design and one with a 50th milestone message.

Both feature gold glitter print for a glamorous touch. Made of thick cardstock, they add a decorative accent to the birthday cake.

Use the bottle topper for a cake with the champagne theme. For a classic number cake, adorn it with the 50th topper as the ultimate birthday keepsake.

Cheers to 50 Wine Glasses

A 50th birthday celebration calls for a toast, so we’ve included two wine glasses announcing the milestone age. Both glasses feature gold foil print – one with a stylish CHEERS TO 50 design and one with FIFTY & FABULOUS.

Perfect for serving drinks or placing around the party space, these glasses add a fun touch and prompt guests to raise a glass to the guest of honor. The birthday guy is sure to get a kick out of these witty wine glasses!

Custom Photo Backdrop

Want to create a focal point for photos? Use the included backdrop featuring CUSTOM BIRTHDAY MESSAGE in retro fonts on a sleek black background.

Use the chalk markers to customize the banner with the birthday person’s name or a celebratory message. Hang it on the wall as the perfect spot for capturing group photos with the guest of honor.

With the bold retro text, this backdrop is sure to have guests lining up to snap epic party pics!

50th Party Bunting Banner

Add a festive backdrop anywhere with the 50th birthday party bunting banner. Featured in classic party colors, the banner spells out 50TH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION with triangle flags.

At 6.6 feet long, it instantly livens up any party space, whether you hang it outdoors, in the party room, or behind a buffet. Use the provided string and clothespins to easily hang it up and watch as it sets the festive mood!

Metallic Gold Balloons

No birthday is complete without balloons! This set includes 10 gold balloons and 2 black balloons featuring gold 50s. Fill them with air or helium to instantly liven up the party.

The mix of metallic gold and classic black balloons pairs perfectly with the rest of the decor for a stylish, coordinated look. Scatter them around tables or cluster in corners to let them shine as eye-catching accents.

High-Quality Decor Built to Last

DECORLIFE only uses quality materials so you can trust these decorations will stay looking fabulous from party setup through cleanup.

The cardstock is thick enough for durability while remaining easy to assemble. Dazzling foil and glitter accents add style without shedding or losing their luster.

Buy with confidence knowing these decorations are built to endure the liveliest 50th birthday bash!

Transform Any Venue for a 50th Birthday

With this complete 50th birthday decoration set, you have everything you need to festively decorate any party venue or room:

– Adorn dining tables with the glamorous centerpieces
– Top the cake with the milestone toppers
– Add the stylish wine glasses and balloons for whimsical accents
– Customize the picture backdrop for epic photos
– Hang the bunting banner and balloons to instantly liven up the space

With coordinating black, gold, and white colors in sleek, modern designs, these decorations provide a cohesive, elegant look for celebrating a 50th birthday in style.

The nostalgic patterns and retro fonts add a fun vintage vibe perfect for such a momentous occasion. Any 50-year-old would be proud to walk into a party decorated with this set!

Celebrate an Unforgettable 50th Birthday Bash!

Make your loved one’s 50th birthday one they will always remember with this complete vintage decoration set. With stylish accents and durable construction, these quality decorations are made to help you easily transform any venue into a fabulous 50th birthday party!


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