Dylan’s Cabin White Throw Streamers – No Mess Confetti Poppers for Wedding Birthday Party Celebration

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Make your special occasion truly magical with these beautiful white throw streamers from Dylan’s Cabin. Perfect for weddings, birthdays, graduations, baby showers, and more, these party poppers create a gorgeous cascade of fluttering ribbons to celebrate in style.

Large Size for Maximum Impact

Get the party started right with these generous party poppers. Each pack contains 10 poppers with 30 white paper streamers each up to 17 feet long. When you pull the ring, the streamers burst out in a magical tower of white. The lightweight paper floats gently to the ground for a romantic and dreamy effect.

Easy to Use Anywhere

These white ribbon streamers are so easy to use. Just hold the ring, give it a good firm pull, and watch the streamers cascade out. There’s no need to worry about making a mess or noisy explosions. The streamers float gently down wherever you choose to celebrate. Pop them indoors or outdoors, day or night!

Minimal Mess & Easy Cleanup

You and your guests will love how these ribbon streamers create maximum visual impact with minimal mess. The streamers are made of lightweight tissue paper that is easy to gather up after your event. Just bundle up the streamers to dispose of easily. No need to vacuum up confetti or debris.

Versatile for Any Special Occasion

Liven up any gathering with these versatile white throw streamers. They are ideal for weddings, sending newlyweds off in style. Surprise the guest of honor at a birthday party. Celebrate college graduation day. Welcome a new baby with a shower. Decorate for your anniversary dinner. Let your imagination run wild!

High Quality Paper Streamers

These party poppers are carefully handmade with high quality tissue paper. The streamers are soft, lightweight, and easy to throw. The paper does not tear or shred on impact. You can trust these streamers to make your occasion picture perfect.

Create an Unforgettable Scene

Surprise and delight your guests with a gorgeous display. Imagine standing under a gentle waterfall of white ribbons. The streamers catch the light beautifully for amazing photographs. Your special day will be remembered for years to come.

Decorate Without the Mess

These white throw streamers are a cleaner alternative to confetti poppers or cannons. No need to vacuum up paper pieces or debris. The streamers land softly without leaving behind a mess. Your party area stays looking beautiful from start to finish.

Safe Indoor & Outdoor Use

You can use these ribbon streamers anywhere, worry-free. They are safe for indoor or outdoor use. Toss them in your living room, backyard, church or venue. The lightweight paper is harmless to guests, furniture, and floors. Just gather up the streamers easily when done.

Magical Send-Off for Newlyweds

Newlywed couples will love having these white ribbon streamers at their wedding. Guests can give them a joyful send-off, creating a blizzard of white ribbons as they run to their getaway car. Capture the magical moment in stunning photos and video!

Bundle of 10 Poppers

The set includes 10 cardboard party poppers in total. Each popper contains 30 white paper streamers for maximum visual impact. With 10 poppers, you will have plenty of streamers to decorate a large event space.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Dylan’s Cabin wants you to be thrilled with our white throw streamers. We back our party poppers with a total satisfaction guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, just let us know. Your happiness is our top priority.

Make lasting memories at your next celebration with these beautiful white party poppers. With a gentle pull, create a romantic cascade of ribbon streamers to delight guests. These gorgeous white throw streamers set the perfect tone for a wedding, birthday, shower, or any special event!


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