Geetery Wooden Daisy Nursery Shelf Decor Set – Farmhouse Boho Floral Tiered Tray Centerpieces for Rustic Home Decor

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Bring a touch of simple charm to your home with this lovely set of six wooden daisy shelf decor pieces from Geetery. Each tiered tray is artfully adorned with a bright white daisy print that evokes feelings of sunny spring days. Arrange these sweet floral accent pieces on shelves, console tables, countertops or anywhere you desire a pop of vintage farmhouse style.

Alluring Floral Motif

The beautiful daisy print gives these wooden decorative trays and stands a sweet cottagecore vibe. The crisp white daisies have a hand-drawn look, as if they were painted right on the wood. Each of the six pieces features its own unique daisy size and arrangement that combines to create a cohesive collection with lots of visual interest.

Versatile Size Options

With three different tray sizes and stand heights, you can create custom shelf or table displays. The largest tray measures about 11 cm wide, the medium size is 9.5 cm wide and the smallest is 8.5 cm. Stand heights range from 20 cm for the tallest down to 13 cm for the shortest. With this range of sizes, you can stagger the pieces to create succinct stair-step arrangements or align them neatly in uniform rows.

Easy Assembly and Disassembly

These nursery decor pieces assemble in seconds thanks to the sturdy wooden base and slim rounded pole that inserts snugly into the base. The parts fit together neatly and seamlessly. When it’s time to stow them away, the pieces separate just as easily for compact storage.

Multipurpose Rustic Decor

Incorporate these versatile white daisy decor into any room to add a touch of farmhouse charm. Use them as centerpieces to decorate tables for parties, weddings or everyday dining. Display them on the mantel or shelves as part of your living room decor. Let them spruce up desk tops in a home office, or arrange them on the dresser in a cute nursery or bedroom. Wherever you place them, these effortlessly charming daisy stands and trays will look right at home.

Quality Materials

Crafted from high-quality wood, these daisy tiered trays have an authentic rustic look you’d expect from cottage decor. The wooden construction gives them a pleasing visual warmth and texture. The white daisy pattern is clearly printed on each piece for a crisp and consistent floral motif. Thanks to the durable materials, these nursery shelves will maintain their charming farmhouse style for seasons to come.

The Perfect Gift

If you’re looking for a home decor gift that captures vintage farmhouse style, this Geetery daisy shelf set is an ideal choice. Anyone who loves cozy cottage decor will appreciate these charming floral accent pieces. Their classic motif and versatile design means they’ll complement any existing home decor style. Give them as a housewarming gift, wedding present or birthday gift for that special boho-lover in your life.

Display Ideas

Looking for inspiration on how to use these pretty white daisy nursery shelves? Here are some ideas:

  • Line up all three sizes on a fireplace mantel or shelf for a sweet springtime vignette.
  • Arrange the trays in a stair-step design on a console table behind your sofa.
  • Stack the trays in descending size order and place pillar candles on each tier for a rustic centerpiece.
  • Sit one stand on either side of a vase of fresh flowers on an entryway table or kitchen island.
  • Mix and match heights on wall-mounted shelves for an asymmetrical display .
  • Scatter the pieces along your bookcase to add charm to existing decor.

However you choose to incorporate them, these nursery shelves infuse any space with cottage flair. Their versatility also makes them wonderful for changing up your decor seasonally or when you feel like a refresh.

With its alluring daisy motif and quality materials, this floral decor set from Geetery deserves a special spot in your home. Pick up this farmhouse-inspired shelf set and enjoy its vintage-chic style for years to come.


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