Juhap Glitter Happy Birthday Decor Party Tablecloth for 6-8ft Rectangle Tables

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Make any celebration extra festive with this stunning Happy Birthday tablecloth from Juhap. The 71 x 54 inch rectangle size drapes beautifully over 6 to 8 foot banquet tables, providing a quick and easy way to decorate for your next party or special event.

The tablecloth features a shimmering purple background covered in scattered foil diamond accents. In big, bold font, it displays the phrase “Happy Birthday” accompanied by colorful balloons and confetti. This cheerful and vibrant design is sure to get the festivities started!

Durable PEVA material resists spills, wrinkles, and stains, so the table stays looking polished from appetizers to cake cutting. When the party’s over, simply wipe down any messes or dispose to recycle. Avoid laundry hassles and reuse expensive linens.

Discover why customers love these tablecloths for adding instant ambiance while protecting tabletops with minimal fuss. Keep reading for more details on how this vinyl birthday tablecloth can take your party decor over the top!

Premium Thick PEVA Material

Juhap’s party tablecloths utilize upgraded PEVA material that’s 3X thicker and more durable than others on the market. At .3mm, the hefty plastic film provides an upscale look and feel while resisting punctures or rips during use.

The vinyl tablecloth material naturally repels liquid, preventing stains from seeping through to the table underneath. An accidental spill or messy plate will stay contained on top, making cleanup a breeze. Just wipe the surface clean!

Though thick, the tablecloths still drape beautifully without unsightly creasing or wrinkles. They conform smoothly to tables for a polished, upscale look. The liquid-repellent surface also makes a nice smooth setting for plates, cups, and decor.

Choose from a spectrum of colors and designs to elevate any occasion, whether it’s a birthday, baby shower, anniversary, holiday celebration and more.

Generous Size for 6-8 Foot Rectangle Tables

Measuring a substantial 71 x 54 inches, this birthday tablecloth allows ample overhang to drape evenly down the sides of 6 to 8 foot banquet-style tables.

Fits standard 24 x 48 inch folding tables, 6 foot plastic folding tables, 8 foot trestle tables, 6 foot round tables, and more. Drapes beautifully without pulling or exposing the underside of the table.

The rectangle shape provides one long and one short side, making it easy to orient parallel or perpendicular to seated guests. Coordinate solid color tablecloths with themed plastic plates, cups, and napkins for a cohesive party look.

Juhap’s tablecloths are also offered in squares and rounds to fit whatever table you need to decorate!

Vibrant, damage-resistant printing

The Happy Birthday message and colorful accents really pop against the purple glitter backdrop. Juhap uses a dye-sublimation printing process that infuses inks directly into the PEVA material for vibrant, fade-resistant colors that won’t scratch or peel off with handling.

The images and text stay bold and crisp looking even after multiple uses. Just roll up and store the tablecloth between parties to enjoy for years into the future.

While PEVA doesn’t absorb liquid like paper or fabric, the advanced printing method ensures the dyes won’t run or bleed when wiped down. Colors stay within the lines where they belong.

The smooth tablecloth surface also provides an optimal backdrop for additional decorations, if desired. The non-porous material allows tape, tacks or adhesives to stick for displayed photos, garlands, and more.

Ideal for Indoor & Outdoor Events

This plastic promotional tablecloth is designed just as suitable for outdoor parties and events as indoor.

The durable PEVA vinyl withstands wind, rain, sprinklers, and UV rays without damage. Doesn’t tear like paper or get musty like fabric. Simply wipe down and pack away damp tablecloths to dry out for later use.

If hosting outdoors, add a layer of padding or small plastic squares beneath vases, dishes, and appetizer trays to prevent moisture-related stains on the tablecloth’s surface. Utilize outdoor-safe tape when securing additional decor.

While textured to mimic linen, the smooth vinyl tablecloth won’t soak up dust or pollen like real fabric versions, making it ideal for allergies. Provides full protection indoors or out.

More Color and Size Options Available

Juhap offers tablecloths in a spectrum of color choices beyond purple. Opt for classic white, ivory, or black for formal weddings and events or choose bright, cheerful colors like turquoise, yellow, green, and more for kid parties and casual gatherings.

Different occasion themes like Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and Birthday patterns are also available to take the guesswork out of coordinating.

In addition to rectangles, round and square tablecloths are offered to fit banquet rounds, card tables, picnic tables, and more. Bar runners, chair covers, and coordinating plasticware complete the party collection.

Mix and match colors and prints for a stylish mismatched look. Maintain visual harmony while allowing each table or setting to stand out.

Reasons Customers Love These Tablecloths

★ Thick, wrinkle/stain-resistant material

★ Vibrant, damage-resistant printing

★ Generous size with ample drape

★ Indoor/outdoor, all-weather durability

★ Wipes clean easily after use

★ Roll up for compact storage and reuse

★ Recyclable – avoid laundry hassles

★ Protects tabletops from spills and stains

★ Creates instant ambiance for events

★ Available in endless colors and designs

★ Free shipping on qualifying orders

Commitment to Quality & Satisfaction

At Juhap, our goal is providing beautiful, high-quality event supplies that make hosting easy, fun, and affordable. Our 4+ star rating proves customers love entertaining with these tablecloths!

Every product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure long-lasting performance and satisfaction. We stand behind our quality promise with a 30-day money back guarantee.

For personalized order support, our friendly customer care team is happy to help find the perfect options for your needs. Contact us with any questions.

Bring ease, convenience + style to your next birthday, holiday, or special occasion with Juhap’s selection of party tableware. Add this gorgeous Happy Birthday tablecloth to cart now!


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