King of Hearts Cardboard Cutout Standee – Alice in Wonderland Life Size Standup

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Add a touch of wonder and whimsy to your next event or photo shoot with this King of Hearts cardboard cutout! At 39” wide x 60” high, this life size cardboard cutout allows you to take memorable photos and create fun scenes with the ruler of Wonderland.

Made from sturdy cardboard and featuring pre-scored fold lines, this King of Hearts cutout is easy to assemble and highly durable for repeated use. The vibrant full color design captures the King’s iconic heart-adorned royal robes as seen in the classic Alice in Wonderland stories and Disney film adaptations.

Versatile Cardboard Decor That Fits Anywhere

This lightweight King of Hearts cardboard cutout is easily portable, making it perfect for parties, weddings, photo booths, Alice in Wonderland events, retail displays, and imaginative play. The convenient flat storage means it can be neatly tucked away between uses. Hang this King of Hearts cutout on a wall, lean it against furniture, or let it greet guests by the door. Use it as whimsical room décor or create a royal Wonderland scene. The possibilities are endless!

Long-Lasting Cardboard Cutout Built to Last

While lightweight and budget-friendly, this cardboard King of Hearts standee is remarkably tough and durable. Made from thick, high-quality cardboard, it can withstand repeated use for years to come. If it becomes damaged, tapes or glues can be used for minor repairs. The construction is designed to make assembly quick and easy. Just pop out the pre-cut support tabs, fold along the pre-scored lines, and slot the tabs into place.

Share Your Love of Alice in Wonderland

This colorful King of Hearts cardboard cutout is perfect for fans who want to show their fandom. Pose for fun photos and selfies, then share on social media. Use it as a costume prop for cosplay or Wonderland-themed parties. Let it add eye-catching Alice style to your home decor, bedroom, or home theater. Make family photos and celebrations even more magical and memorable.

High Quality Cardboard Cutouts Made in the USA

Unlike flimsy printed paper standees, this King of Hearts cutout is made from sturdy 0.71mm cardboard right here in the USA by Advanced Graphics. All materials and manufacturing meet CPSIA and other safety standards. The durable construction will bring years of enjoyment, making this standee an outstanding value at a budget-friendly price.

Create an Imaginative Wonderland Scene

This King of Hearts life size cutout makes an impressive prop for Alice in Wonderland themed parties, weddings, and events. Surround him with our matching Alice, Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts or other Wonderland characters for an immersive experience. Use the royal cutouts as photobooth props so guests can get magical photos.

Eye-Catching Marketing with Cardboard Cutouts

Make your retail display or trade show booth pop by adding this King of Hearts cardboard cutout. The life size character immediately grabs attention. An Alice in Wonderland theme helps tell a visual story and creates an imaginative world. Strategically placing cardboard cutouts encourages customers to interact and drives engagement with your brand.

Affordable Cardboard Decor

This durable King of Hearts cutout brings high visual impact at a fraction of the cost of decor items made from wood, metal, or plastic. The affordability makes it easy to decorate for a party or event on a budget. Change your décor with the seasons or for special occasions by simply switching out inexpensive cardboard cutouts.

Collect All Your Favorite Alice Characters

Once you discover how fun and versatile cardboard cutouts are, you’ll want to collect them all! Advanced Graphics offers the full Wonderland crew including Alice, the White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, Queen of Hearts, Mad Hatter, and more. Mix and match to create magical new Alice in Wonderland scenes for parties, photos, events, home decor, and imaginative play.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Advanced Graphics proudly stands behind the quality of our cardboard cutouts. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back. If you have any issues with products or shipments, please reach out to our friendly customer service team.

Bring the whimsical world of Wonderland into your home or event with this King of Hearts life size cardboard cutout! Let the ruler of Hearts delight Alice fans of all ages and create memorable photos and moments.


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