Live Long and Party On with Life Size Star Trek Original Series Cardboard Cutouts of Spock and the USS Enterprise Crew

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Bring the final frontier to your next party or event with these awesome life size Star Trek The Original Series cardboard cutouts! Featuring your favorite characters like Spock, Kirk, Bones, Uhura, and more, these will be the perfect decoration for any Trekkie celebration.

At over 6 feet tall, these cardboard standups of the USS Enterprise crew will make a bold impression. Mr. Spock stands stoically with his hands clasped behind his back, ready to dispense logical advice. Captain Kirk strikes a commanding pose, preparing for their next adventure. Dr. McCoy looks annoyed, like he just told Kirk he’s not a magician after another risky plan. Lt. Uhura is singing beautifully with her eyes closed. And Scotty is holding a phaser, caught mid-action and ready to defend the Enterprise.

These replicas capture all the details of the iconic Star Trek uniforms, with the men in their Starfleet command gold, blue, and red tunics, and Uhura in her short red dress and black boots. The life size cutouts are made from sturdy cardboard that’s built to last, so you can use them again and again.

Display These Star Trek Party Props for Years to Come!

At 31 inches wide and a towering 74 inches high, these Star Trek cutouts make an eye-catching focal point for any party or event. Use them as fun photo ops at your next costume party or Trekkie convention. Spice up your video calls with Spock peering over your shoulder. Prop these cardboard figures up around your home theater as you binge Star Trek episodes. Or put them in your rec room, office, or man cave for a fun pop culture decoration.

With these collectible Star Trek The Original Series cutouts, you can:

  • Throw an out-of-this-world Star Trek premiere party
  • Plan a sci-fi-themed bash for fellow fans
  • Surprise a Trekkie on their birthday or at comic conventions
  • Stage silly Snapchat and Instagram photo shoots
  • Decorate for a Star Trek marathon movie night
  • Impress your date on Star Trek trivia night
  • DIY your own Star Trek Holodeck for total immersion
  • Show off your fandom in your home, office, dorm, or man cave
  • Stand out at your next trade show booth or event display

With minimal assembly required, it’s easy to start beaming up these Starfleet officers to join in the fun.

Premium Quality Cardboard Cutouts Made in the USA

These life size Star Trek cardboard cutouts are manufactured by Advanced Graphics in the USA using the highest quality materials. Precision cutting gives clean edges and vivid colors that really make Kirk, Spock, and the crew pop.

At 31 inches wide and 8 inches deep, they have a great lifelike silhouette that photographs well and adds a fun 3D element to any space. The heavy-duty cardstock stands up securely and is durable enough for repeated use. Minimal easy assembly is required – just join the two pieces with the included tab and slot system.

Collect All Your Favorite Characters from the USS Enterprise

Build an entire crew of Star Trek The Original Series cutouts for the ultimate collection:

  • Spock – First Officer and Science Officer
  • Captain Kirk – Commanding Officer
  • Dr. McCoy – Chief Medical Officer
  • Scotty – Chief Engineer
  • Uhura – Communications Officer
  • Chekov – Navigator
  • Sulu – Helmsman
  • Nurse Chapel – Nurse
  • Yeoman Rand – Captain’s Yeoman

With the core bridge crew from the Enterprise, you’ll have the full set of this classic 1960s sci-fi series. Display just one as a focal point, or set up the whole ship’s command crew for an impressive Starfleet lineup.

Whether you’re a lifelong Trekkie or just discovering the original Star Trek, these cardboard cutouts make a great decoration for any party or everyday display. With their retro 60s style and fun, recognizable characters, they’ll be a hit with fans and sci-fi lovers of all ages. Live long and prosper with this iconic pop culture collection!


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