Liven Up Your Party with Vibrant Hot Pink Balloons – 110 Piece Balloon Arch Kit

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Make a statement at your next celebration with this 110 piece hot pink balloon garland kit. With five vibrant pink shades and two rolls of curling ribbon, this kit has everything you need to create a jaw-dropping balloon arch or garland that will transform any venue into a festive party space.

The 110 latex balloons come in four convenient sizes – 18”, 12”, 10”, and 5” balloons in the perfect color palette of bright rose pink hues. Mix and match the different sized pink balloons to add depth, fullness, and visual interest to your display. Accent with the included curling ribbons in coordinating pink tones to add a professionally styled touch.

Whether you’re planning a baby shower, bachelorette party, birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation, holiday celebration, or any special event, these hot pink balloons make it easy to create an elegant focal point that sets the mood. The arches and garlands you can make with this balloon kit are perfect for photo backdrops, entryways, head tables, dessert stations, and anywhere you want to add a pop of color.

Premium Quality Latex for Vibrant Color and Shape Retention

These party balloons are constructed from top-grade natural latex that holds its color and shape better than cheaper options. The premium thick latex material inflates fully for brighter, more consistent hues that last. Inferior balloon quality can appear washed out, crack easily, and deflate faster. With proper handling, these professional quality balloons stay fuller longer to keep your decor looking freshly made throughout your event.

Once inflated, the brilliant hot pink color is perfect for going glam, adding feminine flair, or creating the signature look for a baby girl or bachelorette celebration. The beautiful rose pink tones are universally flattering and pair perfectly with gold, white, or black accents.

Safe, Durable, and Easy to Use

These latex balloons are safe when handled properly and add a special touch without breaking the bank. Our balloons meet strict quality standards and are free of prohibited phthalates and lead.

Inflating the balloons is easy with a hand pump or helium tank. Just be sure not to overfill to avoid popping. We recommend inflating balloons no more than 90% capacity. Allow time for balloons to stretch overnight before creating your arch or garland for best results.

Pro Tip: Inflate balloons in small batches instead of all at once to make inflation easier.

Balloon Garlands Made Simple

Take your decor from 0 to 100 real quick with a vibrant balloon garland. Using balloons in different sizes adds depth and fullness. Here are some tips for assembling your own professional quality balloon garland with this kit:

1. Plan Ahead

Gather tools – helium tank or pump, balloons, ribbon, fishing line or string for hanging, scissors, and a helper! Clear space where you want to assemble and hang garland.

2. Inflate Balloons

Inflate balloons in stages, allowing latex to stretch overnight. Leave 1” uninflated at the neck and tie off.

3. Sort Balloons

Group balloons by size. Keep graduated sizes together for optimal fullness and flow when arranging.

4. Attach Ribbon

Tie ribbon around the neck of each balloon about 5-6” below the bottom. Vary ribbon lengths.

5. Assemble Garland

Attach the curled ribbon of balloons onto a long string with knots/tape, alternating sizes and ribbon lengths. Layer larger and smaller balloons.

6. Style and Hang

Make final adjustments, curling and positioning balloons to create a soft, billowy effect. Hang in desired location and get ready to WOW!

This 110 piece pink balloon kit has everything you need to make a gorgeous, full garland approximately 10 feet long. But don’t stop there! Combine multiple kits to make longer arches and displays. Pair with flowers, signs, and other party props to complement your event theme.

Let your creativity run wild with the endless possibilities these vibrant hot pink balloons offer. Just add your unique flair to give any ordinary space an extra festive touch!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want you to be thrilled with our products. That’s why we back them with a 100% money back guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied, just let us know. We’ll make it right.

Don’t waste time running to party stores – get your professional quality balloon garland kit delivered right to your door! With bold, beautiful color and five handy sizes, it’s never been easier to decorate for your special event in style.

Order now and enjoy fast shipping on your 110 piece hot pink balloon arch kit. Transform your venue into a place to celebrate in style!


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