Make Your Celebration Pop with 150 Piece Colorful Hand Held Streamers Party Favors

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Liven up your next special occasion with these festive and vibrant hand held streamers! With 150 pieces in 5 brilliant colors, these confetti streamers are the perfect party favors to get your guests involved in the fun.

Watch as the ribbons cascade through the air, creating a stunning visual display. The lightweight, no-mess streamers are easy to throw, easy to clean up, and make for fantastic photo ops. Ideal for weddings, baby showers, graduations, birthday parties, anniversaries, grand openings, or any celebration!

Add Excitement and Engagement to Your Event

These colorful streamers are a surefire way to pump up the excitement at your party or celebration. Simply hand them out to your guests and let them create a playful and interactive environment. Kids and adults alike will delight in tossing the streamers up into the air, making memories as the ribbons rain down. The cracker streamers add movement, vibrancy, and joy to any occasion.

You provide the fun favors, and let your guests take it from there! The hand held streamers encourage participation and bring your group together. They also make fantastic photos and videos that will help you remember the special moments. Celebrate in style with beautiful cascades of color!

5 Vibrant Colors to Choose From

Our party cracker streamers come in 5 brilliant colors, with 30 streamers per color:

– Pink
– Purple
– Blue
– Green
– Yellow

The multicolored mix of streamers adds diversity to your event and gives your decor a boost. They complement any theme or palette. Use them outdoor or indoor! Hand them out individually or let guests grab their favorites from a collective stash. However you choose to use them, these bright and cheerful streamers will liven up your party!

Convenient, No Mess Streamers

These ribbon streamers provide all the fun of traditional paper confetti streamers, minus the messy clean up. Each streamer contains 20 colorful curling ribbons that burst out as you toss them into the air. Once the excitement is over, simply gather the streamers which remain fully intact. No need to vacuum up tiny pieces of paper – these streamers keep your party mess free!

The lightweight ribbons flutter gracefully back down to earth. Made of polyester and wire, the streamers are durable yet soft so they won’t scratch or irritate skin. The sturdy plastic ring handle makes them easy to grasp and throw. Get the party started with a shower of colorful ribbons!

Decorate Any Occasion

Spice up all your special events with these vibrant confetti streamers. Liven up weddings by handing them out after the ceremony or during the reception. Make baby showers more festive with cascades of pink or blue. Celebrate graduations and birthdays with a rainbow of colors. Kick off grand openings and ceremonies with a fun burst of color. Excellent for:

– Weddings
– Birthdays
– Anniversaries
– Graduations
– Baby Showers
– Grand Openings
– New Years
– Holidays like Christmas, Halloween, and More!

Use them at engagement parties, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, receptions, or hand them out as fun wedding favors. Toss them at retirement parties, award ceremonies, grand openings, bar mitzvahs, concerts, or festivals. There are so many ways these party streamers can enhance a special event!

Simple and Fun to Use

Our birthday streamers couldn’t be easier to use! Each streamer has a plastic ring handle to slip your fingers through. Peel off the backing paper, grasp the handle firmly, and toss the streamer up into the air at a 45 degree angle.

As the streamer sails upward, the ribbons will burst out in a colorful display. Angle your throw so that the streamers cascade gently back down without tangling in ceiling fans or lights. Make sure to throw them HIGH for maximum enjoyment!

Hand out the streamers and let your guests create their own interactive experience. Get kids involved too – they’ll love making it “rain” ribbons with these simple party favors!

Order Today and Make Your Next Event Memorable!

Bring out the fun in any party or occasion with these multi-colored confetti streamers! Liven up your venue with dancing ribbons of color and get guests laughing and participating. These no mess party streamers are affordable, easy to use, and make fantastic memories.

Order your 150 pack today and be ready for any celebration. Share the fun with friends and family! Simply search “AATOO” to find these must-have party favors.


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