Nicky Bigs Novelties Jumbo Linkable Rusty Chain Prop – Spooky Haunted House Decor and Costume Accessory

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Add an eerie and authentic touch to your haunted house decor or costume with this jumbo size rusty chain prop from Nicky Bigs Novelties. With removable links that connect to create a 6 foot length, this theatrical chain prop provides bold impact and versatility for all your Halloween needs.

Jumbo Scale Makes a Big Statement

Small chain props are easy to find, but if you really want to amp up the ominous ambiance, this jumbo linkable chain delivers. Each individual link measures 4.5 inches long by 3 inches wide, giving the chain a substantial size that looks intimidating and imposing when assembled.

Use a few attached links to decorate a tombstone or crypt facade in your homemade haunted house or yard display. Hang the full 6 foot length from posts or ceilings to divide spooky scenes or deter “guests” from off-limit areas. The oversized scale adds instant creepy texture.

Linkable Design Allows Customization

While this Halloween chain prop comes in a 6 foot connected length, the removable links allow for customization and convenience. Take the chain apart to transport and store it flat and tangle-free.

When you’re ready to use it again, simply decide how many links you want to reconnect to achieve your desired chain length. With 11 large links included, you can make the chain as short as one foot or reuse the full 6 foot length again and again.

Disconnect links to wrap smaller sections around columns, railings, furniture legs, or wreaths too. Get creative with shaping and placement based on your needs!

Rustic Rust Finish Looks Authentically Aged

With a finish that mimics rusted and aging metal, this artificial chain prop has an old, sinister vibe perfect for haunted attractions. The brown plastic is molded with deep brush-like markings to simulate rust and texture.

Silver paint is brushed sporadically over the top to resemble worn chain metal showing through the “rusted” exterior. Touches of green patina complete the convincingly corroded look.

The realistic aging gives this prop chain versatility to work in haunted houses, historical scenes, pirate displays, and more. Wherever you need big, old, heavy-duty chain, this prop version sets the mood!

Durable Plastic Construction for Safety

While this theatrical chain looks impressively realistic, it is made from hollow plastic rather than real metal links. The durable plastic material provides rigidity to hold the chain’s shape while still being lightweight.

No need to worry about sharp edges or surfaces. The molded plastic links are safe for use around kids and pets. Use this Halloween prop chain for indoor and outdoor displays without fear of scrapes or cuts from metal.

The link connections interlock securely, and the plastic material won’t bend or warp easily. Your scary scenes and costumes stay intact display after display!

Versatile Prop Chain for Any Halloween Need

With its intense 6 foot length and ominous faux rust finish, this chain prop has adaptability for all sorts of spooky Halloween uses:

– Hang across doorways or in front of stairs in your haunted house walk-through. The thick links look sturdy enough to “secure” doors or block passages.

– Loop around columns and railings both inside and outside to create an eerie boundary or cordon off parts of your yard haunt.

– Affix a few links to tombstones to simulate broken chains and shackles.

– Wrap lengths of chain around pillars and furniture to create unsettling scene dressings.

– Attach remnants of tattered fabric or finery to a length of the chain to imply captivity and torture devices.

– Carry sections as costume props and accessories. Terrorize trick-or-treaters as an escaped prisoner, deranged mental patient, or ghostly Jacob Marley-style specter.

Enhance Any Gothic Halloween Scene

With its imposing size and realistic rusty metal look, this connectable theatrical chain adds ominous ambiance anywhere you need it this Halloween. Use it solo as focal feature or mix it into other distressed decor for amplified atmosphere.

The versatile prop chain provides creativity options for party hosts, home haunters, costume wearers, theater shows, and displays. Link it, hang it, wrap it, or drag it for interactive set dressing.

Importantly, the durable plastic links are designed by Nicky Bigs Novelties with performance and safety in mind. This is decor you can feel good about using around family and guests this Halloween!


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