PartyWoo Caramel Brown Balloons 120 Pack – 5 Inch Boho Matte Brown Latex Balloons for Balloon Garland Arch Birthday Wedding Decor

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Elevate Your Event with Sophisticated Caramel Brown Balloons

Want to add a warm, earthy touch to your next party or event? These 120 caramel brown balloons are perfect for creating breathtaking boho-chic decor. The neutral matte shade works for any theme or season. Use them to make a statement balloon garland, arch, column, bouquet, and more!

Includes 120 Baroque-style latex balloons in a rich caramel brown color. Measuring 5 inches, these balloons are ideal for both large and small decor projects. Their premium quality means they won’t pop or let air escape easily.

Made from 100% biodegradable latex, these balloons are non-toxic and safe for adults and kids. We recommend inflating them using a hand pump or electric balloon pump. Fill with air for balloons that last up to 72 hours inflated. For floatable helium balloons, fill 1-2 hours before the event.

Decorating with These Sophisticated Caramel Balloons:

Make a Chic Balloon Garland or Archway

Gather balloons together and attach to a long ribbon or fishing line. Space them close together or in small clusters to create a full, billowing garland as a focal point for photos and celebrations. Use a balloon archway at entrances, on stages, over dessert tables, or anywhere you want to define a space with style.

Craft Beautiful Balloon Bouquets & Centerpieces

Gather balloons by their ribbons and tie them around a weight to create stunning balloon bouquets for gifts or accents. Cluster balloons in vases or jars to make easy centerpieces for tables. Add flowers, greenery and lights for extra embellishment.

Line Walkways & Entry Points

Welcome guests by lining pathways and entryways with a trail of caramel balloons. Use them along stair railings, fireplace mantels, shelves, and other areas to add a touch of soft color.

Float in Clusters for Ceiling Decor

Fill balloons with helium and let them float up to the ceiling in creative clusters. They’ll cast a warm glow to any space.

Accent Table Tops & Chairs

Add balloons in groupings on table tops, or tie individual balloons to chairs for whimsical seating assignments.

Spell Out Names & Greetings

Use letter-shaped balloons to spell out fun messages, names, or greetings.

The neutral caramel shade works year-round for any theme or event:

Weddings – Match the romantic boho vibe with balloons in natural tones

Birthdays – From kids to adults, brown balloons work for any age

Baby Showers – Tie in nature-inspired elements with rich earth tones

Anniversaries – Make timeless memories with classic, sophisticated style

Grand Openings & Reveals – Draw attention and add warm lighting

Graduations – Celebrate achievements with timeless colors

Farewell Parties – Send them off with cozy, nostalgic hues

Cafes & Boutiques – Entice visitors with inviting caramel balloons

Centerpieces & Bouquets – Anchor any floral arrangement with these balloons

Garlands & Arches – Craft breathtaking focal points with little effort

With 120 balloons, you have plenty for multiple projects and displays. Express your personal style with caramel brown! Contact us if you have any issues with your order, and we’ll make it right.


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