PartyWoo Gold Chrome Balloons – 100 Pack of Metallic Foil Balloons for Glamorous Celebrations

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Make any party or event extra glamorous with this value pack of 100 gold chrome foil balloons from PartyWoo. The assorted sizes allow you to create stunning balloon garlands, arches, columns, and bouquets. Use these beautiful balloons as decorations for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, grand openings, graduations, anniversaries, or any special occasion.

Pack Includes a Variety of Sizes for Versatile Decorating

– 3 extra-large 18 inch gold balloons
– 25 large 12 inch gold balloons
– 20 medium 10 inch gold balloons
– 50 small 5 inch gold balloons

With multiple sizes to work with, you can create dazzling balloon displays and arrangements. The coordinating balloons in metallic gold make decorating easy and cohesive.

Features of PartyWoo Gold Foil Balloons:

Premium Quality Chrome Foil – Balloons have a mirror-like finish that reflects light beautifully. The metallic gold color adds glamour and luxury to any party theme.

Latex Balloons are Non-Toxic and Safe – Made from 100% natural rubber latex, these balloons are eco-friendly and safe for kids and adults. No lead or other toxic chemicals.

Long Lasting for Extensive Decorating Time – When filled with air, balloons stay inflated for up to 72 hours. If filled with helium, they’ll float for 3-6 hours.

Universal Decorating Versatility – Use these balloons for birthday parties, wedding receptions, baby showers, corporate events, grand openings, school dances, and any other special occasion!

Includes 2 Ribbons for Display – The package comes with two 5mm x 10m (66 ft) ribbons so you can hang or bundle your balloon decorations.

Decorating Ideas with Gold Foil Balloons

These chrome metallic balloons are perfect for creating dazzling centerpieces and displays:

Balloon Arches – Use a balloon arch kit and the 18 and 12 inch balloons to make a stunning walk-through arch entrance to your event.

Balloon Columns – Group balloons together with ribbon to make tall columns for centerpieces or party backdrops.

Balloon Garlands – String balloons together to create curving garlands to hang on walls, ceilings, mantels, or stair railings.

Balloon Bouquets – Gather balloons with ribbons and use them as table centerpieces or stage decor.

Individual Place Settings – Use the 5 inch balloons scattered on seating tables for a personalized festive touch.

Party Accent Walls – Decorate a key party wall with massed balloons in clusters. Use ribbons to create a lattice or geometric patterns.

Tips for Best Results with Foil Balloons

Follow these tips when inflating, handling, and displaying your PartyWoo gold chrome balloons:

– Use a hand air pump or electric balloon inflator to fill. Inflate balloons just to desired size, taking care not to overfill.

– Fill with helium 1-2 hours before display time for maximum float time of 3-6 hours.

– Avoid direct sunlight, heat, pointed objects, and friction which can damage metallic foil surface.

– Handle balloons gently to prevent accidental popping. Keep away from small children.

– Use ribbon, string, or transparent fishing line to hang or bundle balloons.

– Deflate and discard properly after use. Do not release balloons outdoors.

Bring Elegant Glamour to Your Next Celebration

Add a rich, luxurious look with these PartyWoo premium gold chrome balloons. Their eye-catching metallic sheen makes them perfect for holidays, glam parties, upscale events, and any festive occasion you want to decorate with flair. Order this 100 pack today for your next elegant celebration!


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