Seyal 12ft Cartoon Duck Garland Wall Decoration

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Add a fun and lively touch to any room with this playful cartoon duck garland decoration from Seyal. This garland features a chain of adorable yellow cartoon ducks on a flexible backdrop that can be hung on walls, ceilings, entranceways, and more. With a length of 12 feet, vibrant colors, and quality construction, this duck garland makes an ideal decorative accent for a wide variety of events and spaces.

Cute Ducky Design

The cute duck cartoon design gives this garland a playful and lighthearted feel that is perfect for kids’ rooms, nurseries, birthday parties, baby showers, and any setting that could use a dose of whimsy. Each duck in the garland features large eyes, an orange beak, blue bowtie, and blue and white polka dot belly. Their bright colors and friendly faces are sure to make anyone smile. Arrange the ducks in a row or cluster them together for different creative displays.

Long-Lasting Construction

This Seyal duck garland is thoughtfully constructed from quality materials to ensure it retains its vibrant colors and remains intact through repeated use. Each duck is an individual felt cut-out securely fastened to a flexible backdrop designed to drape gracefully. The backdrop and stitching are durable enough to handle hanging, repositioning, folding, and light pulling without distortion or damage.

Decorate with Versatility

At 12 feet long and 3 inches wide, this duck garland can adapt to a wide variety of spaces. Use it to decorate walls, doors, fireplace mantels, stair railings, greeting desks, food service counters, trade show booths, and more. It can be hung straight, waved, swagged, or shaped however you like. For more concentrated decoration, the garland can be split into segments since each duck is individually attached.

Liven Up Events and Parties

This bright and colorful duck garland makes a fantastic decorative addition for all kinds of festive occasions including:

  • Baby showers
  • Birthday parties
  • Carnivals and fairs
  • Holiday celebrations
  • Graduations
  • Weddings and receptions
  • Anniversaries
  • Proms and dances
  • Grand openings

Let the playful ducks set the tone for fun at your next event!

Ideal for Kids’ Rooms

This duck garland brings a smile in a whimsical way that makes it perfect for children’s rooms. Hang above a bed, on the wall, or across the ceiling to add a dose of fun. The cute ducks with their bright colors and polka dot accents can help create an upbeat atmosphere kids will love.

Decorate Classrooms and Daycares Too

In addition to kids’ rooms at home, this lively duck garland also makes an excellent classroom or daycare decoration. The cute cartoon duck design helps create a playful environment, while the quality construction ensures safety. Hang along walls, windows, boards, entrances or anywhere that could use a whimsical touch.

Vibrant, Long-Lasting Colors

This Seyal duck garland features rich, saturated hues that really pop against any backdrop. Vibrant shades of yellow, orange, blue, and white give each duck a cheerful personality. The garland maintains these vibrant colors beautifully wash after wash. Just a gentle wipe down is all that’s needed to keep the ducks looking fresh and lively for many years.

Liven Up Your Walls Year-Round

This playful duck garland can be left up year-round or swapped out to match seasons and holidays. The neutral yellow ducks and blue accents work for any time of year. For holidays, try displaying with red and green ducks for Christmas, pastel ducks for Easter, orange and black ducks for Halloween, and more. With endless decorating possibilities, your walls will always stay lively!

Brighten any room and add a touch of playful fun with this charming cartoon duck garland from Seyal. The cute design, vibrant colors, and quality construction make it ideal for hanging in kids’ rooms, classrooms, parties, receptions, and more. Order yours today!


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