Shimmering Silver Number 30 Garland Kit – Dazzling Metallic 30th Birthday Decorations for Her Him

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Celebrate your 30th birthday in glamorous style with this sparkling silver number 30 garland kit! This glitzy decor set includes four 11.5 foot long strings featuring shimmery metallic number 30 cutouts accented with shiny dot and star confetti. Drape these dazzling garlands as a focal point banner, fringe backdrop, table runner, or winding streamer to create a glamorous 30th birthday party ambiance.

Glimmering Metallic Number 30 Cutouts

The two wider garlands feature hand-crafted silver cardstock number 30 cutouts with a bold metallic sheen. These eye-catching oversized numbers each measure approximately 10 x 15 inches, providing a fabulous focal point and photo backdrop. Complete with sparking silver star and dot accents, these glimmering number 30 garlands make a glitzy statement for 30th milestone birthdays!

Twinkling Tinsel Star and Dot Garlands

This silver 30th birthday decoration kit also includes two strings of shimmery silver tinsel garlands accented with delicate star and circle dot cutouts. These narrower garlands perfectly complement the oversized number 30, providing extra sparkle and whimsy. Drape them above tables or twist them along railings to add dazzling accents throughout your party space.

Premium Cardstock Material

These metallic 30th birthday garlands are handcrafted from premium double-sided silver cardstock paper for superior shine and durability. The cardstock material has a smooth, glossy finish on both sides, so the decorations sparkle from every angle. They’re also sturdier than cheap plastic decorations – no flimsy, easily torn paper here!

Decorating Ideas and Tips

Get creative with these versatile metallic 30th birthday decorations! Use them to create:

  • A photo backdrop or focal point banner over the dessert table
  • A table runner along the length of seating tables
  • Twisting streamers along stair railings or tree branches
  • A fringe curtain above the dance floor or bar
  • Accents suspended from the ceiling or strung along walls

For best results, carefully unravel the garlands to prevent tangling. Hang using clear push pins or double-sided tape/command strips. The durable cardstock material allows for reshaping and reuse. Feel free to cut them to customized lengths!

These sparkling 30th birthday decorations aren’t just for milestone birthdays – they also make glamorous anniversary, bridal shower, or NYE decor! The bold silver number 30 and shiny accents provide timeless, sophisticated style for any special occasion.

Complete 30th Birthday Party Collection

For a completely coordinated 30th birthday party, pair these metallic garlands with matching plates, cups, balloons, and banners. Browse our Amazon shop JORDANART DESIGN for themed cake toppers, confetti, pennant strings, and more 30th birthday supplies!

Our [30 and Fabulous] balloons and [Happy 30th Birthday] banners feature the same sparkly silver and white color scheme – they make perfect complements to this Number 30 Garland Kit.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind our birthday decorations and guarantee your satisfaction. That’s why we offer a 48-day money back return policy, no questions asked! We also provide a 24-month replacement warranty if you have any issues with the product. Reliable customer service is our top priority.

Bring on the Glitz and Glam!

Surprise and delight the birthday guy or gal with these sparkling silver 30th birthday decorations! The bold metallic number 30 cutouts and shiny star/dot garlands provide glamorous style. Let’s celebrate 30 in dazzling fashion!


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