Shimmering Tinsel Curtains – Orange Party and Photo Backdrops

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Liven up your next celebration with these shimmering tinsel curtain party backdrops! This 2 pack includes two orange metallic foil fringe curtains that each measure 3.2 ft tall x 9.8 ft wide – ample size to cover birthday party photo booths, entryways, walls, windows, tables, and more with sparkling fun.

The lightweight tinsel strands feature a laser cut design that reflects light beautifully, instantly transforming any space into a festive party zone. Hang up these glamorous accents to decorate for birthdays, Halloween parties, Christmas celebrations, New Year’s bashes, anniversaries, weddings, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, graduations and more.

Dazzling Decor and Photo Backdrops

Made from metallic polyethylene plastic, these shiny orange tinsel curtains pack a playful punch. The lightweight, dangling fringe strands sway gently to catch and reflect light from all angles. Laser cut edges add extra sparkle and prevent fraying.

Make a bold backdrop for party photos and selfies. Drape a curtain behind dessert and cocktail bars. Frame the dance floor or hang one behind the DJ or band. Cover doors, arches, alcoves, walls and windows with instant pizzazz.

Use command hooks, finishing nails, thumbtacks or tape to easily hang these vibrant streamers wherever you need a pop of excitement. Tinsel fringe packs flat for convenient storage between parties.


  • Set of 2 orange tinsel curtains, each 3.2 ft x 9.8 ft
  • Made from metallic plastic fringe with laser cut edges
  • Lightweight dangling strands reflect light beautifully
  • Orange color pops against any party background
  • Use as photo booth backdrops and room decorations
  • Easily hangs from walls, windows, doors, arches, etc.
  • Packs flat for easy storage between events
  • Transforms spaces for holidays, birthdays and special events

Halloween Party Decor

These shiny orange tinsel curtains are perfect for Halloween haunts! Drape them behind bobbing for apples tubs, cover the entryway to the haunted house, frame the dance floor, highlight snack and punch tables or string up between trees outside to add a spooky glow.

Use orange fringe to decorate walkways or the family graveyard for trick-or-treating. Cover windows, bookcases, railings, fireplace mantels and more for a fun Halloween vibe. Pair with cobwebs, string lights, tissue paper ghosts and jack-o-lanterns to complete the look.

Christmas and New Year’s Eve

Tinsel strands never go out of style for Christmas decor! Drape these orange fringe curtains over mantelpieces, windowsills, hutch tops or stair railings for some festive sparkle. Use them as photo booth backdrops at holiday parties too.

Pair with evergreen garlands, poinsettias, ornaments and string lights for chic holiday style. Hang strands vertically around New Year’s Eve tables and dessert bars. Group color-coordinated fringed curtains on walls as bold backdrops for dance floors and DJ stations.

Birthday Parties

What better way to celebrate than with shiny streamers? These foil fringe curtains make awesome focal points for kids’ birthday parties and milestone adult celebrations. Use them to highlight dessert stations, cover photo booth walls, frame the dance floor perimeter, decorate doorways and accent walls with color and texture.

Hang a curtain across corners or along walls as bold backdrops. Crisscross fringed panels along ceilings for a fun directional look leading guests’ eyes toward food, seating or party activity areas. Tinsel strands in the birthday person’s favorite color make fabulous accents for any age.

Weddings and Showers

Add glamour to pre-wedding festivities like bridal showers and bachelorette parties with these sparkling tinsel curtains. Use them as photo booth backdrops and room focal points. Drape strands along stair railings, from ceilings or swag across windows and doorways.

At the wedding, accent the sweetheart table, cake table, gift table, bar area or photo zone with the shiny metallic fringe. Tinsel strands make glamorous pew decorations and altar or chuppah accents too. Drape them around poles at the reception tent entrance or bordering the portable dance floor.

With two curtains in each pack, it’s easy to decorate multiple spots at big weddings and parties. Order a pack of these gorgeous foil fringe curtains and get ready to celebrate in seriously glam style!


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