Skylety 60 g/ 2.1 oz Holographic Star and Moon Table Confetti – Iridescent Metallic Glitter Foil Sequin Scatter for DIY Decoration

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Add a magical touch of stardust and moonbeams to your next celebration with this enchanting holographic star and moon table confetti from Skylety. Each 2.1 oz package contains approximately 2300 mixed iridescent sequins in a variety of sparkling star and moon shapes and sizes to sprinkle dreamlike radiance over your special event.

The smooth and luminous plastic confetti pieces reflect rainbow hues of light for a dazzling effect. Pentagram, four-point, and eight-point stars shine in metallic shades of silver, gold, rainbow, and more. Crescent moons glow in matching lunar brilliance. Sprinkle these cosmic sequins over tables, along walkways, or anywhere you want to create an atmosphere of celestial magic.

Not only is this glittery confetti perfect for enhancing weddings, birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries, and other festive occasions, but it also makes a fun and inexpensive DIY craft supply. Mix the stars and moons into clear candle wax to make galaxy-inspired candles. Add them to resin jewelry and trinkets for cosmic accessories. Use them in holiday crafts and decorations to add a touch of magic. Let your creativity soar as high as the moon and stars!

An Eye-Catching Accent

Attract attention and add opulent ambiance to any special event with these shimmery holographic sequins. They catch and reflect light from all angles for a dazzling display that is sure to delight. Both the stars and moons have smooth, rounded edges, so the confetti lays flat and sparkles brightly when scattered atop tables, along walkways, over gifts, or anywhere you want to add a dash of celestial radiance.

Vibrant Iridescent Colors

The chameleon-like confetti shifts between magical hues of purple, blue, green, gold, and more as light hits it from different angles. The effect is mysterious, ethereal, and full of visual intrigue. The plastic material also helps the pieces retain their color without fading over time. Rainbow moonbeams and stardust have never been so vibrant and vivid!

Variety of Cosmic Shapes and Sizes

With five different star and moon shapes provided, you can create custom celestial sprinkle blends to perfectly suit your event theme and decor. The set includes:

– Crescent moons in approx. 10 mm size
– Pentagram five-point stars in approx. 10 mm size
– Four-point stars in approx. 10 mm size
– Eight-point stars in approx. 6 mm size
– Eight-point stars in approx. 10 mm size

Layer the smaller and larger pieces together for added depth and visual interest. The versatility allows for many creative applications both for events and DIY projects.

Durable and Water-Resistant

The smooth plastic material holds its shape well and does not break down or deteriorate easily. Exposure to small amounts of water will not cause fading or damage. The sturdy confetti is built to last through your party and beyond. Reuse leftovers for future crafts, gifts, and more!

Generous Amount for DIY and Events

Each 2.1 oz package contains approximately 2300 mixed pieces, giving you plenty of shiny sequins to cover large tables, fill Mason jars and vases, sprinkle along an entire venue’s floors and walkways, or incorporate into endless sparkling DIY projects. The affordable price point stretches your party budget while providing enough confetti for resplendent decorative impact.

Endless Ideas for DIY Fun and Dazzling Decor

Let your creativity shine with this versatile holographic confetti assortment! Here are some ways to use it:

  • Sprinkle over reception tables, guest books, gift displays, dessert buffets
  • Fill clear vases, jars, and containers for centerpieces and accent decor
  • Scatter down ceremony aisles or across dance floors
  • Use for romantic proposals and surprise reveals
  • Craft cosmic candlescapes by mixing into wax before pouring
  • Add to floral arrangements and wreaths
  • Mix into resin jewelry, coasters, trinket trays
  • Make intergalactic slimes and putties
  • Use in holiday ornaments, cards, wreaths, garlands
  • Decorate gift bags, boxes, favors, and containers
  • Accentuate DIY backdrops and photo walls

Let your inner moon child shine and infuse your next event or DIY project with sparking splendor. Skylety’s dazzling holographic star and moon confetti collection is ready to make your cosmic decor dreams come true!


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