Sparkling Happy Birthday Confetti – 500 Metallic Foil Letters and Shapes for Birthday Parties

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Liven up any birthday bash with this festive assortment of 500 sparkling foil confetti pieces! This colorful mix includes shiny metallic letters and shapes that spell out “Happy Birthday” for a fun and festive tabletop accent.

The high quality thick foil paper is waterproof so the confetti keeps its shape beautifully. The pretty pastel mix of colors adds a vibrant pop of fun to birthday dessert tables, gift displays, DIY party projects and more.


– Set includes 500 pieces of mixed foil confetti
– Dimensions: 0.6 x 1.3 inches
– Letters spell out “Happy Birthday”
– Fun shapes like stars, circles, hearts, etc.
– Shiny metallic foil paper in assorted colors
– Durable and waterproof
– Total weight: 1.1 oz

Decorate Dessert Tables

Sprinkle these colorful foil letters and shapes on cakes, cupcakes, cookies and candy tables for an instant birthday touch. The shiny foil confetti is sure to catch the light beautifully and will photographs beautifully.

Use the foil confetti to spell out messages, the birthday person’s age or just scatter them about the tabletop. They add the perfect pop of color and fun!

Fill Gift Boxes and Bottles

Drop a handful of this celebratory confetti into gift boxes, gift bags or clear bottles for a fun and festive gift presentation. The metallic shine looks great against wrapped presents, tissue paper or other fillers.

Use the foil letters and shapes to spell out messages like “Happy Birthday” inside the gift for an extra surprise!

Craft Beautiful Invitations

Add some handmade flair to birthday invitations and cards by including this foil confetti! Use a bit of adhesive to attach the letters and shapes or just drop some inside envelopes.

The shiny mix adds a touch of charm and creativity to any DIY party project. Let your guests know the party mood right from the invitation!

Toss in the Air

What better way to celebrate than by throwing confetti?! Toss handfuls of this shiny mix in the air for fun birthday photo ops. Capture the moment as the pieces flutter down around the guest of honor.

Or, fill balloons with confetti so it showers out when popped. The foil shapes look fantastic floating through the air!

Decorate Signs

Spell out custom messages by decorating signs, posters, or photo backdrops with the foil letters. The bright colors pop against any background.

Use the circles and fun shapes as accents around the lettering. Get creative with the messages!

Quality Details:

– Made from durable PVC foil
– Embossed details keep shape
– Vibrant, non-fading colors
– Thicker than tissue paper
– Waterproof & reusable
– Metallic sheen adds shine

Eco-Friendly Party Supplies

These high quality foil confetti pieces can be reused again and again due to their durability and shape retention. Less waste means more party fun!

The thicker paper won’t shred or fall apart like cheaper tissue confetti. Maintain the charm by saving any unused pieces for another bash.

Decorate All Year Long

While this shiny confetti is perfect for birthdays, the fun colors and shapes work for so many occasions:

– New Years Eve
– Graduation Parties
– Bridal Showers
– Baby Showers
– Anniversaries
– Holiday Events
– And more!

Add a pop of pizzazz with this vibrant assortment of 500 waterproof foil confetti pieces. The spectacular shine is sure to make any event merry and bright!


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