Spellbinding Decor: 3-Piece Wooden Halloween Table Toppers – Witch Hat, Black Cat, and Bat

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Want to cast a spell of spookiness across your home this Halloween? Look no further than this bewitching set of 3 wooden Halloween-themed table toppers! Lovingly handcrafted from quality plywood and featuring clear printed designs, these three displays will help you transform any table into a wickedly fun Halloween centerpiece.

The set includes a standing black cat figurine, an ominous bat silhouette, and a classic pointed witch’s hat. Each piece has a weighted circular base so it stands freely and securely, while the main decoration is detachable for easy storage when Halloween has come and gone.

These spine-tingling table decorations are the perfect way to bring some ghoulish cheer to your next Halloween bash or harvest-themed dinner party. Place them across your buffet table or mix and match on side tables with candles, garlands, and other décor for a truly bewitching effect. No poltergeist will be able to resist these playful and nostalgic table toppers!

With their versatile wood construction, these 3 Halloween-themed accents will also transition nicely into fall décor. Set them out from late September through November to bring some harvest charm to your home. The black cat, bat, and witch’s hat are sure to put a spell on your guests no matter the occasion.

Boo-tiful Details:

  • Set includes 3 handmade plywood Halloween table toppers: witch’s hat, black cat, and bat
  • Decorations feature clear printed designs atop finished wood
  • Each has a weighted circular base for stability and a detachable topper for easy storage
  • Versatile Fall through Halloween decorations for tables, shelves, sideboards
  • Lightweight wood construction with smooth, sanded edges
  • Cat measures 5.5″(L) x 5″(W) x 7″(H); Bat measures 6″(L) x 6″(W) x 11″(H); Hat measures 6″(L) x 6″(W) x 16″(H)

Bewitch Your Guests:
Halloween is all about the details, so grab this set of 3 wooden table toppers to fully embrace the haunting spirit!

The black cat with bright green eyes will prowl mysteriously across your tablescape, beckoning guests further into your cobwebbed lair. Perch the winged bat in a prominent place to let visitors know vampires are especially welcome. And place the towering witch’s hat on a stack of spellbooks to create a mini potion nook fit for only the most mischievous of witches.

Whether you arrange them together or scatter throughout your party space, these nostalgic nods to Halloween’s roots are sure to get guests giggling and snapping pics! They’re just the right mix of silly and spooky for Halloween fun.

Once the witches fly off on their brooms and your guests turn back into mice, these dapper decorations disassemble for fuss-free storage. The circular bases and printed tops separate, allowing everything to lie flat in a box till next year. No twisted wires or cumbersome pieces to untangle before Halloween 2023!

With their versatility, unique charm, and witchy vibes, these table toppers will quickly become a staple of your Halloween traditions. There’s no better way to create spellbindingly-fun ambiance!

Delight for All Ages:
From preschoolers to great grandparents, these nostalgic wooden Halloween table decorations hold a fascination across generations.

Kids will squeal with delight over the black cat’s bright green eyes and the spooky bat silhouette, letting their imaginations run wild with stories. Adults will crack a smile over the inherent silliness of the towering 16″ witch’s hat, feeling like a kid again themselves.

Place these playful decorations around the room to stimulate storytelling and bring out everyone’s Halloween spirit! They’ll become treasured keepsakes and photo props sure to create lasting memories year after year.

Whether you’re hosting a children’s Halloween party, a harvest dinner for adults, or a family-friendly open house, these 3 table toppers set the stage for a festively frightening atmosphere. A pinch of nostalgia, a dash of silliness, and a hint of spookiness – the perfect recipe for Halloween fun!

Enchant Your Decor:
Overflowing with rustic charm, these 3 handcrafted wooden toppers bring a playfully vintage vibe to your Halloween decor.

Scatter them down a garland-strewn table for a harvest feast or align them atop a mossy buffet in your makeshift haunted forest. Their neutral wood tone and lightweight construction allows you to get creative.

Perch the standing witch’s hat on top of a stacked book pile and surround with candles, cauldrons, and potion bottles for an impromptu potion nook. Let the black cat prowl across your bar cart or bookshelf, weaving through other decor. Place the bat silhouette on the mantle to fly over cackling witches and dancing skeletons.

Wherever you bewitch them to, these nostalgic wooden decorations build Halloween spirit and add handcrafted warmth to your displays. With endless possibilities for mischievous magic, you’ll love finding unique ways to showcase their spellbinding charm year after year!


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