TEKXYZ 12-Inch Gold Metal Floral Hoops with Acrylic Bases – Set of 10

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Create dazzling floral arrangements and centerpieces with this set of 10 gold metal floral hoops and acrylic bases from TEKXYZ. With a 12-inch diameter, these hoops are ideal for designing lavish centerpieces that make a statement.

The set includes 10 durable metal hoops plated in a brilliant gold finish. The gold tone lends a touch of luxury while the quality metal construction provides sturdiness to support floral arrangements.

Each hoop comes with a clear acrylic base measuring 3 x 2 x 0.57 inches. The flat bottom ensures stability so your arrangements stay upright. The clear acrylic material enables the flowers to take center stage.

Endless Design Possibilities

These blank floral hoops are a dream for avid crafters and designers. Simply add your choice of flowers, ribbons, fabrics, beads and more to create dazzling one-of-a-kind pieces.

Use faux or fresh flowers to make stunning centerpieces for special events like weddings, birthdays, anniversary parties and holidays.

Craft beautiful wreaths for the front door or as wall decor. Weave in battery-operated fairy lights or shimmery tinsel to magnify the ambiance.

Make dreamcatchers by stringing beads, feathers and charms from the hoop. Hang above beds or in windows for stylish boho-chic decor.

The transparent acrylic base enables 360-degree visibility to highlight your handiwork and artistry.

Durable Premium Materials

These floral hoops are constructed from thick durable metal that maintains its shape without bending or warping. The gold plating resists tarnishing and abrasion.

The clear acrylic bases are made from shatter-resistant acrylic that is more durable than common glass or plastic. They are thick enough to provide stability but slim enough to remain inconspicuous under arrangements.

Built to last through years of use, these floral hoops will become a crafting staple you use for every occasion and season.

Design Tips and Ideas

Take your floral hoop arrangements to the next level with these easy tips:

– Use ribbon to conceal the metal hoop and acrylic base for a floating flower effect.

– Embed LED tealights inside the arrangement to create a gorgeous glow during evening events and dinners.

– Add dangling beads, crystals or chains along the hoops for an elegant draped effect.

– Spray paint the metal hoops in any color to match your theme or decor.

– Affix flowers close together to completely cover the metal frame or sparse them out to let the hoop show through.

– Mix different flowers and colors within a single hoop for an eclectic look.

– Nest multiple sized hoops together for a multi-layered floral “cake”.

Ideal for Any Occasion

The versatility of these blank floral hoops makes them useful year-round:

– Valentine’s Day centerpieces with red roses and lace

– Patriotic Memorial Day wreaths on the front door

– Whimsical floral rings for a little girl’s birthday

– Elegant wedding reception decor

– Thanksgiving harvest hoop arrangements

– Intricate Christmas wreaths with pine, berries and wired ribbon

– Dreamcatchers above a college dorm bed

Let your creativity run wild with these floral hoops!

Cost-Effective Reusable Craft Supply

These gold metal hoops with acrylic bases are a smart investment for hobbyists. The durable construction allows you to remake the arrangements over and over.

Simply swap out the flowers and accents to match any occasion or season. You’ll save money compared to buying disposable decor.

With endless options, these premium blank floral hoops will fast become your go-to craft supply for stunning DIY wreaths, centerpieces and more.

Add Gorgeous Floral Decor Without the Work

Skip the hassle of trying to find quality blank wreath forms and unstable bases. With this complete set of 10 floral hoops with acrylic bases, you have everything needed to create an eye-catching floral display!

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