ULYJA Disposable PEVA Vinyl Tablecloths – Reusable Round Table Covers for Mess-Free Dining and Events (84 Inch, 3 Pack)

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Make mealtimes mess-free with ULYJA disposable vinyl tablecloths! These round PEVA table covers provide a protective barrier between your dining table and spills, stains, and scratches. The water-resistant and reusable vinyl material allows for quick and easy clean-up after family dinners, holiday meals, parties, craft projects, and more.

With a diameter of 84 inches, these plastic tablecloths fit 6 ft round tables perfectly. The circle shape and ample size ensure full coverage without overhang. The white vinyl adds a clean, bright look to your space for a polished dining presentation. Dress up your tablescape by layering over a fabric tablecloth in your favorite color or pattern.

ULYJA disposable table covers are thicker and more durable than basic plastic tablecloths. The .3 mm vinyl stands up to heavy use, foods, liquids, and activity without puncturing. Yet the material remains flexible and won’t crack when folded. Tablecloths are individually wrapped for convenience and sanitation.

Key Features:

– Set of 3 disposable vinyl tablecloths, each 84” diameter
– Made of .3 mm thick white PEVA plastic
– Reusable, water-resistant surface for easy cleaning
– Transparent material protects tabletops from spills, stains
– Disposable table covers for mess-free dining & crafts
– Thick, vinyl material won’t puncture or crack
– Individually folded and wrapped for convenience
– Provides full coverage for 6 ft round dining tables

The Benefits of Disposable Tablecloths

Protect Surfaces
The waterproof PEVA vinyl forms a barrier between your table and potential damages from food, liquids, art supplies, and everyday use. The clear material allows the beauty of your wood or stone dining table to show while keeping it safe from stains.

Quick Cleaning
When mealtime messes happen, simply wipe the vinyl clean! No need to scrub away at your dining table’s surface to remove grime. Once done with the tablecloth, roll it up and throw it away.

Stylish Presentation
The bright white vinyl adds a clean, polished look to your space. Layer over a fabric tablecloth or placemats to complement your décor. Use different solid colors or patterns for various holidays and occasions.

Everyday and Special Occasion Use
ULYJA disposable tablecovers are handy for daily family dinners to contain small spills. They also provide full coverage for special events like birthdays, anniversaries, Thanksgiving dinner, crafting sessions, and parties where bigger messes may occur.

Convenient Packaging
Each vinyl tablecloth arrives pre-wrapped for sanitary individual use. The 3-pack offers multi-use value for your money. Stock up for all your dining and crafting needs!

Choose ULYJA reusable vinyl tablecloths for fuss-free mealtimes and activities. With mess containment and table protection, these disposable covers allow you to entertain and dine without worry.


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