Usongshine 50th Birthday Decorations – Glittering Golden Centerpiece for Milestone Anniversary Parties

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Make a milestone 50th birthday or anniversary truly sparkle with this stunning centerpiece decoration from Usongshine! The large 3D numbers shine with hundreds of embedded glittering lights to capture the magical feeling of turning 50.

Whether it’s displayed on a table, hung on a wall or set on the dancefloor, this 50th decoration is sure to be the focal point of any golden celebration.

Decorative 3D Numbers

This 50th birthday decoration is crafted from sturdy foam into a sculpted plaque of glittery golden numbers. The 3D numbers measure a substantial 30 by 30 centimeters (12″ x 12″) and have an overall height of 3 cm.

The plaque base is covered in glimmering gold glitter for maximum shine. The big bold black numbers “50” stand out in the middle, surrounded by intricately placed lights.

Dazzling Lights Display

What really makes this centerpiece decoration pop is the lights! The numbers 50 contain two different types of embedded lights:

– Large sparkling rhinestones – these crystal-like lights reflect and shimmer for an eye-catching glittery effect. They capture the light beautifully.

– Mini LED lights – tiny LED bulbs flash on and off within the numbers in a dynamic light display. These long-lasting LEDs are energy efficient.

Together, these lights create a dazzling display perfect for a major milestone celebration! The lights are battery-powered so the decoration is portable.

Stand & Hang Versatile

This versatile 50th birthday decoration allows you to showcase it in different ways:

– Place it on tables as a stand-alone centerpiece. The flat bottom keeps it stable.

– Hang it on walls or backdrops using attached hooks. Makes a great photo backdrop!

– Set it on a cake, food table or gift table for a focal point.

– Hold it for photos, dancing or cake cutting celebrations!

However you showcase it, this decoration is sure to shine!

Fun Milestone Party Accessory

What better way to commemorate a once-in-a-lifetime 50th milestone than with this brilliant decoration? It works beautifully for:

– 50th Birthday Parties
– 50th Wedding Anniversaries
– 50th Reunions
– Retirement Parties
– Golden Anniversary Celebrations
– Black & Gold Themed Events

The bold numbers 50 make an unforgettable statement. Guests will love taking photos with the honoree in front of this special decoration. Crafted specially for 50-year milestones, it’s a keepsake decoration.

Premium Quality Materials

Usongshine only uses high quality materials to create this stunning decoration. The sturdy foam holds its shape nicely. The glitter and lights are embedded securely into the foam so they won’t fall off.

The lights are long-lasting and energy efficient. Thanks to quality materials, this decoration is made to celebrate for years to come!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Usongshine provides exceptional customer service and will help make things right if any issues arise with your order. We want you to be thrilled with your purchase!

Light Up a Milestone

Make a major 50th birthday or anniversary one for the record books with Usongshine’s dazzling light-up centerpiece! The eye-catching 3D glittering numbers will make the night sparkle.


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