Whaline Halloween Trick or Treat Burlap Banner – Spooky Hanging Halloween Decorations for Parties

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Decorate your home with a spooky and festive Halloween style using this unique Whaline Halloween trick or treat burlap banner. Made from natural burlap material, this hanging banner features pre-assembled cords and flags printed with the words “Trick or Treat” in a creepy black colored font. Perfect for Halloween parties, this banner adds a pop of festive decoration to any space.

Spooky Burlap Style

This Whaline Halloween banner features burlap flags printed with the iconic phrase “Trick or Treat”. Burlap is the perfect material for rustic and farmhouse decoration, adding a natural and old-fashioned vibe. The black font pops against the neutral burlap background, making the words stand out. Use this banner to decorate your home, yard, entryway or anywhere else you want to add some creepy ambiance. The natural fibers of the burlap add an extra dose of eerie texture.

Easy Assembly & Customizable Length

No need to hassle with tying knots or strings before hanging this banner. It comes pre-assembled with the burlap flags attached to twine cords, so you can hang it up in seconds. Each twine cord measures approximately 3 m / 9.8 feet long. With 10 hanging flags attached to the cords, you can space them out or bunch them together to fit any length you need. Drape the banner over a mantel, doorway or railing. Hang across windows or the front porch. You can even string the banner between trees or posts outside.

Reusable Decor

The high quality natural burlap and sturdy twine construction ensure this trick or treat banner lasts for multiple Halloween seasons. Burlap is durable and doesn’t rip or tear easily, so you don’t have to worry about damage when storing the banner in between uses. It doesn’t give off nasty chemical smells like some cheaper plastic party decorations. The neutral natural tan color works for various decor styles from rustic to vintage to farmhouse. Re-decorate with this banner year after year.

Halloween Party Decor

Transform your indoor or outdoor space into a spooky Halloween party venue using this Halloween burlap banner. The creepy black lettering sets the tone for a spine-tingling bash. Hang near the food and drink table so your guests can snap photos. Drape across the fireplace or over windows and doorways. Decorate the railing on your front porch or back patio. Use it to section off party areas. Wherever you decide to hang it, this Halloween banner adds a touch of haunted elegance.

Quick & Easy Assembly

Save time and effort on party prep with this ready-made Halloween banner. Each hanging flag comes pre-attached to the burlap cords, so you can skip the hassle of tying knots or strings before hanging up. The convenient pre-assembly means you can decorate in a flash. Spend less time on ladder work hanging decorations, and more time enjoying the actual party. When the evening winds down, this banner quickly disassembles for fast clean-up too.

Natural Versatile Materials

Made from 100% natural burlap and twine, this banner fits right into any Halloween or harvest decor theme. The neutral tan burlap background works for any spooky color scheme. Orange, green, black, purple – any Halloween color pops against the burlap. Hang it on the wall, across the railing or doorway, over the fireplace or anywhere else you want an easy festive touch. The natural fibers also mean this banner is eco-friendly and made from renewable materials.

Creepy Halloween Style

The iconic Halloween phrase printed in stark black lettering gives this banner a deliciously creepy vibe perfect for the season. Use it as part of a haunted house decorating theme or to give your harvest display a spooky twist. Hang it indoors or outdoors to instantly transform ordinary spaces into sinister scary scenes. Place it behind the treats table on Halloween night or hang it above party goers to set the mood. However you use it, this banner adds ghostly Halloween flair.

Decorate for Less

Create a complete Halloween look without blowing your decorating budget. This burlap and twine banner gives you festive style at a price far less than similar store-bought decorations. The affordable price means you can use it along with other decor to give any space an immersive haunted atmosphere for Halloween. Combine it with store-bought or homemade props for a decorative display that looks elegant yet creepy.

Designed for Quick Storage

Minimize storage space needed for this Halloween banner by utilizing the compact size. Each burlap flag piece measures approximately 13 x 17 cm – small enough to allow the entire banner to fold up neatly. Store the banner in one tidy package in a small bin or box. Save room for the rest of your Halloween and fall decorations. The portable size also makes it ideal for bringing to Halloween parties and events at other locations like your office, school or church. Roll it up and toss it in your car for easy transport.


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