Yuxung 36 Pcs Party Hanging Swirl Decorations – Blue Plastic Streamer Spiral Party Decor for Ceiling Birthday Wedding Baby Shower

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Make any special occasion magical with these gorgeous Yuxung 36 Pcs Party Hanging Swirl Decorations. With 18 pieces each of single tail and twin tail swirls, you’ll have plenty of festive and visually appealing decor to transform your party space into a wonderland.

Abundant Decorative Options for All Your Celebrations

Whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering or a large bash, these party swirl decorations offer abundant options to meet all your event decor needs. Each single tail plastic streamer can extend up to 55 cm/21.7 inches, while the twin tail spirals reach approximately 70 cm/27.5 inches. With this range of sizes, you’ll have the flexibility to create stunning ceiling decor or focal points on tables, dessert stations, doorways, walls, and more.

The 18 single tail swirls allow you to get creative with hook placement. Slide hooks into the tail, middle, or staggered along the length to make dazzling swirl arrangements and cascades. Pair with the 18 twin tail streamers for visual depth and dimensionality. The possibilities are endless!

Shimmering Elegance for All Occasions

Watch your event space come alive with glamorous shine as these swirling decorations catch and reflect the light beautifully. The blue plastic spirals will lend an air of celebration to every special occasion throughout the year.

Liven up birthdays for kids and adults, engagement parties, bridal and baby showers, graduation celebrations, New Year’s bashes, Valentine’s Day soirees, Easter gatherings, Mother’s Day brunches, Father’s Day BBQs, Halloween fright nights, Thanksgiving feasts, and Christmas festivities. Wherever the party is, these swirling streamers will add a touch of magic and delight.

Effortless Hanging for Quick Decorating

Decorating with these hanging swirls couldn’t be easier! Each spiral tail and twin tail streamer comes ready to hang with a convenient plastic hook attached. Simply slide the swirl onto your desired hanging point and watch your space transform in an instant.

The sturdy plastic hooks hold the streamers securely in place while allowing you to detach and rehang as needed. Tear the swirls carefully along the perforated edge to separate or lengthen them, then get them hanging for a gorgeous draping effect.

Durable and Reusable Decor

While gorgeously decorative, these party swirl streamers are designed for longevity. Crafted from quality PE plastic, the spirals are sturdy enough for repeated use. Their durable construction ensures they won’t easily rip, tear, or fade.

When the party’s over, gently fold the spirals back on themselves for compact storage. Keep them protected to use again and again for birthdays, holidays, celebrations, and everyday fun. Just avoid direct heat sources and open flames to prevent damage.

As a bonus, clean up is a breeze with these reusable spiral decorations. No need to contend with scraps of crepe paper or ribbons. Simply detach the swirls, fold up, and store until the next event.

Elevate Your Next Event with Visually Stunning Decor

Create an unforgettable celebration with these shimmering and versatile Yuxung hanging swirl decorations. With abundant twin and single tail streamers, you can easily turn any space into a festive wonderland. Just watch the joy on your guests’ faces when they see your magical, spiraling blue decor!


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