As a kid, few things delighted me more than walking into a candy store and seeing the rows and rows of sweets in every color, shape and flavor imaginable. The sheer amount of candy varieties was enough to make my head spin! These days, although my sweet tooth has calmed down a bit, I still get a rush of nostalgia whenever I step into a candy shop.

Recently, I decided to explore the online candy offerings from Oriental Trading Company. I was curious to see if they could match the magical feeling of being a kid in a real-life candy store. Turns out, Oriental Trading’s selection did not disappoint! Read on for my full report on the types of candy, ordering experience, and more from this beloved brand.

Old Favorites and New Treats: Oriental Trading’s Candy Lineup

Oriental Trading Company has been around since the 1980s, providing party favors, toys, decorations and more at affordable prices. Over the years, candy has become one of their signature categories.

Browsing their website, I found aisle after aisle of tantalizing sweets. From giant bags of gummy bears to novelty lollipops, it seems like they have every candy imaginable! I spotted all the classics, like M&Ms, Reese’s Cups, jelly beans, and candy corn. But I also discovered unique items I had never tried before, like sand art lollipops, and glow-in-the-dark suckers.

In addition to individual candies, Oriental Trading also offers bulk candy options perfect for parties, event favors, or just stocking your own candy dish at home. You can find fantastic deals on multi-pound bags of favorites like Skittles, Starburst, Swedish Fish and more. They also sell plastic treat bags, scoops, jars and containers to display your candy in style.

Satisfying Every Craving and Occasion

Beyond the basics, Oriental Trading really shines when it comes to themed and seasonal candy assortments. Around the major holidays, they create pre-packed mixes of candies in festive shapes and colors. For example, their Valentine’s candy includes tons of heart-shaped sweets, while Christmas candies feature red and green colors with snowmen, trees, and more.

The themed candy doesn’t stop at holidays! You can shop for candies perfect for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, patriotic events and more. Oriental Trading even offers candy mixes to match popular kids’ characters like Frozen, Super Mario Brothers, Paw Patrol, and Fortnite. And if you’re hosting a party with a special theme, you can easily curate your own candy assortment to match.

Quality and Care From Source to Customer

With such a large candy selection, I wondered how Oriental Trading ensures consistent quality across so many products and brands. From my research, it seems like they have a rigorous supplier approval process before adding any new candies to their lineup. They prioritize American-made candies as much as possible for maximum freshness.

Oriental Trading also carefully monitors customer feedback and reviews. Any candies that receive poor ratings over time get removed from their inventory. Between these quality checks and their decades of experience, they have really mastered the art of choosing the best mass-market candies.

Of course, taste preferences are subjective. Oriental Trading allows returns on any candy you are not fully satisfied with. Their customer service team also provides guidance to help you select the ideal candy for your needs if you are unsure where to start. It’s clear they really care about the customer experience.

Accommodating Allergies and Dietary Needs

In recent years, Oriental Trading has expanded their inventory to include more allergy-friendly and diet-specific candies. For those with nut allergies, you can shop their line of Nut Free candies, with most made in dedicated nut-free facilities.

They offer a nice selection of sugar free chocolate and hard candies for diabetics and those limiting sugar intake. And don’t forget about gluten-free licorice, sour candies, and more for anyone avoiding gluten. It’s great to see a candy company taking steps to accommodate food allergies and restrictions that are so common today.

Perfect Picks for Weddings, Parties, and Events

Candy is a simple, affordable favor that adds a personalized touch to any wedding or special event. Oriental Trading makes the process easy by letting you order individual candies in bulk or purchase pre-made wedding candy assortments. They have candies to match popular wedding colors like silver, gold, pearl, and blush. More personalized options include printing custom labels or wrappers with the couple’s name and wedding date.

Beyond weddings, Oriental Trading’s massive candy selection lets you get creative for any party theme or event. Planning a fiesta? Grab bags of spicy cinnamon imperials and fruit chews. For a carnival bash, load up on classic midway treats like candy apples, popcorn balls, and rainbow lollipops! You can even order personalized candy bar wrappers coordinated to your specific party motif.

Customization Options to Make It Your Own

Adding a personalized touch takes any candy gift or favor to the next level. Oriental Trading offers a few ways to customize standard candies with your own creative flair. One way is by purchasing blank candy wrappers that you can add stickers, designs, or text to at home. You can also order strips of round sticker labels to customize lollipops or treat bags.

For a more polished look, Oriental Trading provides the option to digitally print names, logos, or photos directly onto items like candy bar wrappers, lollipop stems, and candy jars. Just upload your design, place your order, and they handle the custom printing in-house!

Sweet Deals and Steals

One thing that really stands out about Oriental Trading’s candy selection is the incredible value. Even premium chocolates and gourmet candies seem attractively priced. For standard bagged candies and bulk sweets, the deals get even sweeter!

Oriental Trading regularly runs sales, coupons, and sitewide discounts that apply to candy for additional savings. Bulk bags of candy favorites often ring in at just a few dollars per pound. Around holidays like Valentine’s Day and Halloween, you can stock up on themed candies for as much as 60% off regular prices!

Even with regular pricing, Oriental Trading candy costs noticeably less than pricier retailers. For budget-friendly candy lovers like me, it’s the obvious choice! Their wholesale pricing also makes Oriental Trading candy ideal for churches, schools, businesses, and other organizations planning events on a budget.

Fresh and Fast Shipping

With candy, no one wants to open the box to find stale, rock-hard sweets! I was relieved to find Oriental Trading ships all candy orders from climate-controlled warehouses to prevent melting or freezing during transit.

Most candy shipments go out within 24 hours to maximize freshness. Depending on your location, standard shipping takes 3-7 business days via common carriers like UPS and FedEx. Upgrade to 2-day expedited shipping for a few dollars more if you need your candy even faster.

Oriental Trading also guarantees customer satisfaction on shipping. If your order arrives late, melted, or with candies that are past expiration, they will replace it for free or refund your money. Their customer service team promptly handles any shipping issues.

Bringing Joy to Candy Lovers Worldwide

Candy is a universal language that brings joy to people of all ages everywhere. While Oriental Trading originated in the US, today they ship candy to over 100 different countries. Most international orders take 1-2 weeks to arrive after being processed through customs.

To cover customs fees, taxes, and enhanced shipping protection, international orders do cost more. However, Oriental Trading regularly offers worldwide sales and discounted international shipping specials to help offset these extra charges. They continue working to expand international shipping options and make overseas ordering more affordable.

Even with the logistical challenges of global candy shipping, Oriental Trading succeeds in sharing the happiness of American candies with customers across the globe. The ability to order favorite sweets from childhood despite living abroad is a comforting delight.

Incorporating Candy with Creativity

Between their low bulk pricing and massive variety, Oriental Trading makes it easy to incorporate candy into party decor in creative ways. For example, fill apothecary jars with themed candies as part of your table centerpieces. You can stack or layer clear containers with colorful sweets to form artful designs.

Scatter bulk candies in coordination with your color scheme across long banquet tables for visual interest. Or use them to accent more elaborate candy displays. Create towering candy sculptures by affixing bulk sweets onto foam shapes with toothpicks or candy melts. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

Overwhelmingly Positive Reviews

What do actual customers think about Oriental Trading Company’s candy selection? Overall, Oriental Trading earns extremely positive reviews across the web. On their own website, most candies average between 4-5 star ratings.

The most common praise includes the amazing varietyhigh quality for the price, and range of bulk sizing options to suit any need. Many reviews specifically call out their curated party favor mixes and holiday candies as huge time savers. Customers also rave about fast shipping and top-notch customer service.

Any critical reviews seem minor – mainly wishing for even wider candy selection or lower bulk pricing. But considering their 5,000+ candy products and rock-bottom costs already, these complaints seem nitpicky! For an enjoyable, affordable online candy shopping experience, Oriental Trading earns rave reviews across the board.

Discovering My New Favorite Candy Source

Like walking into the old-fashioned candy shops of childhood, browsing Oriental Trading’s candy lineup filled me with nostalgia, joy, and the thrill of discovering new treats. Beyond the impressive variety though, I was most impressed with their efforts to accommodate dietary needs and focus on quality. Customer satisfaction is clearly their top priority.

At the end of my sweet exploration, I can say Oriental Trading Company fully earns its reputation as a leading candy destination. The sheer amount of sugary treasures they offer is downright dazzling. And their bulk candy pricing simply can’t be beaten when you need a lot of treats for less.

Oriental Trading has become my new favorite online candy store. Whether I’m craving a late night chocolate fix, scooping medleys of flavors for a party, or even just waxing nostalgic, they satisfy my every candy need and more. My sweet tooth has found its new home!

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