As a child, I remember hours of fun spent playing with my favorite bathtub buddy – a bright yellow rubber ducky. That little duck provided endless entertainment during bath time. Now as an adult, I’ve rediscovered my love of rubber duckies, thanks to the massive selection available from Oriental Trading Company.

Oriental Trading offers hundreds of unique and creative rubber duck options. From basic classics to holiday-themed novelties, they have cute ducks for every occasion. As both a collector and a mom, I appreciate their affordable prices and bulk purchasing options. Read on for a deep dive into Oriental Trading Company’s enormous rubber ducky selection!

Quack, Quack: Types of Rubber Ducks from OTC

Rubber ducks first gained popularity in the early 1900s and remain a beloved bathtub toy today. Oriental Trading Company keeps the tradition alive with an extensive range of styles and designs. Their catalog includes:

Classic Yellow Ducks – One can’t go wrong with the traditional bright yellow duck. OTC offers small (2-3 inches), medium (3-4 inches), and large (5-6 inches) sizes. These are perfect for everyday play. The minimal detailing creates a recognizable silhouette.

Decorative Duck Varieties – Find ducks with unique patterns, colors, and designs. Examples include ducks with polka dots, stripes, glitter, tie-dye swirls, and color-changing properties when placed in water.

Character Ducks – For the pop culture fan, choose from ducks featuring beloved characters like Elmo, Mickey Mouse and superheroes. Oriental Trading also makes holiday-themed ducks for Christmas, Easter, Halloween and more.

Storybook & Nursery Rhyme Ducks – These ducks bring classic children’s tales to life with depictions of characters like the Ugly Duckling and Rubber Ducky. Genius for a baby shower or newborn gift!

Occupational Ducks – Kids dream big with occupational ducks like teachers, doctors, chefs, and construction workers. Oriental Trading even offers a rocket scientist duck!

Athletic Ducks – Sporty duck designs represent every activity from tennis to weightlifting. Collect them all for an instant set of bathtub Olympics!

With endless options, it’s easy to amass a large flock. I enjoy gathering different duck styles to create variety during bath time. My toddler seems to enjoy it too – the more, the merrier!

Get Ready to Party! Themed Ducks for Every Occasion

Beyond the basic duck styles, Oriental Trading takes duck decor to the next level with fun themes and holidays. Their inventive designs work for celebrations all year long:

Holiday Ducks – OTC offers holiday-specific ducks for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Santa Duck and Elf Duck are must-haves for our Christmas baths!

Birthday Ducks – From first birthdays to 100th birthdays and everything in between, birthday ducks make tub time festive. Party hats remind kids it’s their special day.

Wedding Ducks – What better way to celebrate an engagement or bridal event than with beautiful white and silver wedding ducks? The bride and groom duck set is an adorable favor.

Graduation Ducks – Decorated with caps and gowns, grad ducks commemorate every educational milestone from preschool to PhDs.

Vacation Ducks – Tropical ducks with sunglasses and beach gear get kids excited for summer. Winter and ski ducks bundled in scarves bring snowy slope fun to the tub.

Sports Fan Ducks – For pigskin parties, choose football ducks complete with helmets and ball. Baseball ducks with team logos make great party prizes.

With themed ducks for every month, occasion, and interest, the entire year can be a celebration! Oriental Trading takes ordinary bathtub toys to extraordinary new heights.

Affordable Prices for Duck Decorating

Between their quantity discounts and affordable base prices, Oriental Trading Company makes duck collecting achievable on any budget. Here’s an overview of their pricing structure:

Individual Ducks – Basic classic ducks cost as little as $1.29 each. Even the most intricate designer ducks generally run between $5-$15 per duck.

Classroom & Party Packs – These bulk duck packs offer substantial savings. A pack of 24 yellow mini ducks is only $15. For duck decorating or favors, a pack of 12 pirate ducks is just $20.

Large Quantity Bulk Packs – OTC makes duck collecting easy with packs of 100-500 ducks at huge discounts. A bulk pack of 100 basic yellow ducks is around $100-$150. Retail value would be over $500!

Weekly Specials & Coupon Codes – Check their site routinely for special duck deals and limited time discounts. Signing up for email alerts ensures the best offers come straight to your inbox.

Free Shipping Thresholds – Orders over $49 receive free ground shipping. For orders over $150, upgrade to expedited delivery for just $5.99.

With these money-saving options, anyone can build an enviable duck squad without breaking the bank. Oriental Trading opens up duck decorating to all budgets.

Bulk Options for Filling the Tub

Oriental Trading Company makes it easy to buy ducks by the bucketload. They offer several bulk purchasing options:

Classroom & Party Packs – As mentioned earlier, these are affordable packs of 12-24 ducks, perfect for spreading fun across an entire classroom or party.

Large Bulk Packs – For the ultimate rubber ducky experience, opt for packs of 50-500 ducks. Let the duck madness commence with hundreds of choices!

By the Dozen – Many styles can be purchased by the dozen as well. Create custom twelve-packs across different themes or stock up on a favorite design.

Assorted Variety Packs – Choose from assorted packs featuring an array of colors, styles, and sizes all in one convenient pack. It’s like opening a surprise grab bag!

Custom Branding – For promotions or favors, OTC can customize ducks with imprinted brand logos or event details. Minimum order requirements apply.

Bargain Mystery Variety Packs – These budget packs feature an assortment of overstock ducks at steep bulk discounts. It’s a lucky dip of ducks up to 80% off!

With Oriental Trading’s bulk options, I can finally fulfill my childhood dream of having an entire bathtub overflowing with rubber duckies. Bulk ordering makes my inner child giddy.

Making a Splash in All Sizes

Rubber ducks must first be squeezably cute. Beyond that, size plays a key factor. Oriental Trading Company stocks its pond with ducks in every size:

Mini Ducks – At 1-3 inches, mini ducks are fun little friends for tiny hands and tight spaces. Fill a tablescape or favor bags without taking up too much room.

Standard Size – The most common size range is 3-5 inches tall – the quintessential rubber ducky measurement. This size works well for most bath and play needs.

Jumbo Ducks – For the ultimate splash, go big with a 6 inch or larger duck. These oversized ducks make quite the dramatic statement!

Linked Ducks – Connect a chain of standard size ducks for a floating flock. Oriental Trading offers chain lengths of 7 to 11 ducks.

Ducklings – These tiny duck babies are cute mini companions for kid ducks. Duckling families teach counting skills too.

Giant Inflatable Ducks – When one super-sized duck just isn’t enough, inflatable ducks take bath toys to epic proportions. A 4-foot tall duck makes a backyard pool party!

Oriental Trading offers such an expansive size range, I can find ducks tailor-made for every play space. Kids love when ducks are sized just right for their hands and bodies too.

Safe, Non-Toxic Materials for All Ages

As a parent and early childhood educator, safety is my top concern when selecting bath toys. I only choose phthalate-free rubber ducks made with non-toxic materials from Oriental Trading, so I can feel confident letting kids chew and play safely. Here are some of their safety advantages:

BPA-Free – All ducks are constructed from BPA-free materials, with no harmful chemicals.

Phthalate-Free – OTC ducks contain no phthalates added during manufacturing. This ensures safer mouthing behaviors.

Non-Toxic – They use non-toxic rubber, plastic, and inks, ideal for kids to safely explore and enjoy.

Meets Safety Standards – Their ducks comply with all US toy safety regulations, including ASTM F963 guidelines.

Lead-Free – No metallic paints or coatings are used, removing any risk of lead exposure while playing.

Tested for Safety – Samples from all manufacturing batches undergo rigorous compliance tests by CPSC certified labs.

Made in America – When buying direct from Oriental Trading, all of their ducks are produced domestically in OTC’s American facilities. No risky imported toys!

As an educator buying classroom supplies, Oriental Trading’s safety assurances give me peace of mind. I can order ducks for students of all ages with confidence.

Built to Float – Durable, Top Quality Rubber

During play, I need ducks that can take a bit of rough handling from excited kids and keep on floating. Oriental Trading Company constructs their ducks to last through countless bath times. Features include:

Durable Rubber – OTC ducks are produced using flexible yet thick premium rubber that holds its shape and resists punctures or tears.

Solid Construction – From the seamless designs to the securely-fastened eyes and details, their ducks are built to withstand active play.

Buoyant – They are weighted at the bottom and hollow in the center to help them float upright every time. No more tipping ducks constantly bobbing over!

Vibrant Colors – Even after repeat exposure to water, their colored ducks stay bright and vivid for high visibility. Kids can always spot them in the tub.

Secure Packaging – Ducks ship in sealed poly bags or shrink wrap so they arrive ready for play, with no deformities.

Range of Textures – Find glossy, shimmery, speckled, and glittery duck textures to inspire tactile exploration out of water too.

With quality construction that makes them such hardy floaters, Oriental Trading ducks might just last until college! Their durable materials really help ducks go the distance through years of play.

Eco-Friendly & Non-Toxic Ducks for Green Play

In addition to standard rubber ducks, Oriental Trading offers eco-friendly duck options for more sustainable bath time fun:

Natural Rubber Ducks – Crafted from natural tree rubber latex, these biodegradable ducks are free of synthetic chemicals and considered compostable.

Recycled Plastic Ducks – For an earth-friendly option, choose ducks made with recycled HDPE plastic. Bonus – the recycled plastic creates whimsical marbling in the ducks.

Food-Grade Materials – Some mini ducks are molded from food-safe, non-toxic silicone that’s environmentally gentle and sufficiently soft for water play.

Water-Based Inks – OTC uses kid-safe water-based inks to decorate their ducks instead of solvent inks with harsher fumes and chemicals.

** USA Made** – When buying direct, all ducks ship from OTC’s American factories, reducing the pollution and waste of overseas importing.

While not all ducks are eco-friendly, Oriental Trading does offer plenty of naturally derived, non-toxic choices for green-minded parents like me. With quality, safety, and sustainability covered, I can truly have it all when duck shopping!

Make a Splash with Customization

Between deco options and branding, Oriental Trading enables full customization for unique duck designs:

Glitter, Sequins & Decals – Choose plain ducks then use craft decorations to DIY dazzling ducks. The choices are endless!

Painting & Markers – Get creative painting ducks with acrylics, tempera, or markers. Multi-color ducks are a craft time win.

Printed Appliques – Iron or stick on printed designs like bow ties, glasses, or pirate flags for themed duck flair.

Engraving – Use a cutting tool to engrave initials or names on ducks to identify each kid’s special buddy.

Logo Branding – Transform ducks into customizable promotional items by having logos, events, or slogans imprinted on ducks.

Clothing & Accessories – Dress up ducks with tiny removable shirts, hats, necklaces or anything that sparks joy! The options for duck dress-up are infinite.

Oriental Trading empowers me to make even basic ducks unique as a button. With a box of plain ducks and some art supplies, we’ll have the coolest custom ducks on the block!

Quick Shipping and Easy Ordering

As a busy mom juggling family schedules, I rely heavily on quick delivery for bath toys and party supplies. Oriental Trading’s diverse shipping options help ducks reach my doorstep ASAP:

Free Standard Shipping – Orders over $49 enjoy free ground shipping. Arrival time is 5-8 business days, perfect for planning ahead.

Expedited Delivery – For $5.99 on orders $150+, upgrade to expedited 2-day shipping. Great for last minute purchases!

Rush Processing – During checkout, rush handling gets your order out the door the same day it’s received on weekdays.

Easy Order Tracking -Track order status through their website 24/7 or opt for text and email updates along the way.

Weekend Delivery – Place weekday orders by 1 pm EST for Monday delivery. Ideal timing for weekday birthday parties and events.

Direct from OTC – When I order ducks directly from, they ship directly from OTC warehouses for faster fulfillment times.

Oriental Trading’s delivery options help this mom pull together party plans and classroom crafts in the nick of time! Their expedited shipping keeps ducks arriving on schedule.

Price & Quality – A Quackin’ Great Value

When it comes to rubber ducks, Oriental Trading Company offers an unbeatable balance of affordable pricing and consistent quality. Here’s an overview:

Budget-Friendly – Their ducks cost a fraction of artisan and boutique rubber duck brands. OTC keeps prices low by manufacturing in high volumes.

High Quality – Despite bargain pricing, OTC ducks meet all toy safety standards and are built from durable, long-lasting materials.

Quantity Discounts – The more ducks ordered, the more families save. Bulk packs offer up to 80% off retail value through serious volume discounts.

Satisfaction Guarantee – If any ducks fail to meet expectations, no problem! Returns are easy within 90 days of purchase.

Trusted Brand – With 95 years as a beloved American company, OTC has built a reputation for value, selection, and service across all categories.

One-Stop Shop – I can conveniently purchase party plates, decorations, goody bags and coordinating themes from OTC to pair with my duck orders!

For super fun, family-safe, and affordable ducks, Oriental Trading is my tried-and-true go-to source. Their ducks deliver smiles without breaking the bank.

Quacky Holidays! Seasonal Ducks Add Festive Cheer

Themed rubber ducks make excellent holiday helpers I can collect all year long. Oriental Trading offers festive duck designs for:

Valentine’s Day – Cute duck couples with heart decor spread love in February. A sweet beak-to-beak duo would make a darling kids’ Valentine.

St. Patrick’s Day – Emerald green and bright rainbow ducks kick off March’s leprechaun play. Fun ducks to stash at the end of a rainbow!

Easter – Adorable ducks in pastel colors, bunny ears, and Easter bonnets set a springtime mood. Include them in baskets for a special surprise.

4th of July – Red, white and blue ducks wearing stars and stripes get kids excited for summer celebrations and parades. Fireworks duck designs are truly a blast!

Halloween – From pumpkins and vampires to mummies and monsters, spooky duck designs are the perfect trick-or-treat toy. A glow-in-the-dark ghost duck might startle though!

Thanksgiving – Autumnal ducks with pilgrim hats, turkeys, leaves, and fall harvest symbols are ideal for Thanksgiving table decor.

Christmas – Santa ducks, elf ducks, snowman ducks, and more capture the holiday magic. A Christmas duck advent calendar is a darling countdown to the big day!

With Oriental Trading’s enormous holiday selection, I can build a merry collection of ducks for every festive occasion throughout the year.

Return Policy – Satisfaction Guaranteed

Oriental Trading Company makes duck shopping risk-free by backing all purchases with a 90 day satisfaction guarantee. Returns are effortless with their policies:

90 Day Returns – All duck purchases can be returned for a full refund within 90 days of the ship date if the customer is unsatisfied for any reason.

Return by Mail – To initiate a return, customers simply contact OTC’s helpful customer service team by phone or email to obtain a prepaid return label.

Easy Online Returns – For orders placed through, returns can be processed fully online through their automated return portal.

Refund Methods – Based on original payment type, refunds are issued back to the payment source or by mail as a check. Expect 4-6 weeks.

Unopened Items – Refunds for unopened, unused items are issued in full, inclusive of all taxes and shipping costs paid initially.

Open Items – Even for opened ducks, a full purchase price refund is allowed if items are returned in resalable condition within 90 days.

Thanks to their risk-free guarantees, I have confidence purchasing toys and supplies for the kids in my life worry-free. Returns are a breeze if any ducks receive a thumbs down!

Reviews Provide Valuable Insight into Ducks

With countless duck options, online reviews from real customers provide helpful insight. Oriental Trading makes it easy to evaluate options:

Detailed Product Reviews – Browsing the duck listings, customers can read and write reviews describing duck styles, quality, size, and colors based on firsthand experiences. This input is invaluable when choosing between duck designs sight unseen!

Photo Reviews – Many reviews also include uploaded images showing ducks out of packaging to give a more accurate visual. This allows assessing details like color vibrancy and scale.

Independent Review Sites – Outside Oriental Trading’s own website, third party review platforms like TrustPilot contain ratings and feedback for overall brand satisfaction and service. These offer an unbiased perspective.

Video Reviews on YouTube – Watching real customers unbox, play with, and review OTC ducks on YouTube provides a clear glimpse into the in-person experience.

Question & Answer Sections – On each product page, customers can publicly ask questions to clarify details before ordering. Being able to crowdsource information is extremely helpful!

Between deeper duck insight and transparent customer experiences, Oriental Trading’s review ecosystem assists me in picking the perfect ducks every time. Reviews reveal the real duck deal!

Ducks that Quack, Squeak and Light Up Too!

Beyond classic floating ducks, Oriental Trading offers ducks with surprising features to delight and entertain kids in the tub:

Quacking Ducks – These interactive ducks actually quack, ribbit, or chirp when squeezed! The sounds sync with beak openings and bring ducks to life.

Squeaky Ducks – Squeeze these rubber ducky to hear fun squeaking and squawking sounds. Their noisy antics kick bath time up a notch.

Light-Up Ducks – LED lights inside select ducks cause them to glow and shimmer when placed in water. Magical glow ducks transform tub time into party time!

Squirting Ducks – Similar to bathtub tea parties, fill the backs of squirting ducks with water and watch them “spit” it out the front when squeezed. Silly soaking fun!

Stacking & Nesting Ducks– These hollow ducks are shaped to stack and nest inside one another like Russian dolls. The different sizes help teach sorting skills too.

Growing Ducks – When placed in water, these expanding ducks magically grow up to five times in size! Kids are mesmerized watching their tiny ducks transform before their eyes.

Alongside classic ducks, Oriental Trading’s animated duck styles double the fun with lights, sounds, and motions. Bath time feels like playtime with their interactive duck selections!

Educational Uses for Rubber Ducky Learning

In my role as an early childhood educator, I incorporate Oriental Trading’s rubber ducks into many learning activities:

Counting & Math – Use ducks to introduce numbers and visual counting. Floating ducks help connect abstract number concepts to concrete objects kids can touch and count.

Colors & Patterns – Naming and recognizing colors is reinforced by matching same-colored ducks. Ducks can also arrange by size to illustrate patterns and sequencing.

Science – Conduct sinking and floating experiments to teach basic principles of density. Observe capillary action and color mixing using ducks in water play.

Language Arts – Duck themes inspire storytelling activities. Ducks also help teach letter sounds during alphabet introduction – “D is for Duck!”

Hand-Eye Coordination – Transferring ducks between containers and catching scooping floating ducks encourages fine motor development.

Emotions – Use ducks to start conversations about feelings and facial expressions. “How can you tell this duck is happy?”

Tub Time Transitions – For reluctant kids, ducks motivate getting in and out of the bath. They can bring a soothing presence to potentially stressful situations.

With so many possibilities, versatile rubber ducks make learning delightful from infancy through early elementary school. Oriental Trading offers a diverse duck selection to meet any educational or developmental need. Their ducks simplify incorporating play-based learning into the classroom or home.

Duck Packaging – Ready for Immediate Play

As a teacher often needing materials prepped for instant use, I appreciate how Oriental Trading Company packages their ducks for convenience:

Sealed Poly Bags – Individual and small multi-packs typically ship in sealed recyclable poly bags. These protect ducks in transit while allowing easy viewing.

Clear Clamshells – Medium and large multi-duck packs are housed in hinged clear plastic clamshell cases. Kids can see the ducks from all angles while keeping them corralled for storage.

Secure Shrink Wrap – For extra large bulk packs, ducks are shrink wrapped tightly together on cardboard backings to prevent shifting during shipping. Remove the wrap and ducks are ready to swim!

** sturdy shipping box. Each individual bag and clamshell is also gently cushioned to prevent damage.

Instant Play Access – Packaging is designed for quick and easy access. Just snip a corner of the bag or pop open the clamshell to release the ducks for instant bath or water table fun!

With frustration-free packaging engineered for protection, viewing, and quick access, Oriental Trading ducks arrive class and party ready. Their packaging allows these busy mama ducks to easily get learning and play underway!

Promote Your Brand with Custom Ducks

Looking for unique giveaways or merchandise? Oriental Trading’s custom ducks give companies a splashy way to promote brands:

Imprinted Logos – Transform plain ducks into floating billboards by imprinting your company name, logo, or slogan using custom molding.

Event Promotion – Drive event awareness by distributing themed ducks sporting your conference, exhibit booth, or campaign imagery and details.

Launch Parties – Commemorate new products or store openings with themed ducks as fun launch party favors.

Employee & Customer Gifts – Surprise colleagues or loyal customers with custom ducks donning your brand logo for memorable swag.

Mascots – Is your brand embodied by an animal or character? Bring them to life as a custom duck mascot for instant recognition!

Social Media Contests – Grow followers and engagement by giving branded ducks away through social media contests and campaigns.

Trade Show Swag – Make a splash handing out logo ducks at your next conference or convention. Way better than stickers and magnets!

For brands seeking innovative merch, Oriental Trading takes custom ducks from boring to bold. Imprint your brand on ducks for memorable and shareable promotions.

Quacky Party Ideas with Coordinating Supplies

I love the convenience of one-stop shopping at Oriental Trading for any duck or rubber ducky themed event. They offer coordinating:

Party Kits – Choose themed rubber ducky party kits packed with decorations, tableware, balloons, banners, invitations, and hats. Takes the work out of planning!

Party Favors – Cute duck goody bags, stickers, erasers, bookmarks and marine animal trinkets make fun favors to accent the duck decor.

Tableware – Ducky dinner plates, cups, napkins, straws, and tablecovers set the scene. Continued duck madness from food to favors!

Bathrooms Décor – Bring duck overload to the bathroom too with coordinating shower curtains, bath mats, towels, and toilet seat covers.

Invitations – Set the duck tone from the start with adorable duck graphics on party invites, postcards, or punch-out mailers.

Games & Activities – Host a “pin the bill on the duck” game, ducky ring toss, or duck popsicle stick puzzle craft. Interactive duck fun extends party play.

Oriental Trading takes the work and worry out of party planning with complete duck party collections. Everything I need for a quacktastic party is right there in one spot!

With hundreds of rubber duck styles and sizes, Oriental Trading is my ultimate one-stop duck shop. Their unbeatable range, affordable prices, and coordinating themes make it easy to create childhood magic and lasting memories with simple bathtub toys. Thanks to their enormous selection, I can find the perfect duck for every occasion, holiday, and developmental stage. Oriental Trading’s quality ducks bring a smile to bath time that lasts long after the bubbles disappear!

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