A Nostalgic Shopper’s Guide to this Beloved Mail-Order Tradition

As a wide-eyed child, I remember the excitement I felt when the Oriental Trading Company catalog would arrive in our mailbox. I would eagerly flip through the glossy pages filled with craft supplies, novelties, decorations and party favors galore. Even now as an adult, seeing the catalog transport me back to those days of youthful creativity and imagination.

While online shopping satisfies our instant gratification, nothing compares to leisurely perusing a catalog’s vibrant visual displays. The Oriental Trading Company catalog brings back fond memories for many who grew up eager to browse the latest merchandise. Even in today’s digital era, the catalog continues going strong since its start in 1932.

Curious to reconnect with this nostalgic mail-order experience, I requested the catalog to explore what fun treasures it holds inside. Here is my guide to navigating this beloved catalog and sparking inspiration for projects or parties.

Requesting Your Free Catalog

One perk of the Oriental Trading catalog is that it ships to you completely free of charge. No subscriptions, sign-ups or memberships required. You can easily request the catalog to be delivered to your mailbox by:

For the most up-to-date catalog, be sure to provide your name, mailing address and email. Your free catalog should arrive within 1-2 weeks!

Browsing the Digital Catalog Experience

In addition to the print version, you can also browse the new arrivals and deals online in the digital catalog available at orientaltrading.com. The website catalogs all mirror the products found in the printed editions.

The digital experience allows you to easily skim and search for particular themes or products. I like flipping through the physical pages, but admit the online option is more convenient for quickly looking up specific items.

An Abundance of Party Supplies

The Oriental Trading catalog originated as a wholesaler for the party industry. So it’s no surprise their selection of party supplies is unparalleled in variety and volume. Supplies range from tableware and decorations to favors and prizes galore.

I’m currently planning a tropical luau party and found pages of palm leaf plates, flower leis, Hawaiian photo props and more. They have everything to transform any theme into a festive bash!

Newest Products and Trends

Oriental Trading’s merchandising team travels worldwide to find unique, affordable goods. The catalog highlights the latest hot products so you can throw on-trend parties.

Some fun new arrivals I spotted were space-themed glow decor, unicorn floaties for the pool, light-up fidget spinners, reversible sequin pillows and giant lawn games. Oriental Trading stays ahead of trends for kids and adults alike.

Updated Catalogs for the Holidays

No need to limit your catalog enjoyment to just parties. Oriental Trading issues special editions for various holidays so you can decorate and celebrate in style.

Around Christmas, be on the lookout for the Holiday & Christmas catalog overflowing with trees, ornaments and all decor to deck your halls. The Halloween/Fall and Valentine’s/Wedding issues also make event planning a breeze.

Educational Finds for Teachers

As a former teacher, I appreciate that Oriental Trading has a section dedicated to classroom and educational supplies. Teachers can find interactive learning tools, books, stickers, toys and more for engaging young minds.

There are many options designed specifically for math and reading comprehension. Saving on these classroom essentials is a huge help for teachers on a budget.

Endless Crafting Possibilities

For DIY’ers like me, the crafts and hobby supplies could keep you busy for years! I spotted sections packed with beads, silk florals, chalkboard paint, stickers, clay, picture frames, LED lights and burlap.

My current obsession is resin crafts, so I’m excited to create jewelry, keychains and coasters using Oriental Trading’s molds and liquid resin kit. The catalog makes it easy to gather supplies for your next Etsy-worthy craft.

Planning Dream Weddings

Beyond classroom supplies, Oriental Trading has become equally indispensable for wedding planners and brides-to-be. The Wedding & Bridal catalog provides everything to set the scene for your dream matrimony.

Say yes to the dress…and to the paper lanterns, aisle runners, cake toppers, engagement party goods, wedding favors, glitter backdrops, ring pillows, unity candles and more!

Scoring Discounts and Deals

Part of the catalog’s appeal lies in scoring solid deals on bulk supplies that can be expensive elsewhere. Oriental Trading offers discounts like:

You can find additional coupons and weekly deals on the website. Serious savings when you shop smart!

Getting Wholesale for Events

If you’re planning a major event for a school, business or organization, Oriental Trading’s bulk pricing can stretch your budget.

Many items have tiered pricing with major discounts at higher quantities. You can decorate for a fraction of the cost when buying 100+ tablecloths or thousands of giveaway items!

Plan ahead and purchase well in advance to ensure adequate inventory is available for large events.

Hassle-Free Shipping and Tracking

Once my catalog order is placed, I appreciate Oriental Trading’s reliable shipping and handling. Most in-stock items ship within 1-2 business days via standard ground delivery.

I can conveniently track my shipment status through my account dashboard and receive email updates along each step. This transparency is much appreciated compared to some retailers!

Easy Returns Within 60 Days

One concern when buying from a catalog is being stuck with an item that wasn’t what you expected. Thankfully, Oriental Trading offers a 60 day return policy so you can return most unused items for a full refund.

Some exclusions apply, so be sure to check the return policy details on the website. Overall, I feel secure knowing I can send something back if needed.

Seasonal Decor Galore

In addition to party supplies, Oriental Trading offers every decoration for seasonal events you can dream up. I flipped through pages of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter and Patriotic decor sure to inspire.

I’m already envisioning red, white and blue streamers lining my porch for 4th of July. Oriental Trading has all the festive flourishes to set the mood for special occasions.

Opting Out of the Catalog Mailing

As fond as I am of receiving the catalog, I know others prefer reducing paper use and mail. If you wish to unsubscribe from the mailing list, you can contact Customer Service:

You can still view the digital catalog online without receiving print versions. Just make your catalog preferences known.

Connecting with Customer Service

If you ever have questions about your catalog order or available products, Oriental Trading’s customer service team is available to assist.

Checking catalog product reviews and Q&As can also provide guidance from fellow customers.

An Eco-Friendly Catalog

While online shopping is often promoted as more sustainable, Oriental Trading has made efforts to reduce their catalog’s environmental impact. The catalog is printed on recycled paper and uses vegetable-based inks.

I also appreciate that you can opt-out of the mailing list if you don’t wish to receive physical copies. This helps cut down on paper waste for those who prefer digital.

For me, Oriental Trading’s catalog feels like more than just a place to shop – it’s a nostalgic trip back to childhood excitement and creativity. Flipping through its colorful pages reminds me to embrace my inner child. I hope this guide inspires you to rediscover the magic within its pages too!

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